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SPRA - The Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association

  • Training and education in engineering.
  • Many benefits to becoming a member of the SPRA
  • Corporate or Individual membership.
  • Promote the advancement of rubber and plastics
Phone: 01592 Reveal Click Here

Todays Opening Hours

Wednesday : 8:30 - 5:30

Welcome to SPRA - The Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association

The SPRA is an independent society whose primary aim is to promote the advancement of rubber, plastics and other related materials. SPRA achieves this by training and education in engineering, science and design associated with the conversion, manufacture and end-use of polymeric materials. The SPRA is affiliated to the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) and also affiliated to the British Plastics Federation (BPF).


As an association we arrange 7 meetings each year, these meetings feature invited speakers who talk on themes of Design, Materials, Business and Processing. The venues we choose are varied, making attending more convenient for companies in different geographical areas. Some events encourage non-member attendance and can be sponsored by external organisations.

The SPRA also organises seminars for larger audiences. Members are kept up to date with newsletters, regular mailings and the SPRA website. Each year we also stage a very popular Dinner and Dance which usually takes place in March, giving our members a chance to meet and let their hair down.


There are many benefits to becoming a member of the SPRA, if you are interested in Corporate or Individual membership please email us now.

Corporate Membership is open to any company actively promoting the application of rubber and plastics in Scotland.

Individual Membership is not limited to Scotland and is open to anyone with an interest in the application of rubber and plastics..

Affiliated Organisations

 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

 British Plastics Federation

Please visit our website for more information or to view details of our current members.

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