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JSC Rotational Ltd

  • Providing competitive rotomoulding prices
  • Flexible and reactive rotational moulders
  • Moulding a wide variety of components
  • Keeping the customer fully informed

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Based in Worcestershire, JSC Rotational Ltd is a specialist moulder offering a complete solution for all, Rotomoulding, rotational moulding requirements. All our clients benefit from:

Reactivity & Flexibility
We pride ourselves on being reactive and flexible enabling our customers to react quickly within their own market place.

We honour all commitments in terms of quality and delivery, and when we are unable to do so we keep our customers fully informed. In other words, our customers know they can trust us.

Technical Ability
We have a reputation for sound technical ability. By working closely with clients, designers, toolmakers and materials suppliers we are able to produce components that are fit for purpose, easy to mould and using the very latest technology

Rotational Moulding Services

As a contract rotational moulder all tooling is owned by our customers. We are happy to mould existing tooling or we can assist you to develop your own. We are able to mould a wide variety of components within the following parameters:

... Up to 3m long
... Up to 2m wide
... Up to 2m deep

Rotomoulding Designs can be relatively simple or more complex. We are able to mould in a wide variety of inserts allowing additional items to be assembled onto the finished part. Strengthening aids can be moulded into a component to give it additional strength. Our clam-shell machines give the greatest manufacturing flexibility so that even the most challenging tools can be moulded with success.

JSC are able to mould in a range of plastic materials including LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP and cross linked PE. Materials can be sourced in compound colours, according to RAL/Pantone references or we can utilize our on-site dry blend facilities. A wide variety of finishes can be achieved with textured or coated tooling in addition to extensive Mould-In Graphics experience. The possibilities are diverse enabling JSC Rotational Moulding (Moulders) to fully meet your design requirements.

Re-cycled and flame retardant solutions are also available.

Assembly and Ancillary Services

JSC Rotational Ltd has a fully equipped assembly area. Using a production line system, a full range of operations is offered from basic finishing operations to full product assemble.

Our finishing services include:


Hot Foil Stamping


Product Testing


Water Testing


Serial Number Engraving

Label Application

Heat Shrink Packing

Large Graphic Application


Paint Application


Design & Development

JSC Rotational Ltd has excellent technical ability. We work closely with our customers, designers, material suppliers and toolmakers to ensure that the best possible design is achieved. When we are involved at the early stages we can make a valuable contribution ensuring that the design, not only meets the customer requirements but can also utilise optimum resources both in the Toolmaking and rotational moulding processes, giving the most cost effective but advanced solution.

At JSC Rotational we work in partnership with our customers and suppliers. Rotational mouldings are produced, using all of our technical ability and your product knowledge. We aim to fulfil all of our quality and delivery promises but when we are unable to do so, we let you know. This philosophy results in a long-lasting, two-way relationship based on trust.

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