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    PE Systems Ltd

    PE Systems are one of the UK’s premier power protection specialists, our power solutions will ensure your business stays switched on at all times.

    We are very proud to be the preferred choice for utilities companies and blue-chip organisations across Europe who put their reputation on the line relying on us to deliver products that meet the demands and expectations of their customers.

    What we do
    PE Systems draw on our combined experience and knowledge offering custom solutions geared to meet our clients demands. We take each customer as an individual and tailor our services around them providing products that are not only bespoke but often made to order.

    Our customer base is broad, covering all major fields where sustainable power supplies are critical to the continuity of their operations. Industries we cover include the likes of telecommunications, national utilities, transport infrastructure and data centres to name a few. Commercial, Industrial and Public sectors are all covered.

    Who we are
    A big focus for us is the relationships we build within the organisation and the marketplace, we recognise that the greatest asset of any business lies in its people.

    Our customers value us as a strategic partner committed to investing in their future and not just a reliable supplier, this is something we are immensely proud of and critical to our success.

    DC UPS

    Our battery standby systems are available for industrial, commercial, domestic, critical infrastructure and telecommunication applications all of which are custom made in the UK.

    Thyristor Controlled
    We provide a range of thyristor stationary battery charger equipment that provides secure, robust and reliable DC power for the utility and industrial sectors.

       • Three phase or single input.
       • 6 or 12 pulse configuration.
       • 6-220V DC output.
       • Approved for National Grid and Utility installations.
       • Expandable-scalable power possible with parallel installation.
       • A wide range of available systems sizes.
       • Configurable as a power supply or for emergency lighting and standby power.
       • 25 Year asset life with simple, easy maintenance.

    For our OPUS DC Power Systems we provide the VIDI Controller Platform which provides a comprehensive set of features for DC Power System management combined with an intelligent, easy to use interface. VIDI architecture is modular in design enabling excellent system expandability and flexibility in design.

    MRC Rectifiers
    For telecom and industrial applications we have the MRC rectifier modules that are purposely designed and optimised for demanding requirements.

    • 1100W at 24VDC.
       • 1600W output power at 48, 60, 110, 125 and 220VDC.
       • Single phase and convection cooled.
       • Safety: IEC/EN 60950-1 CB certified.
       • EMC: EN 300 386:2005.

    AC UPS

    We manufacture high efficiency, modular configurations for organisations that are power critical and need optimal on-line and off-line power solutions. PE Systems also work with the world’s leading UPS manufacturers like Riello and Kohler Power ensuring our customers have access to other trusted products from outside our own range.

    Energy Storage

    Due to being a premier UK OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) we have access to all the major battery manufacturers. We are a key strategic partner commanding better prices and delivery for our customers. We supply Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium and Lithium derivatives plus give professional advice on battery design, accommodation and stands.

    Battery Removal & Recycling
    If you need to remove batteries, our battery removal and recycling service will do this for you safely.

    Battery Monitoring - VUECELL Real Time Battery Monitoring

    For critical standby power applications, VUECELL provides multi-channel real-time comprehensive battery monitoring.

       • Real time battery monitoring with an Intuitive touch screen display.
       • Modular and can be increased in scale.
       • Supports multiple battery technologies at a single terminal.
       • USB interface for data logging.

    Other Products and Solutions

    All of our products and solutions are designed and manufactured in the heart of Lancashire, they also include:

       - Power Generators
       - Hybrid Energy
       - Marshalling & Power Distribution
       - Portable Variable Output Chargers
       - Energy Innovations
       - Installation & Commissioning
       - Service & Maintenance
       - Advice, Design & Training

    For detailed information on everything we have to offer please continue through to our website or feel free to give us a call.


    Opening Hours

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    30 days
    Key Personnel
    Diane Humphreys
    Diane Humphreys Sales Administrator

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