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    Seals + Direct Ltd

    UK Suppliers of Rubber Door Seals, Rubber Extrusions, Edge Trims, Window Rubbers & More

    Seals + Direct Ltd was established in 1997 by Phil Howard, and has grown over the years to become one of the leading specialist suppliers of rubber seals and trims for the marine, industrial, caravan and automotive industries.

    With staff of over 30 years experience in the rubber industry, we are well placed to advise on the design and supply of elastomeric rubber products. We are happy to deal with both private individuals to large corporate companies, and have no minimum order quantities for standard items.

    Window Rubber

    We provide a wide range of window rubbers for fitting to Perspex, Acrylic or Glass. They are perfect for the easy replacement of damaged windows and are universal so can be used either way round.

    Expanding Neoprene

    Our range of Expanded Neoprene is available in strip, 1/2 round cord, cord or skinned on 4 sides. The Expanding Neoprene is designed for mating watertight seals and comes in a wide range of sizes.

    Rubber Extrusions

    Rubber Extrusions are used for door seals, hatch seals and panelling between cars. We provide a wide range including rubber p sections, u channels, tadpole sections, ribbed and more.

    Clip on Edge Trims and Seals

    Our range of Edge Trims and Seals have a self grip mechanism to hold them in place and are idea edge coverings for panels.

    Caravan Seals and Trims

    If your looking for Caravan Seals and Trims you have come to the right place, we can provide them bespoke to your specifications or you can chose from our pre cut sizes.

    Watertight door and Hatch Seal

    We provide a verity of watertight door and hatch seals, these include; Natural Rubber seals for general purpose use, Nitrile Rubber seals for oil and gas resistance and Neoprene rubber for ozone and higher temperature resistance.

    Standard Stock Products

    Free fully illustrated catalogue available

    Our standard stocked product range include:-

    - Window rubber
    - Expanded neoprene (sheet, strip and cord)
    - Sponge rubber extrusions (in hundreds of different sections)
    - Solid rubber sheet & strip
    - Rubber extrusions
    - Rubber mouldings
    - Hatch seals
    - Porthole rubber seals
    - Boat fender
    - Door seals
    - Clip on edge trims and seals
    - Flocked lined window rubber
    - Caravan seals and trims
    - Screw cover strips
    - Automotive seals (for vintage, classic, modern and kit cars)
    - Adhesives and sealants
    - Matting
    - Hose (rubber and PVC)
    - Noise insulation material
    - Gaskets
    - Bespoke seals to your design

    Most standard stock products have no minimum order quantity. We are happy to supply from 1 metre to tens of thousands of metres.

    Our website is split up into industry and product sector listings making it a simple task to track down the correct product required. You are also able to either download our fully comprehensive catalogue or request a printed version through the website. The catalogue shows actual size images of each section making it easy to select or match an existing seal. We are also happy to send out samples for evaluation prior to you placing an order.

    In addition to the items listed above we are also able to obtain many other sections and products relating to all industries. We will be pleased to provide a quotation for any of your requirements on receipt of a description, dimensioned drawing or a sample. Many original equipment manufacturers seals may no longer be obtainable and it is highly likely that we shall be able to supply better more efficient alternatives.

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      Seals + Direct have just launched a cost effective fitting tool, CST4335, for inserting the white or grey cover strip into caravan and motorhome opening window rubbers.