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  • Automatic leak testing machines & leak test systems
  • Air data test set & aircraft ground support equipment
  • Pressure decay testers
  • Automatic leak testing machines & leak test systems
  • Air data test set & aircraft ground support equipment
  • Pressure decay testers
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Automatic Leak Testing Machines and Leak Test Systems

Automatic Leak Testing Machines

ATEQ is the world’s leading manufacturer of automated Pitot/Static, Pitot/Static Adaptors, Bonding, Pressure Decay Testers and Battery Testers and Leak Detectors designed for use on all types of aircraft, helicopters and military vehicles.

ATEQ is able to offer manufacturers, OEM manufacturers and maintenance companies a wide range of aviation and testing equipment of the highest quality.

With over forty years of experience in this sector ATEQ also provides a range of highly efficient services around the world using its own local engineers and technicians. This service also covers equipment that can be adapted to suit the customer’s specific requirements, customer support and a fast on-site response maintenance and repair service.


Pitot Static Tester

Pitot Static Tester Sets are pressure generators and measurement instruments designed to simulate the altitude and speed of on board aircraft equipment.

What is it for? When aviation equipment is manufactured, installed or repaired it requires testing so flying conditions have to be simulated in order for on board equipment to be certified.

On board equipment therefore has to be tested to generate pressure or partial vacuum simulating both speed and altitude. Equipment to be tested includes:

...• Airspeed indicator for speed
...• Altimeter for altitude
...• Flight computers and aerodynamic computers
...• Rate of climb indicators for vertical speed
...• Pressure switches
...• Computer sensors
...• Safety sensors

From the self-contained 550 Pitot/Static Tester designed for aircraft pilot and static systems for leaks, calibration of airspeed, engine ratio, manifold pressure and low pressure units through to the ADSE 746 which caters for all types of aircrafts ATEQ is able to offer the most comprehensive range of Pitot Testers in the world.

ATEQ also supplies a wide range of accessories to suit specific applications so for further details please visit the website.

Adaptor Kits

The PSAT series of adaptor kits from ATEQ are static adaptors that can be used for any kind of aircraft and provides the user with an easy to operate system which is also suitable for commercial aircrafts and helicopters.

...• Kits & parts
...• Easy to use
...• Coloured adaptors & tubes
...• Case with rolling system

ATEQ also offers a complete custom development service on request so please get in touch to find out more.

Battery Testers

Charge & Discharge Test Benches for Aerospace Batteries

ATEQ supplies a range of test benches to include 1 to 12 channels, semi-automatic or automatic, each channel taking care of the charge with the discharge and the test of a battery totally independent from the other channels.

Chemistries include: Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, LMP, Li-Ion, Pb, Ag-Zn, Li-po.

Ground Test Equipment

AX 6000 Portable Milliohmeter for `ALL` Aircrafts

The AX6000 is only one of the products available under the heading of ground test equipment. It provides the perfect solution for bonding resistance measurement according to all current aircraft specifications for planes, rockets, helicopters and military vehicles including both maintenance and production.

The AX6000 has also been designed with a wide back lit LCD display that is combined with an intuitive keyboard to ensure easy and simple use.


This is only a tiny sample of the wide range of products and services ATEQ has to offer so to find out more please visit our main website where you'll find a download brochure facility that provides all information regarding products, technical documents and certificates.

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