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GC Metals Ltd

  • Fast reliable reclamation service
  • All material tracked from start to finish
  • Maximised reclaim yields
  • Better quality of care
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Precious Metal Refining | Precious Metal Recovery

Since 1971 G. C. Metals Limited has been specialising in the processing of precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.

We are able to provide our customers with a fast and reliable reclamation service many of whom are large organisations who return to us time and time again because of our flexibility and quick settlement.

As a reputable bullion trading company we offer our service with that personal touch by working closely with you to tailor a refining process that meets your specific requirements.

G.C. Metals can trade your precious metals, alternatively we are able to offer the facility of purchasing your metals outright.

This service also allows you to track your material so as to follow its progress, and for further peace of mind our heavily secured facility is fully insured, so if you are a large electronics manufacturer, dental technician, jewellery maker or a waste asset manager we will find you the most appropriate solution for you needs.


Analytical & Valuation

We offer a detailed and comprehensive compositional analysis service which is essential to determine the proper value of your precious material.

Fast and specialised analysis methods are used to ensure conformity with in house criteria and legal requirements.

Metal Processing & Refining

Recovering materials is a highly efficient way of saving neutral resources and costs, with refined products having the same high purity levels.

We can process and refine materials, reclaiming the precious metals within.

Various settlement options available including:

...• Cheque
...• Wire Transfer
...• Metal Return
...• Fabricated Metals & Products
...• Holding Metal on Account (to be sold at your option)

Fabricated Metals & Products

Most precious metals are used extensively in industry today due to the very nature of the properties within the material.

We can supply a range of fabricated materials to various customers in industry with the following products:

...• Sheets
...• Grains
...• Precious Metal Targets
...• Slugs
...• Various Diameter Wires

Consultancy Service & Waste Management

What is considered waste can in fact turn out to be precious reusable materials.

G. C. Metals Limited provides customers with a practical consultancy service for their waste metal management including recovery of cost savings, reduction in environmental waste and reusability.

Metal Account Management

Precious materials are essential to investment portfolios and industrial production.

We can set up metal accounts on behalf of those clients who don’t want to take delivery of their refined metals allowing them to sell their reclaimed metals at their option.

Metals such as gold, silver and platinum are part of many investors’ portfolios. The properties of such precious metals are essential in many industries such as chemical, electronics, aerospace, mining, telecommunications, petrochemical, jewellery making and many more. G. C. Metals have close contacts with all of these industries.

To find out more information about G. C. Metals please visit our website where you will find a complete list of materials that are suitable for recovery. Alternatively please or contact us directly.

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  • Fabricated Metals & Products
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