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    Plastor Containers and Storage Equipment Ltd

    Plastor specialize in the supply of a comprehensive range of Plastic Containers, Crates and Boxes along with associated materials handling equipment including trucks and trolleys.

    Established since 1992, Plastor is one of the leading UK suppliers of its kind. Supplying the biggest and smallest companies with storage products essential to the storing, transporting and protection of their goods, valuables and equipment.

    Plastic Crates & Plastic Lidded Containers

    Attached Lid Plastic Containers with lids or Plastic Storage Crates or Plastic Totes as they are known, offer a high degree of protection for contents and have the facility to be secured by cable ties or security seals.

    Plastic Distribution Containers have the additional benefit of being stackable and they also nest and save valuable space. Tamper Evident seals can be fitted for extra security. Plastic Crates can also be branded to customers specification.

    Applications: Plastic Removal Crates, Distribution, Archiving, Diving, Marquee and Component Storage, Police Evidence Containers/Scene of Crime. Plastic Dollies and Trolleys available for transport and movement. 54 litre crates are available with a sliding door to give picking access when stacked together, capacities from 4 litres to 180 litres.

    Euro Stacking Containers

    These plastic containers do not nest but give good internal volume. Sizes from 200 x 150 to 800 x 600mm footprints with heights to 544mm designed to work with standard pallets. Many of our Euro Containers allow hinged lids to be added to make into cases. Euro Containers are available with solid or ventilated sides.

    Stacking & Nesting Containers & Plastic Crates

    Traditional Stack and Nesting Plastic Containers in tough polypropylene offer the same space saving benefits as the Attached Lid Crates and are available with bale arms or colour coding for efficient stacking/nesting. Folding Plastic Containers in the same sizes also available.

    Picking Containers

    Plastic Picking Containers, with side and front opening with clear windows, provide easy access to contents when stacked. Semi-open fronted picking bins or Linbins are available in a wide range of colours and are guaranteed for life. Plastic Linbins can fitted to louvre wall panels trolleys or freestanding racks to give high density storage.

    Plastic Container Trolleys and Mobile Tray Racks

    Container Trolleys in standard and bespoke designs for the movement of plastic containers allow easy access to contents.

    Massive Range: Euro Dolly for European Standard Containers, Container Trolleys, Table Trolleys, Tray Trolleys, Sack Trucks, Basket Trolleys, Dollies, Wheeled Bins.

    Really Useful Boxes

    This light use range of boxes can vary in size between 0.07 litre to a very large 140 litre capacity. Most of Really Useful Boxes are UK manufactured and are designed for domestic to light commercial use. The boxes in this range are a cost-effective storage solution for your home or business needs. The boxes also have clear walls, bases and lids allowing you to conveniently see what is inside.

    We offer solutions for archiving, warehouse picking, food storage and much more. If you are not sure about which box would suit your needs, then we can offer an advice service to help you with your choice. Our work ethic is getting 'the right box for the job'!

    Heavy Duty Plastic Containers - Designed for long term & heavy usage

    At Plastor we are proud to have an extensive range of storage containers available for warehousing, distribution, retail and Industry use. The plastic boxes available within this range include attached lid containers, euro stacking containers and tote boxes and heavy-duty crates.

    We can also supply a range of trolleys, dollies and security tags. The boxes in this category are very strong and are designed for heavy and repetitive use. They can hold more weight and can with stand being transported and heavy daily usage.

    Food Grade Containers

    Food Grade plastic containers are available in a wide range of colours for easy identification of contents. Ingredients dispensers, tanks, tubs and mobile plastic containers are manufactured in food grade polyethylene and have smooth crevice free surfaces for easy cleaning. Many of our Plastic Crates are also suitable for food use.

    Bulk Pallet Boxes

    Plastic Pallet Boxes in standard GKN 1200 x 1000mm and Euro Pallet 1200 x 800mm dimensions, can safely handle individual loads of up to 500kgs and can be stacked up to 10 high with a combined load of 4500kg. Smooth hygienic design with smooth sides rounded rims and corners. Available in solid and ventilated designs.

    Plastic Pallets

    Sizes 1200 x 1000mm, 1200 x 800mm, 800 x 600mm. Wide range of Plastic Pallets for single or multi-trip use. Weight loadings from 200 -1250kg capacity. Options of feet, or runners for use in racking, open and closed decks. Manufactured from Virgin material (suitable for food use), or recycled material.

    Plastic Container Trucks / Large Wheeled Containers

    Manufactured from food grade medium density polyethylene these robust containers fitted with castors can be used for a variety of applications including pharmaceutical, food, laundries and general industrial applications. Snag free, easy to clean design makes these ideal for hygienic applications.

