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Polyurethane Foam Moulding West Midlands by Rojac Urethane Ltd

Hallens Drive
Wednesbury West Midlands
WS10 7DD

  • Prototype development, full production moulding.
  • Mould tooling for PU foam components.
  • 5-7 days from drawing to product.
  • Quality Assurance
    Bespoke Service
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    Rojac Urethane Ltd

    Rojac Urethane offers a complete end to end PU Foam Development, Prototype and Volume Production Service.

     - Specialist Polyurethane Development
     - Product Development
     - High Volume Production

    From a large manufacturing facility based in the West Midlands Rojac Urethane Ltd is able to serve the whole of the UK and beyond with a comprehensive range of polyurethane materials and foam production services to include but not limited to:

     - Prototype Foam Milling
     - Rapid Prototype Foam Moulding
     - Production Foam Moulding
     - Foam Testing
     - Foam Tooling
     - Foam Materials

    Polyurethane Foam Moulding
    Rojac Urethane Ltd specialise in the moulding and milling of all PU Foams; flexible, integral skin and rigid.

    Bespoke CNC Foam Milling
    We provide tier 1 suppliers and OEM manufacturers the tools and services they need to take their starting design from design to prototype and further. Our bespoke CNC foam milling service is part of this process, we are able to mill all types of PU foam and can provide rapid response quotes.

    Prototype/Robotic CNC Foam Milling
    The prototype foam milling service from Rojac Urethane includes Robotic CNC Foam Milling which is a flexible, fast and accurate production process that has the ability to trim foam seating and interior trim, produce sculptures, statues and exhibition and point of sale products so to find out more please visit the Rojac Urethane website.

    Rapid Prototype Foam Moulding
    In around 7 - 10 days Rojac Urethane will produce moulded production intent PU Foams from CAD design through to the finished product.

    This highly efficient prototype foam moulding service is ideal for Automotive production purposes so for further details please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Production Foam Moulding
    Rojac Urethane is able to provide a complete foam moulding service with the aid of high and low pressure PU foam machines, turntables, carousels and robotic pouring machines.

    Foam Testing
    All moulded PU foams are extensively tested to the precise needs of each individual market sector including hardness, capability, surface spread of flames, flammability, toxicity, vertical burns testing and more.

    Foam Tooling
    Rojac Urethane will in house design and manufacture tooling directly from CAD data files supplied by the client. We also have the capability to reverse engineer a product from a sample. Typical lead times for the prototype service ranges from 7 -10 days!

    Foam Materials
     - CMHR Flexible
     - HR Flexible Graphite Flexible
     - Rigid
     - Integral skin

    For further details about Rojac Urethane Ltd please visit the website.