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Scorpion Oceanics Ltd

  • Formed in 1996.
  • Underwater cable systems, connectors, hydrophones.
  • Mouldings, ropes and terminations
  • Cable systems for harsh environments.
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Underwater Cables | Underwater Connectors

Scorpion Oceanics is the UK’s premier independent manufacturer and distributor of underwater cable systems, connectors, hydrophones, mouldings, ropes and terminations. This company is a major supplier of robotically operated connectors to the nuclear fuel re-processing industry and cable systems for use subsea.

We are UK Distributors and Stockists for Birns Inc. USA, underwater electrical connectors; Souriau Connection Technology, France, underwater and nuclear electrical connectors; Cortland Cable Company Inc. USA, electro/opto/mechanical cables and Puget Sound Rope USA, high modulus fibre ropes and hydrophones from High Tech Inc. USA.
Scorpion Oceanics is a Souriau ‘Value Added Distributor’ and produces many exclusive connector designs for the UK Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy and Royal Netherlands Navy among others.

Scorpion Oceanics serves the key subsea markets including defence, seismic exploration, ROV’s, diving and oceanography. We also supply many customers outside these industries including specialist lighting, fountains, search / rescue and renewable energy.

Applications for our products include Tow Cables, Sonar Systems, Range Cables, Towed Array Strength Members, Pressure Hull Glanding Cables and Acoustic Generator Cable Systems for defence; Airgun Umbilicals, Tow Leaders, Electro-Magnetic Source and Receive Cables, Tail-Buoy Antennae Cables and Paravane Tow Ropes for seismic exploration; for the ROV industry we produce Terminated Main Lift Umbilicals, ROV Tethers, Whips & Leads for ROV interconnections and Camera/Lighting Harnesses.

For the diving industry
Scorpion Oceanics supply the Souriau range of Field Installable Metal Shelled Connectors, Non-Magnetic Connectors for ‘stealth’ diving, Miniature Connectors for re-breather systems, Video Camera Cable and various Mouldings and Encapsulations; other applications include Cathodic Protection Cables for civil engineering projects, Underwater Plasma Cutting umbilicals, purpose designed Junction Boxes for flood barrier protection and Cable Harnesses for broadcast quality underwater filming.

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More about us:

Over the last few years the company has developed the SubOptica range of fibre optic and hybrid electro/optical connectors. Various planforms are available from single contact to multiple fibres with power/signal electrical contacts. Cable plugs and bulkheads together with inline receptacles are currently offered. The company is also working closely with customers to develop sub-miniature connectors for wire guidance systems and re-breather diving systems.

Scorpion Oceanics is a specialist in Polyethylene and Polyurethane Cable Mouldings and Terminations. The company supplies cable systems for harsh environments including mechanical (strain) terminations incorporating combined electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and optical connections.

We offer a complete range of cable and termination accessories including Polyurethane Twinpacks, Mould Tools and Cable Grips etc. As well as supplying a complete range of cables, connectors and accessories, this company also offers a full survey and repair service.
Scorpion Oceanics employs a number of experienced engineers who are able to undertake repair and re-termination work in-house, on-site or offshore.

Scorpion Oceanics is a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Registered Company. Our business continues to grow at a rate of 20% year on year and enjoy excellent customer and employee relations. Why not contact us and see how we can help with your underwater cable requirements.

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David Miller
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Sharon Pretlove

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