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  • High quality swivel joints.
  • Patented design allows 360° rotation, no leakage.
  • 3-4 times life of a ball bearing swivel joint.
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    Rotaflow FV Ltd

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    Reliable, 360 Degree Rotational Swivel Joints

    Rotaflow designs and manufactures high quality swivel joints for a wide range of applications in the chemical, oil, processing and food industries. Swivel joints are a key element in loading arms, rotating drums and filters and for relieving torque in hoses.

    The patented design of Rotaflow swivel joints allows 360 degree rotation under pressure without leakage. The combination of the bearing system and seal design gives the joints the potential of three to four times the life of a swivel joint that uses only ball bearings. With a clear bore, any fluid passing down a pipe will also pass through a Rotaflow swivel joint without restricting the flow pressure.

    F/FS Series Swivel Joints

    The Fseries of swivel joints in hardened carbon steel or FS series in 316 stainless steel is designed for small bore applications from DN6 to 50. These joints can be supplied for applications up to 6000 psi (410 bar) and are available in straight and 90 degree styles with a choice of seals for maximum fluid compatibility.

    SK Series

    The SK Series features Rotaflow's unique needle roller system and wide spaced bearings, to give a robust and reliable design. This range is ideal for process plant applications, wash system designs, slowly rotating drums, filters and applications where offset loads are a problem. The large block seal allows free movement with low torque.

    SK swivel joints are designed to work are pressures above 1000 psi (70 bar) and a swivel speed of up to 60 rpm. They are available in sizes DN25 to 500, with a choice of seals to suit different operating conditions and fluids.

    Rotaflow also has combined servomotor technology with the SK series to produce compact and powerful drive units for the piping industry. These units rotate pipework whilst carrying fluid under pressure and be used in drum rotators, automated loading systems, robotics, food processing and water jetting. They can also be tailored to suit high pressure, IP rated and hygienic requirements.

    Rotaflow Multiport systems allow two or more individual flows down a common axis. The systems have a robust design which is suitable for handling high mechanical loads. Each joint is individually designed to suit specific applications and available in a choice of materials and seals.

    We design and manufacture swivel joints in all materials in larger diameters. Shown is part of our range from DN500 upward. Rotaflow Swivel joints carry fluid through a clear bore under pressure without leakage whilst rotating through 360 degrees.

    Loading Arms

    Loading arms are used to convey fluid from a static vessel to a moving container without leakage and consist of a combination of pipework and swivel joints. The range features Rotaflow's unique SK swivels and wide spaced bearings to give a strong yet flexible arm system.

    The joints rotate through 360 degrees and are designed to give full bore flow. The high radial load carrying capacity allows the swivel to relieve torque in hoses and gives greater strength in cantilever applications.

    To ensure the ideal solution for each application, all loading arms are tailor made to individual requirements and can incorporate many additional features, with seals for virtually any fluid.

    Technical advice and stress analysis calculations available.

    Joints for hygienic use are manufactured in 316 stainless steel with PTFE main seals and compatible lubrication. Whilst no swivel joint is completely FDA approved, customer feedback on this design is very positive. The Rotaflow Swivel Joint, with an unrestricted bore, easily modifies for use with o/d tube or RJT/IDF end fittings.

    Tested To The Highest Standards

    Rotaflow was established in 1982 to meet an industry need for high quality, robust and reliable swivel joints. The original patented design has now been developed for a wide range of applications, from the fire hose reel to drum rotators.

    Rotaflow specialise in one-off design and manufacture and we offer a technical advice service to assist your choice - supported by stress analysis calculations to ANSI B 31.3 Piping Code.

    Every joint is tested and additional specific testing including coded welding, rigorous pressure and NDT etc. is available on request. Rotaflow is also certified to PED Module H for the design, manufacture and repair of swivel joints - further evidence of its commitment to high levels of quality and service.

    Ian Watt originally developed the forerunner of today's robust and reliable design of Swivel Joint in 1982, using a unique needle roller system and wide spaced bearings. The combination of this bearing system and seal design gives the joints the potential of three to four times the life of swivel joints utilising only ball bearings.

    The patented design gives full bore flow and the high radial load carrying capacity is ideal to allow the swivel to relieve torque in hoses or give greater strength in cantilever applications.

    Off The Shelf Delivery

    The standard product range is continually being developed, with an increasing number of swivel joints now available from stock for immediate delivery.

    Rotaflow also provides a refurbishment and maintenance service for swivel joints and loading arms.

    In addition to a wide range of standard products, Rotaflow can design swivel joints and loading arms to suit customers' individual requirements.

    The company prides itself on being customer led, carefully assessing the application and providing a solution that meets the specific demands on each process. The Rotaflow design and manufacturing team also have an excellent track record of providing a fast response to customer requirements.

    The company is based at a purpose designed engineering centre at Whaley Bridge in the High Peak. Its products are designed to meet the demanding standards of customers throughout the oil, chemical and process industries. Every joint is tested and additional specific testing including coded welding, rigorous pressure and NDT etc is available on request.

    All of our data sheets are available in PDF format on the Web.

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