BR Defence (Rubber Moulding Manufacturers)

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  • An established UK rubber component manufacturer
  • Rubber mouldings, die cut gaskets & rubber components
  • Rapid response times and competitive pricing
  • An established UK rubber component manufacturer
  • Rubber mouldings, die cut gaskets & rubber components
  • Rapid response times and competitive pricing
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BR Defence (Rubber Moulding Manufacturers)

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Leading Rubber Component Manufacturer - Rubber Products to Your Requirements for all applications.

BR Defence (Rubber Mouldings) is an established UK based manufacturer & supplier of excellent quality rubber and silicone components.

Custom Rubber Components

BR Defence is a specialist in moulding custom rubber components in wide range of polymers including:

..• Silicones
..• Natural and synthetic rubbers
..• Fluorocarbons (Viton™)
..• Fluorosilicones

We have built strong relationships with customers over the years by providing excellent product quality in conjunction with:

..• On- time delivery
..• Excellent application Knowledge
..• Accurate Kan Ban Drops
..• Competitive pricing
..• An engineering based approach to problems and products
..• Rapid response times to UOR

Originally set up to supply to meet the demanding requirements of the defence industry, BR Defence has expanded and uses gained knowledge to fulfil the rubber requirements of many customers in many industries including:

..• Defence
..• Aerospace
..• Auto-sport
..• Maritime and Naval
..• Medical & Pharmaceutical Oil / GAS
..• Food
..• Agricultural & General industry
..• Automotive
..• Restoration

Whether you require: 1 item, 100, 10000 or 1000000 items BR Defence is set-up to provide you with the best polymer product for your needs and application.


BR Defence is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited organization with excellent traceability for aerospace systems & defence requirements.

The structure of the organization provides a good platform to respond to urgent job requirements including rapid prototyping and UOR which is crucial in today’s environment when supplying to the UK Mod and private sector defence companies.

BR Defence (Rubber Mouldings) are specialists in manufacturing:

..• Precision rubber & silicone components by using compression & injection moulding
..• Gasket cutting from rubber, silicone, foam & paper.
..• Moulded rubber to metal bondings
..• Rubber CV boots
..• Bonded rubber track mouldings
..• Extrusions in silicone
..• Solid rubber & sponge
..• Moulded Rubber or Sponge 'O' rings
..• Custom moulded rubber hoses & bellows
..• Rubber anti-vibration mounts
..• Unique polymer seals & grommets
..• Sponge mouldings
..• Moulded rubber housings and casings
..• Moulded polyurethane elastomer products
..• Bonded solid tyres
..• Rubber retaining straps

BR Defence can quote from both drawing & pattern part using BS & Defence DTD standard materials for manufacturing with C of C if required.

Whether you require a simple rubber bush or a Viton™ engine gasket – We are the manufacturer you need to talk to!

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