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Touchline Promotions

  • Known for the most innovative incentives
  • Promotional welly boot pen pots and keyrings
  • UK branded merchandise specialist
  • Specialist promotional brand consultant

The most innovative and exclusive promotional products

Since 1978 Touchline Promotions has been providing customers with some of the most innovative and exclusive promotional products designed to promote a businessís awareness and presence.

Over these years Touchline Promotions have been responsible for some of the nationís best loved and best known advertising campaigns including the Amigo campaigns of friendly brochures on behalf of the government and the F.A., Smiley Money Bags and Chuckleberry who was a major success for Ribena.

Now we are able to offer a wide range of creative promotional products including our famous Welly products, Banjofloss and the new Mini Fluffy Duster so why not head over to our website to find out more.

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Our website also features promotional Welly Boot Keyrings and promotional Welly Boot Pen Pots.

Trade Supplier Welly Boot Keyrings

As a leading supplier of promotional items Touchline Promotions is able to supply a wide range of welly pen pots, welly keyrings and herb wellies which have been top sellers for many years.

They are renowned for their hard wearing, long lasting and attractive features designed for product infinity.

The herb wellies also include a growing kit making them both fun and educational.

Sizes available range from 38mm x 30mm to the large 90mm x 70mm so to find out more please visit our online shop.

Promotional Welly Boot Pent Pots

Welly boot pen pots are suitable for a wide range of industrial sectors including water, building, garden products, agriculture, shipping, public homes and gardens and countryside to name but a few.

Mini Fluffy Duster

Why not keep your desk free from fluff and dust with the new mini fluffy duster from Touchline Promotions?

Exclusive to Touchline this product easily whisks away the dust and fluff that continues to gather on your keyboard PC, desktop and screen.

The mini fluffy duster has been made from pure lambís wool with a lanolin content to aid in holding the dust.

They are available in a whole range of bright colours designed to grab the attention. Both fun and practical the mini fluff duster can be branded on the handle.


Touchline Promotions also offers the Banjofloss which is a unique toothpick and floss all in one.

This innovative promotional product has been manufactured to floss and toothpick in one go and will help to protect your teeth after eating.

They can be hermetically sealed in attractive individually branded sachets at low cost making them ideal for applications such as restaurants, hotels, cover mounts and airline companies to name but a few.

To find out more about our unique range of Banjofloss products please head over to our website or get in touch.


Touchlines is able to supply a whole range of exclusive incentives from our 300 page catalogue so whether your requirements are for mousemats, bags, pens, keyrings, conference folders or branded mugs we have a great range of products ready for branding and delivery.

We also supply an impressive range of re-cycled products including the famous paper cup pencil so why not head over to our website for more info.

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