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    SSP Telford Ltd (Mezzanine Floors)

    Are you running out of warehouse or office space? Do you have unused space above your racking & shelving or offices? If the answer is yes to any of this but you are thinking of moving premises, then it can often make more sense to expand your space upwards with a mezzanine floor. The space gained by installing mezzanine flooring far outweighs the cost and is far more cost effective than relocating. SSP have over 20 years' experience designing and installing mezzanine floors in both office and warehouse environments.

    Why Choose SSP For Your Mezzanine Floors?

    SSP develop fit for purpose pre-fabricated mezzanine floors and raised storage platforms with bespoke spans for various loads and space availability. We help you move your business up, not out, with fast on-site installation.

    Mezzanine floors are independent of existing structures, it works our substantially cheaper to expand upwards instead of in to a new premises. All of our storage platforms and mezzanine floors are custom made to your specifications and come pre-fabricated for on-site assembly

    Our expert team will handle all building regulation applications that need to be done and provide you a free survey and design service.

    Mezzanine Floor Installation

    Mezzanine Floors also referred to as mezzanine levels or raised storage platforms are installed to provide extra warehouse or office space. If you have any redundant overhead space then mezzanine floors provide an effective solution to adding extra floor space.

    All mezzanine floors are designed completely bespoke to meet a clients individual requirements within their existing building structure.

    Common reasons to install mezzanine flooring:

    - Extra Office Space
    - Extra Storage
    - Break Rooms & Staff Canteens
    - Adding Additional Production Areas

    Utilising Mezzanine Floor to Maximise Your Business

    There are many ways in which mezzanine flooring can maximise your business:

    Raised Storage Platforms
    The space created below storage platforms is invaluable for providing extra storage space, whether it is for general storage, filing, stock or archiving, a growing business can be helped massively by well-designed space.

    Whether you would like to add an extra office or simply increase office space, mezzanine levels are the perfect solution. They allow you to create extra space without having to give up valuable floor space from existing levels.

    A crowded store can be a complete turn off to potential customers, mezzanine floors in retail allow you to make the most from your space and display your products in more appealing ways. There are many variations of width and height you can choose from to get the perfect fit for your retail space.

    We find that mezzanine floors are often used in production, they help overcome the challenge of creating extra space without the disruption and huge costs that you would associate with moving premises. An extra bonus is that any mezzanine flooring you do have installed can be moved with you to a new premises should your business grow that much.

    One of the most common uses of mezzanine floors are for extra storage within warehouses. Storage platforms allow for the ergonomic warehousing of products whilst offering easy access when needed, they are often a more robust solution when compared to racking and shelving.

    Ergonomic design that maximises both productivity and space is essential for the best manufacturing facilities to run. This can be achieved through the use of mezzanine flooring, and you can rest assured that our floors with match the load bearing required for many people working on that section and all of the machinery.

    It is often the cases in large facilities that the largest space being wasted is above us. Building a mezzanine floor to utilize this wasted space is particularly useful in automation facilities where elements of the automation process and machinery can be safely stored overhead.

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    Areas Covered

    Our custom mezzanine floors and bespoke storage platforms are available to the following locations and surrounding areas:
    1. Shropshire
      West Midlands
      Market Drayton
      Stoke on Trent
      Brierly Hill
      Burton upon Trent

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