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    Avon Stainless Fasteners Ltd - Stainless Steel Fasteners and Screws

    Stainless Steel Screws & Fasteners

    Avon Stainless Fasteners Ltd have had experience in the supply of Stainless Steel Fasteners and Stainless Steel Screws for over twenty years. During this time our stainless steel fasteners, screws and fixings have been supplied to a varied customer base which includes General Engineering, Oil industry Engineering, Construction, Fabricators, Telecommunications, Ministry of Defence Contractors, Marine, Glass and Glazing Fabricators, Water and Sewerage Industries, Motorcycle and Car restoration and many others too numerous to mention here.

    Being a specialist with experienced and knowledgeable staff we can normally find a solution to most fastening related problems, whether you require Stainless Steel Screws or other types of Stainless Steel Fasteners, we can probably help. Our standard scope of supply currently exceeds over 5000 different items.

    Stainless Steel Screw Suppliers

    Our range of screws is extensive, we stock types for all applications including; Self Tapping, Plate Screw, Socket Button Head, Self Drill, Hex Head, Countersunk Head, Pan Head, Socket C and many more, please visit our website to view our full range of Stainless Steel Screws.

    Stainless Steel Fastener Supplier

    With over 5000 different products available we are sure to have the fasteners you require. The product page on our website contains a list of all products supplied, every type of Bolt, Nut, Pins and Washers you could think of. If we do not have the Fasteners you are looking for please contact us so we can acquire it for you. As a company we have built a reputation for our ability to source difficult to find items and semi-standard products in both small and large diameters, and in short and long lengths.

    Our range is slightly unusual in as much that we still supply a wide range of products with Imperial threads. Screws, Fasteners and related products are available on request with thread form types including, UNF, UNC, BSF, BA, BSW (Whitworth), Metric Course and with some items being available with Metric Fine threads. A small range of Stainless Steel Fasteners are also provided in Metric Course with Left Hand threads.

    Dependant on the thread type, a range of head styles (shapes) are commonly available including Pan, Countersunk, Raised Countersunk, Cheese, Hex, Cap, Round, Button, Flanged, Fillister.

    Drives dependant on thread and screw types are normally Slotted, Pozidriv Recess, Phillips recess, Socket Drive. Some items are also available in a TX drive (6 Lobe) some tamperproof types are also available on request.

    The standard supply grades of our fasteners which are of the Austenitic type are A1 (AISI303) A2 (AISI 304) and A4 (AISI 316) other exotic grades are available to order and can be quoted on application.

    Dependant of method of manufacture and the product type required the standard stock grades are supplied in A1/50, A2/70 and A4/80.

    If your requirement does not fall within our standard range we are able to supply specials in most materials subject to receiving a detailed sketch or toleranced drawings. Quantities both large and small can be quoted although obviously medium to large quantities would be more economic due to machine setting up charges and running times.

    More About Us

    Mostly small to medium runs would be turned from bar, however depending on the items attributes it may lend itself to being Cold formed or Hot Forged. Cold forming is only economic for quantities of around 20,000 parts upwards subject to confirmation as to suitability. Hot Forged products tend to be Hexagon or Socket Headed products in diameters of 12mm upwards.

    Screws and Specials products are procured from our long standing tried and tested approved supplier base with which we enjoy close working relationships. Most have gained British Standard / ISO approvals, so most special products can if required be supplied with a copy of Chemical and Mechanical certification and at the very least a Certificate of Conformity but these must be requested at the time of enquiry.

    Although based in a modern warehouse unit the South West of the United Kingdom in the City of Bristol, we quite frequently supply screws via our courier service to any part of the U.K. mostly on a next day service subject to stock availability.

    Our websites show full details of the products and range of items we can supply, many from stock others normally on a short lead time.

    We have another website that specialises in Interscrews - What are Interscrews?

    Interscrews are headed fasteners that are threaded internally (as opposed to externally). Although being a specialised product we do keep stocks as depicted on our website.

    Types available are Socket Countersunk Interscrews, Socket Flat Head Interscrews, Button Head TX Pin Interscrews, Countersunk Head TX Pin Interscrews, Marine Un-Slotted Interscrews. All the aforementioned are supplied in Stainless Steel.

    We also keep and supply a range of Brass Nickel Plated Interscrews subject to availability.

    Although we call this range of products Interscrews other names that they have been requested under include:-

    Socket Nuts, Tube Nuts, Connector Bolts, Clamp Bolts, Sex Bolts, Barrel Nuts, Screws with Internal Threads, Sleeve Nuts etc.

    Interscrews can be purchased as a single unit, or can be supplied along with a standard screw or Bolt, also they can be used assembled back to back (so they match at both sides) using a fully threaded stud which greatly increases the clamping thickness.

    The parts we supply are generally female parts only, with exception of the Socket Countersunk Interscrews where a standard Socket Countersunk Screw (Male part) can be supplied depending on the grip length required (Clamping thickness) the Brass Nickel Plated Interscrews are supplied with a matching screw.

