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    South East Hydraulics Ltd

    South East Hydraulics Ltd are a family run business with over 35 years' experience within the industry. Based in Isle of Sheppey we are on hand to service your engineering needs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    We have a wide range of items in stock but are just as happy to buy in what is needed if required. Spending so long within the industry, we understand the demands and needs of our customers and are always happy to help.

    Items will be shipped by reputable carriers, we are able to offer DPD next day or timed deliveries as well as Royal Mail special delivery.

    Piston Seals

    We supply double acting and single acting piston seals:

    MDD / IDD
    MDD seals are double acting plain seals with L shaped wear rings designed for use on a split piston. The wear ring permits higher working pressures, helps prevent extrusion and allows a larger clearance between the cylinder and piston.

    MD-EO /ID-EO
    These piston seals are moulded Nitrile rubber with an Acetal back up ring and a reinforced fabric base. The Acetal back up rings allow higher pressures and larger clearances. It has the advantage of retaining fluid within the surface of the rubberised fabric header, this reduces both wear and friction.

    This seal is designed to provide effective sealing at low pressure via distortion of the lips giving an improved response to pressure variations. Made from moulded Nitrile rubber with a proportional bonded reinforced fabric base and Acetal back up ring.

    Rod Seals

    South East Hydraulics stock a wide range of rod seals ready for dispatch:

    Rubber Fabric Single Acting Rod Seals
    Available as imperial or metric and used as a single acting piston or rod seal.

    Grooved Rubber Fabric Rod Seals
    A symmetrical profile for rod or piston applications, available in limited metric and imperial sizes.

    Rod Seals with Internal Anti-Extrusion Ring
    These seals have the added benefit of a clip-on POM anti-extrusion ring which allows for higher pressures and clearance.

    Chevron Seals
    Chevron seals are single acting and designed for medium to heavy duty applications.

    Gland Masters
    A three-piece assembly rod seal that consists of Nitrile Rubber, tough thermoplastic elastomer and Acetal that form a highly robust sealing unit. Gland masters are for high pressure applications where pressure spikes and shock loads are present.

    We also stock the following Rod Seals:

    - Rod Working Poly -u-seals
    - Rod Buffer Seals
    - Rod Working Composite Seals
    - Rod Wipers


    South East Hydraulics stock both 0-Rings and 0-Ring Cord

    Available in a wide range of metric American standard and British standard sizes we stock o-rings in the following materials: NBR-90 / NBR-70 / SILICONE-FDA / VITON / PTFE / PTFE-ENCAPSULATED / H / HNBR and POLYURETHANE, if the material you require is not listed please get in touch and we will source it.

    O-Ring Cord
    O-ring cord is stocked in 1.78mm - 20mm sizes and available in NBR-70, PTFE, VITON or SILICONE.


    Although not currently shown on our website, South East Hydraulics Ltd stock one of the largest ranges of bearings in the UK, if you have any enquiries related to bearings please get in touch with a member of our team.

    We offer the following bearings and related products:

    - Adaptor / Withdrawal Sleeves
    - Agricultural Bearings
    - Angular Contact Ball Bearings
    - Angular Contact Only
    - Automotive Bearings
    - Barrel Roller Bearings
    - Cam Followers
    - Cam Roller Bearings
    - Carb Toroidal Roller Bearings
    - Cycle Bearings
    - Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    - Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    - Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    - Electric Motor Quality Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    - Flanged Deep Groove Ball Bearings
    - Four Point Contact Ball Bearings
    - Housings and Inserts
    - Lazy Susans
    - Linear Bearings
    - Lock Nuts
    - Locking Clips
    - Magneto Bearings
    - Needle Roller Bearings
    - Oil Filled Bronze Bushes
    - Oilless Bronze Bushes
    - Plastic Bushes
    - Precision Combined Roller Bearings
    - Rod End and Ball Joint Bearings
    - Self Aligning Ball Bearings
    - Solid Bronze Bushes
    - Spherical Plain Bearings
    - Spherical Roller Bearings
    - Spherical Thrust Bearings
    - Sprag Clutch Bearings
    - Super Precision Bearings
    - Tab Washers for Lock Nuts
    - Taper Roller Bearings
    - Thrust Bearings
    - Track Rollers
    - Wrapped Steel Bushes

    Other Engineering Products

    Other engineering products include:

    - Fluid Sealing
    - Bearings Power Transmission
    - Hydraulic Seals
    - Pneumatic Seals
    - Rotary Shaft Seals
    - Circlips
    - Belts
    - Pulleys
    - Sprockets
    - Chains
    - Oils
    - Hydraulic Hose

    With over 35 years' experience, competitive prices and sample seals available upon request, look no further that South East Hydraulics Ltd for all of your sealing and bearing requirements.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 24 hrs
    Tuesday 24 hrs
    Wednesday 24 hrs
    Thursday 24 hrs
    Friday 24 hrs
    Saturday 24 hrs
    Sunday 24 hrs
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