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    Safety Training Limited

    Safety Training Limited offers clients in the Yorkshire area a highly efficient range of first aid training courses, fire safety training, fire marshal training and train the trainer training courses all of which can be carried out at our chosen venue or on site.

    It is the mission of Safety Training Limited to deliver a wealth of knowledge that educates and inspires clients to a safer and brighter future.

    Flexible Learning Safety Solutions:

    We offer a wide range of accredited Health & Safety, First Aid, Mental Health, Care Training and E-learning solutions which have been created to bring clients from an equally wide range of industries a variety of open courses or as bespoke courses which can be delivered privately to your own staff.

    - First Aid
    - Health & Safety
    - Fire Safety Training
    - Care
    - Mental Health
    - Train the Trainer
    - Webinar Training
    - COVID 19 Training

    First Aid Training

    Where first aid training is concerned we offer a range of highly innovative solutions designed to reach various business and industry needs.

    From emergency in the workplace, automated external defibrillation and metal health in the workplace through to sports first aid and first person at the scene training you're guaranteed to find a course for your particular requirements.

    Business Skills

    Our business skills course can either be provided on a one to one basis or as an interactive e-learning course. Areas typically covered include customer service, anti-money laundering, anti-harassment and bullying and anti-bribery to name but a few so why not head over to our website to find out more.

    Train the Trainer Courses

    Our train the trainer courses have been created to provide businesses with a highly cost effective solution and are guarantee to significantly reduce your overheads.


    - Cost Effective
    - Easy Access to your Trainers
    - Train More Staff

    Your own in house trainer will be given an insight into the range of teaching methods including public speaking as well as being able to adapt the said methods into their own teaching style.

    This is only a sample of the comprehensive range of safety training courses we are able to provide so if you would like to find out more please visit the Safety Training website or contact one of our friendly team of advisors.


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    Products and Services

    1. Advanced Epilepsy Awareness
    2. Advanced Medication Awareness
    3. AED Training
    4. AED Training Course
    5. Anti Bullying
    6. Asbestos Awareness
    7. Asbestos Awareness Course
    8. Asbestos Awareness Courses
    9. Asbestos Awareness Training Course
    10. Asbestos Safety Training
    11. Asbestos Training
    12. Basic Fire Safety Awareness
    13. Business Skills
    14. Care Certificate
    15. Care Training
    16. Catheter Care Awareness
    17. Challenging Behaviour Awareness
    18. Choking Prevention Awareness
    19. Conflict Management Course
    20. COSHH Training
    21. COVID-19 Training
    22. Dementia Awareness
    23. Diabetes Awareness Training
    24. Diet & Nutrition Awareness
    25. Duty Of Care Training
    26. E Learning
    27. E-Learning
    28. E-Learning Business Skills
    29. E-Learning Courses
    30. E-Learning Health & Safety
    31. E-Learning Health & Social Care
    32. E-Learning Manual Handling
    33. E-Learning Solutions
    34. Emergency First Aid At Work
    35. Emergency First Aid At Work Course
    36. Emergency First Aid Awareness
    37. Emergency First Aid Trainer
    38. Emergency First Aid Training
    39. End Of Life Care Training
    40. Epilepsy Awareness
    41. Equality & Diversity Awareness
    42. Fall Prevention Awareness
    43. Fire Extinguisher Training
    44. Fire Marshalling Training Course
    45. Fire Safety
    46. Fire Safety Awareness Training
    47. Fire Safety Training
    48. Fire Safety Training Courses
    49. First Aid
    50. First Aid At Work
    51. First Aid At Work Course
    52. First Aid At Work Courses
    53. First Aid At Work Instructor Courses
    54. First Aid At Work Requal Course
    55. First Aid For Mental Health
    56. First Aid Instructor Courses
    57. First Aid Refresher Course
    58. First Aid Refresher Courses
    59. First Aid Risk Assessment
    60. First Aid Trainer
    61. First Aid Training
    62. First Aid Training Course
    63. First Aid Training Courses
    64. Food Safety Awareness
    65. HABC Fire Safety Awareness
    66. HABC Fire Safety Principles
    67. Health & Safety
    68. Health & Safety Training
    69. Health & Social Care Training
    70. Health And Safety Awareness
    71. Health And Safety E-Learning
    72. Health And Safety In Construction
    73. Health And Safety In The Workplace
    74. Healthcare Training
    75. Incontinence Awareness
    76. Infection Control Training
    77. Ladder Awareness Training
    78. Ladder Inspection Training
    79. Ladder Training
    80. Ladder Training Course
    81. Ladder Use Training
    82. Legionella Awareness
    83. Manual Handling Training Courses
    84. Medication Awareness
    85. Mental Health Awareness Training
    86. Mental Health Training
    87. Moving And Handling Of People
    88. Observation Skills For Carers Training
    89. Occupational Health & Safety Training
    90. Office Health & Safety Courses
    91. Office Health & Safety Training
    92. Online Health And Safety E-Learning
    93. Online Learning
    94. Person Centred Care Training
    95. Person-Centred Care Training
    96. Personal Care Training
    97. Personal Safety Course
    98. Risk Assessment Training
    99. Rooftop Awareness Training
    100. Safety Training
    101. Sports First Aid
    102. Stepladder Inspection Training
    103. Stepladder Use Training
    104. Stoma Care Awareness Training
    105. Stroke Awareness Training
    106. Train The Trainer
    107. Training Courses
    108. Webinar Training
    109. Working At Heights Awareness
    110. Zoom Asbestos Awareness Training

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