    The stock range and dimensions on the site shows what is available. Specials can be made but depending on the size will involve min manufacturing quantity of 1,000 pcs. On larger sizes M12 internal thread upwards min qty's may be smaller.

    To find out more about Interscrew Click Here

    Areas Covered
    We are able to supply stainless steel screws, stainless steel fasteners and everything else to the following locations and the rest of the UK:
    East Sussex
    West Sussex
    Greater Manchester
    North Yorkshire
    South Yorkshire
    East Yorkshire
    West Yorkshire
    Northern Ireland


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    Products and Services

    1. 316 Marine Grade Fasteners
    2. 316 Marine Grade Fixings
    3. Allthread Studs
    4. American Thread Stainless Steel Fasteners
    5. Barrel Nuts
    6. Bellville Washers
    7. Bonded Sealing Washers
    8. Cap Nuts
    9. Castle Nuts
    10. Clamp Bolts
    11. Cone And Dog Points
    12. Connector Bolts
    13. Connector Cap Nuts
    14. Construction Fasteners
    15. Construction Fastenings
    16. Construction Nuts & Bolts
    17. Construction Screws
    18. Construction Stainless Steel Fasteners
    19. Construction Stainless Steel Fastenings
    20. Construction Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    21. Construction Stainless Steel Screws
    22. Corrosion Resistant Cage Nuts
    23. Corrosion Resistant Circlips
    24. Corrosion Resistant Cotter Pins
    25. Corrosion Resistant Countersunk Screws
    26. Corrosion Resistant Dome Nuts
    27. Corrosion Resistant Dowel Pins
    28. Corrosion Resistant Fasteners
    29. Corrosion Resistant Flanged Hexagon Setscrews
    30. Corrosion Resistant Flanged Weld Nuts
    31. Corrosion Resistant Grooved Pins
    32. Corrosion Resistant Hexagon Bolts
    33. Corrosion Resistant Hexagon Cap Nuts
    34. Corrosion Resistant Hexagon Castle Nuts
    35. Corrosion Resistant Hexagon Head Bolts
    36. Corrosion Resistant Hexagon Head Setscrews
    37. Corrosion Resistant Hexagon Setscrews
    38. Corrosion Resistant Hose Clips
    39. Corrosion Resistant Lifting Eye Nuts
    40. Corrosion Resistant Machine Screws
    41. Corrosion Resistant Mushroom Head Screws
    42. Corrosion Resistant Nuts
    43. Corrosion Resistant Pins & Clips
    44. Corrosion Resistant Self Tapping Screws
    45. Corrosion Resistant Socket Cap Screw
    46. Corrosion Resistant Socket Screws
    47. Corrosion Resistant Studding
    48. Corrosion Resistant Studs
    49. Corrosion Resistant Washers
    50. Corrosion Resistant Woodscrews
    51. Cotter Pins
    52. Countersunk Barrel Nuts
    53. Domed Nuts
    54. Dowel Pins
    55. Engineering Fasteners
    56. Engineering Fastenings
    57. Engineering Nuts & Bolts
    58. Engineering Screws
    59. Engineering Stainless Steel Fasteners
    60. Engineering Stainless Steel Fastenings
    61. Engineering Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    62. Engineering Stainless Steel Screws
    63. Engineers Studs
    64. Eye Bolts
    65. Eye Nuts
    66. Flat
    67. Furniture Connector Nut Caps
    68. Furniture Connector Nuts
    69. Grooved Pins
    70. Grooved Pins.
    71. Hammerdrive Screws
    72. Hex Nuts
    73. Hexagon Coach Screws
    74. Hexagon Head Bolts And Setscrews
    75. Industrial Stainless Steel Fasteners
    76. Interscrews
    77. Joint Connector Barrel Nuts
    78. Joint Connector Cap Nut
    79. Lock Nuts
    80. Low Head Cap Screws
    81. Machine Screws
    82. Manufacturing Fasteners
    83. Manufacturing Fastenings
    84. Manufacturing Nuts & Bolts
    85. Manufacturing Screws
    86. Manufacturing Stainless Steel Fasteners
    87. Manufacturing Stainless Steel Fastenings
    88. Manufacturing Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    89. Manufacturing Stainless Steel Screws
    90. Marine Fasteners
    91. Marine Fastenings
    92. Marine Nuts & Bolts
    93. Marine Screws
    94. Marine Stainless Steel Fasteners
    95. Marine Stainless Steel Fastenings
    96. Marine Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    97. Marine Stainless Steel Screws
    98. Mining Fasteners
    99. Mining Fastenings
    100. Mining Nuts & Bolts
    101. Mining Screws
    102. Mining Stainless Steel Fasteners
    103. Mining Stainless Steel Fastenings
    104. Mining Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    105. Mining Stainless Steel Screws
    106. Oil & Gas Fasteners
    107. Oil & Gas Fastenings
    108. Oil & Gas Nuts & Bolts
    109. Oil & Gas Screws
    110. Oil & Gas Stainless Steel Fasteners
