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    Quazar International

    Easily Transportable Road Sign Products

    Quazar International is an innovative company that specialises in the design and manufacture of temporary traffic signs, portable road signs and reflective products and have now been producing flexible PVC based reflective materials for temporary roll up signs and barrier systems for over thirty years.

    At Quazar International we are a proud roll up road sign supplier with a reputation for listening and working closely with customers to develop products to suite their own individual requirements, starting with initial consultation and design through to high volume production manufacture.

    Our extremely informative website contains detailed information about all of our products along with a Global Sign Selector facility which allows customer to explore our range of temporary road signs including shapes, sizes and more importantly the options available for the various countries in which they'll be utilised.

    Temporary Signs & Barrier Systems

    As a leading roll up road sign supplier our products are designed to encompass the same basic elements including demonstrating key characteristics of portability i.e. roll up, easy to store and transport.

    They must be simple to use and fully conform to all relevant legislation and should be designed and manufactured to an exacting standard to exceed accepted life-cycles for this product sector.

    For this reason all of our temporary signs and barrier systems have been designed specifically for short to medium term zone work with easy to erect roll up operation with no fiddly fixings. The sign surfaces are available in standard or superior grade reflectivity, or encapsulated non-reflective format with corrosion proof metalwork, GRP spine and ribs with reinforced flexible PVCs. They are also suitable for use in temperature ranges between -5 to +30 centigrade.

    Products include spring loaded self-erecting signs which are very compact when folded, one piece units, multi-purpose tripod systems, police products, utility tripods and much more, all of which can be printed to designs from The UK and overseas specification.

    Branding & Badges

    Quazar International also design and manufacture a comprehensive range of branding and badge products ranging from heat applied transfers, welded badges and sew-on patches to direct weld and promotional products.

    We also supply reflective promotional products which are ideal for road safety campaigns. These include slap and wrap Velcro fastening armbands, reflective stickers, safety helmet stickers for on-site identification, armbands for emergency planning and eye-catching mouse mats.

    So if you would like more information about Quazar International and our complete range of products and services please call us or fill in the short enquiry form on our website.

    Quazar International - Corporate Video

    Video - Quazar International Chapter 8 Kit


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