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  • Equipment for people with disabilities
  • Automatic door openers & door latch release systems
  • Remote communications equipment
  • Equipment for people with disabilities
  • Automatic door openers & door latch release systems
  • Remote communications equipment
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Ridley Electronics Ltd

Designers and Manufacturers of Equipment for People with Disabilities

For over thirty years Ridley Electronics Ltd has been designing and manufacturing remote control and communications equipment to help people achieve an independent lifestyle particularly people with disabilities.

Our Aim
Our aim is to help people control their own systems with one small portable transmitter so whether its access control, communication control or environmental control, at Ridley Electronics we can deliver.

Access Controls
Environmental Controls

Adaptable - Expandable
All of our equipment has been designed around the comments and suggestions made by our customers and users because our equipment is built around your needs.

You can also have as many functions as you need so you can be confident that our systems will adapt and expand to your specific requirements at any time.

The Perfect Switch to Meet Your Needs
We offer customers a complete bespoke switch service. All of our equipment can be operated by a wide range of switch options such as touch sensitive, spring levers, smack down and mouthpiece switches and can be adapted for use by almost any part of the body so whatever your physical limits we can create the right system for your needs.

Access Controls
By using the Ridley access control systems you can be alerted, establish who it is at your door and let them in if required.

If linked to a telephone system your access control system can also be used to summon assistance from a carer or other member of the household by using the telecom function.

Door Latch Release System
Door Openers
Multi-Door Openers
Wireless Video Door Latch Release

Ridley Electronics also designs and manufactures a range of innovative communication products.

One particular system has been specifically designed for people who have a tendency to get out of bed and wander making them at risk for falling and possible injury.

Our communication equipment is available in a range of models and options including but not limited to:

Curtain Passive Infra-red Detectors
DECT Monitors
Man Down Alarm
Radio Frequency Door Contacts
Wanderer Locator
Hands Free Intercoms
Hands Free Telephones
Radio Frequency Alarms
Ridley Call Systems
Roving Alarms

Environmental Controls
Ridley Electronics Ltd offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of environmental control products including remote switches, window openers, curtain pullers, swipe tags and maglock systems.

Just one of our environmental control products is our remote frequency 13A switch which can be used to switch `on` or `off` any 13Amp plugged appliance at a range of up to 60 metres by using the radio frequency transmitter supplied.

This is only a small sample of the wide range of innovative remote control products and associated systems available from Ridley Electronics Ltd. If you would like to find out more please visit our website or get in touch.

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David Ridley

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