    111. Oil & Gas Stainless Steel Fastenings
    112. Oil & Gas Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    113. Oil & Gas Stainless Steel Screws
    114. PAL Nuts
    115. Petrochemical Fasteners
    116. Petrochemical Fastenings
    117. Petrochemical Nuts & Bolts
    118. Petrochemical Screws
    119. Petrochemical Stainless Steel Fasteners
    120. Petrochemical Stainless Steel Fastenings
    121. Petrochemical Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    122. Petrochemical Stainless Steel Screws
    123. Pharmaceutical Fasteners
    124. Pharmaceutical Fastenings
    125. Pharmaceutical Nuts & Bolts
    126. Pharmaceutical Screws
    127. Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Fasteners
    128. Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Fastenings
    129. Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    130. Pharmaceutical Stainless Steel Screws
    131. Plain Washers
    132. Pronged Tee Nuts For Wood
    133. R Clips
    134. Raised Countersunk Sleeve Nuts
    135. Raised Countersunk Slotted Barrel Nuts
    136. Retail Fasteners
    137. Retail Fastenings
    138. Retail Nuts & Bolts
    139. Retail Screws
    140. Retail Stainless Steel Fasteners
    141. Retail Stainless Steel Fastenings
    142. Retail Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    143. Retail Stainless Steel Screws
    144. Rivet Nuts
    145. Round Slotted Nuts
    146. Screws
    147. Screws For Plastics
    148. Self Drilling Screws
    149. Self Tapping Female Inserts
    150. Self Tapping Screws
    151. Sex Bolts
    152. Shafting Collars
    153. Shakeproof Washers
    154. Shim Washers
    155. Sleeve Nuts
    156. Socket Button Flange Head
    157. Socket Button Head Screws
    158. Socket Cap Screws
    159. Socket Countersunk
    160. Socket Countersunk Interscrews
    161. Socket Countersunk Sleeve Nuts
    162. Socket Flat Head Interscrew
    163. Socket Head Screws
    164. Socket Head Self Tapping Screws
    165. Socket Nuts
    166. Socket Screws
    167. Socket Shoulder Screws
    168. Solid Rivets
    169. Spring Pins
    170. Spring Washers
    171. Square Nuts
    172. Square Plate Washers
    173. Stainless Barrel Nuts
    174. Stainless Fasteners
    175. Stainless Fasteners And Fixings
    176. Stainless Furniture Connector Nuts
    177. Stainless Interscrews
    178. Stainless Nuts And Bolts
    179. Stainless Screws
    180. Stainless Sex Bolts
    181. Stainless Steel Barrel Nuts
    182. Stainless Steel Cage Nuts
    183. Stainless Steel Circlips
    184. Stainless Steel Cotter Pins
    185. Stainless Steel Countersunk Screws
    186. Stainless Steel Dome Nuts
    187. Stainless Steel Dowel Pins
    188. Stainless Steel Eye Bolts
    189. Stainless Steel Fasteners
    190. Stainless Steel Fixings
    191. Stainless Steel Flanged Hexagon Setscrews
    192. Stainless Steel Flanged Weld Nuts
    193. Stainless Steel Grooved Pins
    194. Stainless Steel Hexagon Bolts
    195. Stainless Steel Hexagon Cap Nuts
    196. Stainless Steel Hexagon Castle Nuts
    197. Stainless Steel Hexagon Head Bolts
    198. Stainless Steel Hexagon Head Setscrews
    199. Stainless Steel Hexagon Setscrews
    200. Stainless Steel Hose Clips
    201. Stainless Steel Interscrews
    202. Stainless Steel Lifting Eye Bolts
    203. Stainless Steel Lifting Eye Nuts
    204. Stainless Steel Machine Screws
    205. Stainless Steel Marine Fixings
    206. Stainless Steel Mushroom Head Screws
    207. Stainless Steel Nuts
    208. Stainless Steel Pins & Clips
    209. Stainless Steel Screws
    210. Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws
    211. Stainless Steel Sex Bolts
    212. Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screw
    213. Stainless Steel Socket Screws
    214. Stainless Steel Studding
    215. Stainless Steel Studs
    216. Stainless Steel Threaded Fasteners
    217. Stainless Steel Washers
    218. Stainless Steel Woodscrews
    219. Studding (Threaded Rod)
    220. Studding Connectors
    221. Subsea Fasteners
    222. Subsea Fastenings
    223. Subsea Nuts & Bolts
    224. Subsea Screws
    225. Subsea Stainless Steel Fasteners
    226. Subsea Stainless Steel Fastenings
    227. Subsea Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
    228. Subsea Stainless Steel Screws
    229. Tab Washers
    230. Taper Washers
    231. Thread Forming Screws
    232. Threaded Inserts
    233. Thumb Nuts
    234. Thumbscrews
    235. Tube Nuts
    236. Wing Nuts
    237. Wing Screws
    238. Wooden Furniture Sleeve Nuts
    239. Woodscrews