    Bottle Skips

    Designed for use in bars, hotels and restaurants, but also suitable for a wide range of commercial applications. Manufactured from Food Grade Medium Density Polyethylene. Fitted with four swivel 50mm swivel castors.

    45kg Capacity, Nestable for compact storage, Available with single or double lip, Wide variety of colours available.

    Warehouse Equipment

    A wide range of materials handling equipment including:

    Sack Trucks; Dollies; Tray Trolleys; Step Tray Trolleys; Shelf Racks; Platform Trucks; Tug Lifts; Trailers; Bin Systems; Basket Trolleys; Container Trolleys; Drum Handling; Cylinder Handling; Workbenches; Cabinets; Drawer Systems and more...

    Specials - If you can�t find what you need from our standard selection, then we can design and build to your own specification and colour, simply send us a sketch or request a visit and we�ll do the rest.

    Why Use Plastor Plastic Containers?

    Reduce Carbon Footprint
    More carbon efficient than single-trip cardboard (after just 20 trips) and recyclable at the end of their long working lives, providing an ecological as well as economic solution.

    Plastor offers a large range of storage boxes and containers made from recycled plastic. Better still many of these recycled plastic containers can be recycled once again in the future.

    Save Money
    Plastor Containers provide years of maintenance-free service and pay for themselves many times over their long lives. Nesting and folding models save valuable space on return transport and warehouse space. European size plastic containers, work with Euro and GKN plastics for efficient logistics.

    Easy to clean by machine or hose, Plastor Plastic Containers do not absorb moisture or contaminants, and eliminate dust and debris.

    Smooth surfaces, free from splinters or staples, protect contents and prevent injury. Containers stack securely, eliminating crushing associated with cardboard and other flexible packaging.

    Professional Image
    Using Plastor Plastic Containers can project a professional image when delivering to customers, especially when printed with logos or corporate detail.

    Plastor Containers protect users from injury by securely containing their contents and secure stacking

    Plastor Attached Lid Containers, can be fitted with security seals or tamper evident seals or padlocks for added security. Strong wall and lid construction prevent pilfering.

    Areas Covered

    Our complete range of plastic containers, plastic storage boxes, plastic tote boxes, industrial plastic storage crates and heavy duty industrial plastic boxes are available to the following areas and the rest of the UK:

    County Durham
    East Sussex
    Greater London
    Greater Manchester
    Isle of Wight
    Isles of Scilly
    Milton Keynes
    North Yorkshire
    South Gloucestershire
    South Yorkshire
    Tyne & Wear
    West Midlands
    West Sussex
    West Yorkshire

    Opening Hours

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    Friday 08:30 to 16:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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    Products and Services

