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    Salzer UK Ltd

    Electrical Switch Manufacturers, Rotary Cam Switches

    Salzer UK have been at the forefront in the development and manufacture of low voltage switchgear solutions for over fifty years.

    Strategically placed around the world in countries such as North America, Great Britain and Germany Salzer is able to provide a comprehensive supply service with contact and advice readily available to meet the needs of today�s demands.

    We offer you the complete range of products which are safe, fast with reliable installation from our one stop source.

    When you visit our website the first thing you will notice is the availability of a vast range of modules all of which can be configured in various combinations giving the user countless possibilities and flexibility to meet an equally vast range of applications.

    Salzer UK offers you a complete range of safe and reliable products ready for installation so why not make us your one stop shop for all of your switch needs.

    ...� Rotary Cam Switches
    ...� Switch Disconnectors
    ...� Special Switch Disconnectors
    ...� Changeover Switch Disconnectors
    ...� Enclosed Switch Disconnectors

    Rotary Cam Switches

    The range of Rotary Cam Switches from Salzer UK are designed and manufactured to exacting standards and tested to meet:

    ...� IEC 60947
    ...� IEC 60204-1
    ...� UL 508
    ...� EN 60947
    ...� EN 60204-1
    ...� CSA 22.2 No. 14
    ...� GOST R500 30.3-99

    All are manually operated and independently programmable for main and auxiliary circuits with up to 24 contacts. They are also supplied with optional 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree switching angles. A maximum of 12 switching angles can also be provided so if you would like to find out more please visit our website.

    Applications can include changeover switch, gang switches, code switches, instrument switches, motor switches, on-off switches and multi-step switch applications.

    Switch Disconnectors

    For mains circuits Salzer offers a range of hand operated switchgear available as ON-OFF switches (3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 pole) or as a changeover switch with centre OFF (3 and 4 pole).

    The design of these reliable electrical components has been focused around the following:

    ...� Forced Open Contacts
    ...� Finger Protected
    ...� 90 Degree Switching Angle
    ...� Short Circuit Rating
    ...� Terminal Screws in Open Position
    ...� Fulfils the Load Break Requirements up to 690V or up to 1000V

    Applications include mains switching, safety switching, distribution switching, emergency switching, motor switching and maintenance switching.

    SMD - Salzer Modular Design

    Our SMD Modules are all individually prefabricated and tested in one module and stored in quantities by the SMD Service Department.

    SMD Service can design and assemble any switch requested by our customers from basic modules, mounting form to operating modules. These can then be packed ready for delivery with a fast turnaround time so to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Alternatively why not visit the Salzer website where you'll also find a Switch Configurator facility where you can design a switch to meet your exact requirements.

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    Key Personnel
    Steve Proverbs
    Steve Proverbs Sales Director
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    Products and Services

    1. AC Chokes
    2. AC Single Phase Chokes
    3. AC Three Phase Chokes
    4. Aeronautical Chokes
    5. Audio Toroidal Transformers
    6. Automatic Changeover Switches
    7. Automatic Source Changeover
    8. Automotive Chokes
    9. Building Segment
    10. Bunched Conductors
    11. Cable Duct
    12. Cable Ducts
    13. Cam Switches
    14. Changeover Switches
    15. Chokes
    16. Chokes - Electronics
    17. Common Mode Chokes
    18. Contactors
    19. Copper Cables
    20. Copper Wires
    21. Customised Control Panels
    22. DC Smoothing Chokes
    23. Disconnect Switches
    24. Distribution Boards
    25. Electrical Inductors
    26. Electrical Relays
    27. Electrical Switchbar
    28. Electrical Switches
    29. Electrical Switchgear
    30. Electrical Switchgear Manufacturers
    31. Enameled Copper Wire
    32. Enclosed Products
    33. Flexible Busbars
    34. Foot Switches
    35. General Purpose Inductors
    36. General Purpose Relays
    37. GRP Cable Ductings
    38. Harmonics AC Chokes
    39. Inductors
    40. Inductors & Chokes
    41. Inductors - Wound Components
    42. Inductors And Coils
    43. Inductors.
    44. Industrial Cables
    45. Industrial Wires
    46. Interference Suppression Chokes
    47. Limit Switches
    48. Load Break Isolators
    49. Low Voltage Switchgears
    50. MCB
    51. Miniature Circuit Breakers
    52. Miniature Rotary Switches
    53. Modular Switches
    54. Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
    55. Movement Sensors
    56. MPCB
    57. Overload Relays
    58. Photo Voltaic Switches
    59. Power Cords
    60. Power Factor Chokes
    61. Power Inductors
    62. Radial Inductors
    63. Remote Switches
    64. RF Suppression Chokes
    65. Rotary Switch
    66. Rotary Switches
    67. Rotary Switches AC
    68. Rotary Switches DC
    69. Single Line Suppression Chokes
    70. Single Phase Chokes
    71. Single Phase Motor Starters
    72. Single Phase Toroidal Transformers
    73. SMD Inductors
    74. SMD Power Inductors
    75. SMD Wire Wound Inductors
    76. SMT Inductors
    77. Solar Isolators
    78. Speciality Switches
    79. Storage Chokes
    80. Street Light Controllers
    81. Suppression Chokes
    82. Surface Mount Inductors
    83. Surface Mounting Inductors
    84. Switch Mode Inductors
    85. Switches - Specials
    86. Switchgears
    87. Terminal Connectors
    88. Three Phase Chokes
    89. Three Phase Lamination Transformers
    90. Tinned Copper Wires
    91. Toroidal Inductors
    92. Toroidal Transformer
    93. Toroidal Transformers
    94. Wire Harness
    95. Wiring Ducts
    96. Wound Components - Chokes
    97. Wound Components - Inductors
    98. Wound Inductors

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