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  • Export over 90% of turnover
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BGB Engineering Ltd

Slip Rings

BGB Engineering is a high precision electro-mechanical engineering company. Established in 1976 as a manufacturer of carbon brush holders, the business progressed into the production of electrical slip rings during the 1980’s. Whilst BGB continues to supply both brush holders and slip rings as standard component parts, today’s core activity is the design and manufacture of specialized slip ring solutions.

The Company continues to develop slip ring technology in conjunction with global customers. Partnerships are formed through working closely with clients’ design engineers and having the operational flexibility to meet their requirements.

Products and services for rotary applications include:

- Standard slip rings
- Standard brush holders
- Standard slip ring assemblies
- Design & manufacture of bespoke electrical slip ring assemblies to customer specification

Markets include:

- Wind turbine control and power transfer
- Crane control and power transfer
- Water and sewage treatment
- Packaging machines
- Leisure rides
- Cable reeling
- Stand by power generation

Slip Rings

BGB Products include a wide range of slip rings and carbon brush holder assemblies. The core competence is the ability to work with design engineers to manufacture bespoke slip ring assemblies and create them into large call off orders. Slip rings can be manufactured to order in a range of different size and styles from flat / pancake slip rings used in rotary doors through to big 50 ring units used in bespoke applications such as the slip ring used in the film “Inception” to rotate the film set in the famous hotel scene. BGB can make fully enclosed slip rings such as those used in the water and sewage industry and can test up to IP65.

BGBs main industrial market is slip ring and carbon brush holder assemblies for the wind turbine industry. BGB provides the worlds leading Wind turbine manufacturers, including Vestas, Siemens and ABB with power slip rings, Hub control, signal slip ring assemblies, power brush holders, looms and lightning defence systems. BGBs new Fibre Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) has also been fully tried and tested in the wind industry.

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Slip Rings Overview

Slip rings - BGB Engineering design and manufacture slip rings for all rotary markets. BGB specialise in Slip rings and packages for the wind industry. Products such as optical slip rings (forj) and generator slip rings are also manufactured by BGB. BGB have manufactured them for over 30 years.

Slip rings provide the dynamic electrical connections between machine static and rotating elements. They function as a rotary interface, continually transferring electrical power, signals and data through to 360 degrees. Slip rings are produced in varying types and sizes, dependant upon the following which should be specified where possible when making an enquiry:

...- Application current
...- Application voltage
...- Application power
...- Nature & quantity of signals
...- Size of the mounting shaft
...- Size of the through bore
...- Radial speed
...- Available space envelope
...- Operating environment

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