    1. Access Steps
    2. Adjustable Shelving
    3. Adjustable Shelving System
    4. Adjustable Steel Shelving
    5. Archive Storage Boxes
    6. Attached Lid Containers
    7. Bakery Catering
    8. Bakery Equipment
    9. Bakery Trays
    10. Bakery Trolleys
    11. Barrier Packaging Plastic Containers
    12. Bins
    13. Boltless Shelving Systems
    14. Bottle Crates
    15. Bulk Storage Containers
    16. Bunds
    17. Clear Containers
    18. Clear Plastic Boxes
    19. Clear Plastic Crates
    20. Coloured Plastic Boxes
    21. Confectionery Box
    22. Confectionery Boxes
    23. Confectionery Packaging
    24. Containers
    25. Containers For Sale
    26. Containers Plastic
    27. Corrugated Plastic
    28. Corrugated Plastic Boxes
    29. Corrugated Plastic Cartons
    30. Crates
    31. Customised Storage Containers
    32. Deli Containers
    33. Display Shelving
    34. Disposable Containers
    35. Distribution
    36. Distribution Containers
    37. Distribution Trolley
    38. Distribution Trolleys
    39. ESD Work Benches
    40. Euro Bin Stacker
    41. Flat Bed Trolley
    42. Flat Bed Trolleys
    43. Flat Bed Turntable Trolley
    44. Folding Pallet Boxes
    45. Folding Plastic Boxes
    46. Food Containers
    47. Food Storage Containers
    48. Food Storage Trays
    49. Foodgrade Containers
    50. General Purpose Shelving
    51. Grit Bins
    52. Grit Bins & Salt
    53. Hazardous Storage Cabinets
    54. Hazardous Storage Cupboards
    55. Hazardous Storage Lockers
    56. Heavy Duty Boxes
    57. Heavy Duty Flat Bed Trolley
    58. Heavy Duty Mobile Access Steps
    59. Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    60. Heavy Duty Shelving
    61. Heavy Duty Shelving & Racking
    62. Heavy Duty Work Benches
    63. Hospital Shelving
    64. Industrial Shelving
    65. Lift Tables
    66. Light Duty Shelving & Racking
    67. Lightweight Shelving
    68. Linbins
    69. Manual Handling
    70. Material Handling
    71. Material Handling Equipment
    72. Materials Handling
    73. Materials Handling Equipment Designers
    74. Metal Shelving
    75. Microware Containers.
    76. Microwavable Containers.
    77. Microwave Containers
    78. Microwaveable Containers
    79. Mobile Access Steps
    80. Mobile Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    81. Mobile Lift Tables
    82. Mobile Medium Duty Scissor Lift Tables
    83. Mobile Scissor Lift Tables
    84. Mobile Shelving
    85. Mobile Warehouse Safety Steps
    86. Mobile Warehouse Steps
    87. New Containers
    88. Office Containers
    89. Office Shelving
    90. Order Picking And Warehouse Trolleys
    91. Packaging Food Containers
    92. Packaging Plastics
    93. Pallet
    94. Pallet Boxes
    95. Palletised Containers
    96. Pallets
    97. Pick And Pack Warehouse Storage
    98. Plastic Bin
    99. Plastic Bins
    100. Plastic Boxes
    101. Plastic Boxes With Lids
    102. Plastic Cartons
    103. Plastic Cases
    104. Plastic Container Supplier
    105. Plastic Container Suppliers
    106. Plastic Containers
    107. Plastic Crate
    108. Plastic Crates
    109. Plastic Pallet
    110. Plastic Pallet Boxes
    111. Plastic Palletised Containers
    112. Plastic Pallets
    113. Plastic Salad Containers
    114. Plastic Shelving
    115. Plastic Storage Bins
    116. Plastic Storage Boxes
    117. Plastic Storage Containers
    118. Plastic Storage Procees Tanks
    119. Plastic Storage Tanks
    120. Plastic Trays
    121. Preused Boxes
    122. Racking & Warehouse Equipment
    123. Recycled Plastic Boxes
    124. Rigid Plastic Containers
    125. Road Side Grit Bins
    126. Sack Trucks
    127. Sack Trucks And Trollies
    128. Safety Flooring
    129. Salad Containers
    130. Scissor Lift Table
    131. Scissor Lift Tables
    132. Sheet Storage Racks
    133. Shelving
    134. Shelving Bracket
    135. Shelving For Warehouses
    136. Shelving Galvanised
    137. Shelving Heavy Duty
    138. Shelving Rack System
    139. Shelving Racking Unit
    140. Shelving Storage
    141. Shelving System
    142. Shelving Systems
    143. Shelving Units
    144. Shipping Crates
    145. Shortspan Shelving
    146. Small Parts Bins
    147. Small Parts Storage
    148. Small Parts Storage Bins
    149. Small Parts Storage Clear Drawers
    150. Soup Containers
    151. Stackable Containers
    152. Stackable Dump Bins
    153. Stackable Plastic Boxes
    154. Stackable Plastic Containers
    155. Stacking Containers
    156. Stacking Plastic Boxes
    157. Stainless Steel Shelving
    158. Stairclimber Sack Trucks
    159. Steel Shelving
    160. Storage And Distribution
    161. Storage Bins
    162. Storage Boxes
    163. Storage Cabinets
    164. Storage Cases
    165. Storage Container
    166. Storage Crates
    167. Storage Equipment
    168. Storage Equipment Components
    169. Storage Handling & Distribution
    170. Storage Racking
    171. Storage Racks
    172. Storage Solutions
    173. Storage Unit
    174. Tote Bin Stacker
    175. Tote Bins
    176. Tote Boxes
    177. Toughened Plastic Boxes
    178. Transparent Plastic Boxes
    179. Used Containers
    180. Used Containers Second
    181. Used Storage Bins
    182. Used Storage Containers
    183. Van Racking & Shelving
    184. Visible Storage Cabinets
    185. Warehouse
    186. Warehouse Mobile Safety Steps
    187. Warehouse Racking & Shelving
    188. Warehouse Shelving
    189. Warehouse Shelving And Racking
    190. Warehouse Step
    191. Warehouse Steps
    192. Warehouse Storage
    193. Warehouse Supplies
    194. Warehouse Trolleys
    195. Warehouse Truck
    196. Warehouse Trucks
    197. Warehousing & Distribution
    198. Warehousing And Storage
    199. Waterproof Cases
    200. Widespan Shelving
    201. Wire Shelving
    202. Wooden Platform Flat Bed Trolleys
    203. Work Benches
    204. Work Benches - Heavy Duty

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