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AK Rubber & Industrial Supplies Ltd

  • Manufacturer of Industrial Hose and Ducting
  • No Customer or Enquiry is Too Small!
  • Manufacturer of Bespoke Cut Rubber Parts
  • Extruded Rubber Strip, Seals and Spacers
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Leading Manufacturer of Rubber Strip, Seals, Spacers & Products

AK Rubber are manufacturers & suppliers of a wide range of Rubber Parts and Products for all purposes including Spacers, Seals, Foam Strips, Washers, Strapping and much more. We cover all aspects of Moulded Rubber Products and Services, and are also a leading Industrial Hose supplier Manufacturer making AK Rubber your one stop shop for all Rubber related solutions.

Rubber Part

Extruded Rubber Seal

AK Rubber is able to manufacture and supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of extruded rubber seals including channels, channel edges, fenders and edging strip.

Foam Rubber Strip

When visiting our website you’ll find a vast range of foam rubber strip products, all of which can be made to order for your own particular application.

Foam rubber strip can also be cut to order including our expanded EPDM, Expanded Neoprene, Expanded Polyethylene, PVC/Nitrile and more.

Flat Rubber Washers

Whatever your requirements AK Rubber can manufacture and supply a washer product to suit your exact application. We supply rubber washers, foam washers and a wide range of PTFE and plastic washers so please get in touch with your requirements.

Rubber Part Manufacturer

AK Rubber are specialists in the design and manufacture of rubber parts.

We manufacture moulded parts from a full range of elastomeric polymers, examples include wheel chocks, fenders and buffers, rubber and sponge cord and much more so please visit our website for more information.

Industrial Hose Supplier

We are your one stop shop for industrial hose products.

Air hose, oil & multi-purpose hose, water hose, food & drink quality hose, welding hose, chemical hose, steam hose, you name it... We can supply a hose product to meet your specific needs.

Rubber Spacers

Rubber spacers, washers and gaskets can also be manufactured from a wide range of rubber materials and specifications to suit your exact application so please call us with your requirements.

Rubber Strapping & Strip

Rubber strapping and strip have many applications in today’s industrial sectors.

AK Rubber manufactures a wide range of rubber strapping products to meet your requirements. We offer one of the widest ranges of rubber specifications each with their own individual properties so please ask us for a quotation.

AK Rubber Company Overview

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Sandra Blackwell

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