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  • Patented litter bins and bike parking
  • Unique solutions for cigarette and gum litter
  • 23 International product design awards
  • Patented litter bins and bike parking
  • Unique solutions for cigarette and gum litter
  • 23 International product design awards
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Smartstreets Ltd

Smartstreets are specialist designers and manufacturers of award winning environmental equipment for the street scene.

We offer an award winning product range (26 international design awards) which is proven effective in hundreds of cities worldwide. Smartstreets offer patented cigarette bins and gum bins, quick Install bike parking, generic and bespoke print pocket ashtrays, gum board style disposal units, gum wrappers and disposable campaign poop scoops.

We help cities, businesses and campuses resolve difficult environmental issues to deliver tidier, cleaner and more welcoming urban and shared spaces.

Smartstreets-Smartbin™ (for posts)

Twin cigarette bins and gum bins for use on lamp posts and sign posts and other columns.

Patented twin cigarette and gum bins which enable cities to locate litter bins across high footfall areas without adding clutter to the street scene. Compact and robust (made from recycled aluminium and stainless steel) Smartbins are a unique patented approach to micro litter - good looking bins which clamp back to back around any size or shape of columns (such as lamp posts and sign posts) to create networks of predictably located disposal points.

Smartstreets-Smartbin™ (solo for walls)

Solo cigarette bins and gum bins designed for use on walls, railings and plinths.

Solo Smartbins cigarette bins enable the clean safe, disposal of smoking related litter and gum within easy reach of transition points and doorways keeping commercial, public and retail places clear of micro litter. Smartbins can be branded with a Council or company logo on request and can also be RAL colour matched.


Gum board style litter bin facility for the disposal of chewing gum.

The Smartstreets-Gumstick is designed for use on posts, railings, walls and functions by inviting people to press their used gum onto special, sacrificial Gumsheets™ that are locked within the unit. The Gumsheets™ are supplied in boxes of 100 colourful engaging designs (printed on recycled board), which attract attention and encourage considerate disposal.


Transform standard sign posts into useful, secure bike parking for two bicycles in minutes using the award winning Smartstreets-Cyclepark.™

Cycleparks™ are a robust, good looking addition to the street scene which helps reduce bike theft, stop bikes chained to sign posts falling over to create trip hazards which promote cycling. Contact us to discuss wall or railing mounted options and bespoke RAL colours and branding opportunities.


Minibin pocket ashtrays - generic or bespoke print, soft campaign ashtrays for clean, easy disposal of cigarette and gum.

Smartstreets-Minibin™ pocket ashtrays are the perfect disposal option for gum and cigarette ends when on the move. A 70% drop on cigarette litter has been achieved where Smartstreets-Minibins™ have been distributed. Supplied from stock in a Smartstreets generic format or contact us to discuss bespoke print options and we will help you develop your own Minibin and dispenser pack design.

Please click through to our website to find out everything we have to offer. If you have any questions contact a member of our team by phone or email and we will be happy to forward a brochure or arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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Andrew Farish
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five stars
UKTI Award Judge: Dr Kurt Barling, Special Correspondent for BBC London News

"Smartstreets are potentially any local politician’s dream. The political costs of doing nothing about cigarette and gum litter are substantial, the current financial costs for providing a clear up solution are incredibly expensive. This remedy is well thought through and a practical way of getting the public to be a part of the solution. Now the decision makers need to be put in the picture. The ability to retrofit to existing infra-structure that already lines every street is a sign of a company creating a market opportunity not just responding to it. There is huge potential in the UK and cleverly marketed right across the European Union you can see politicians seeing this as something at reasonable cost to solve an endemic problem. With customers in six countries already and exports up 40% in the past year, a potential big export winner." Dr Kurt Barling is a Special Correspondent for BBC London News. News night, The Money Programme, Money Box, Inside Money and Correspondent.

five stars
Monalisa M,

Awesome, really good design