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Unit 10-12, Undershore Business Park, Brookside Road, Crompton Way
Bolton Lancashire

  • Specialists in PCB design & assembly
  • Specialist Electronic Services
  • Established in 1983
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    GN Systems Ltd

    PCB Assembly Manufacturer

    Welcome to GN Systems. We are a manufacturing company that specialises in electronics including PCB Design, PCB Assembly, PIC Programming and the supply of conventional and surface mount components.


    We provide a full design service including Circuit Development, Schematic and PCB layout, Prototype and Mechanical Design.

    Working from our in house product development department, our experienced design team have access to the latest technology and equipment and are able to provide a full product development service from the initial concept through to reality.

    Surface Mount

    GN Systems Surface Mount technology facility houses a wide range of machinery and equipment for an equally wide range of processes including Double Sided Placements, Hybrid, Placements to 0402, MyData TP9 Pick and Place Machine and Conformal Coating/Burning In.

    Through Hole PCB Assembly

    Our electronic assembly team in our PCB Electronic Assembly Department are all highly trained and experienced specialists in through the hole assembly.

    We provide a wide range of production types including quick turnarounds through to prototypes and full production runs all at the highest standard of production under strict quality control procedures.


    Our in house electronic manufacturing facility houses a team of multi-skilled staff with specialist knowledge in the industry.

    Projects currently being undertaken includes the manufacture of fire and security products, machine control panels, medical devices, energy monitoring equipment and water treatment systems.

    Cable Harness

    At GN Systems we pride ourselves on the level of service we are able to offer our customers including our Cable Harness Assembly service.

    Our experienced team utilise a wide range of up to date manufacturing equipment to carry out processes ranging from stripping and crimping to fully automated cutting.

    Repair & Test

    We undertake the service, test and repair of a wide range of electrical and electronic devices from the basic scheduled safety test to major services and complete overhauls.

    This service is carried out in house or alternatively at our customers premises by fully trained and highly experienced engineers.

    Panel Building

    GN Systems are also able to provide Panel Building Services ranging from low key enclosure with few components to large installation control panels. So if itís a prototype or full production run GN Systems are here and will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

    Quality Assurance

    At GN Systems we are totally committed to providing our customers with the highest standards of quality in all of the products and services we provide.

    This Quality Assurance policy has been put into place to ensure each and every one of our customers receive their products in a timely manner and more importantly fit for purpose to meet their exact requirements.

    If you would like further information on any of the products and services seen here please get in touch.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Visa Debit
    Direct Debit

    Payment Terms

    30 days
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    Products and Services

    1. Alarm Systems
    2. BGA Pcb Assembly
    3. Cable And Wire Assemblies
    4. Cable Harness
    5. Cable Harness Assemblies
    6. Cable Harness Assembly
    7. Cable Harness Manufacturers
    8. Cable Harness Systems
    9. Cable Harness Test Equipment
    10. Cable Harness Total Assembly
    11. Cable Harnesses
    12. Cable Harnessing
    13. Contract PCB Assembly
    14. Conventional PCB Assembly
    15. Electronic Cable Harnesses
    16. High Complexity Pcb Assembly
    17. Lead Free PCB Assembly
    18. Leaded PCB Assembly
    19. Lighting Pcb Assembly
    20. Panel Building
    21. Panel Buildings
    22. PCB
    23. PCB Accessories
    24. Pcb Antistatic Bags
    25. PCB Assemblies
    26. PCB Assemblly Cambridge
    27. PCB Assembly
    28. PCB Assembly Equipment
    29. PCB Assembly Manufacturer
    30. PCB Assembly Manufacturers
    31. PCB Assembly Midlands
    32. PCB Assembly Service
    33. PCB Assembly Services
    34. PCB Assembly South Wales
    35. PCB Assembly Systems
    36. PCB Assembly Wales
    37. PCB Assemby
    38. PCB Backed Membranes
    39. PCB Cases
    40. PCB Circuit
    41. PCB Circuit Board
    42. PCB Clip-In
    43. PCB Compnents
    44. PCB Component Kitting
    45. PCB Connectors
    46. PCB Construction
    47. PCB Conveyors
    48. PCB Depanelling Machines
    49. PCB Design
    50. PCB Design & Assembly
    51. PCB Design Consultants
    52. PCB Design Microcontrollers
    53. PCB Design Service
    54. PCB Design Services
    55. PCB Designer
    56. PCB Designers
    57. PCB Designs
    58. PCB Development
    59. PCB Disposal
    60. PCB Edge Connectors
    61. Pcb Enclosures
    62. PCB Fabrication
    63. PCB Fasteners
    64. PCB Handling Equipment
    65. Pcb Holders
    66. PCB Kitting
    67. Pcb Labels
    68. PCB Laser Marking
    69. PCB Layout
    70. PCB Layout Services
    71. PCB Layout Software
    72. PCB Manufacture
    73. PCB Manufacture Solutions
    74. PCB Manufacturer
    75. PCB Manufacturers
    76. PCB Manufacturing
    77. PCB Membrane
    78. PCB Microcontrollers
    79. PCB Modification
    80. Pcb Mounting
    81. PCB Mounting Fuses
    82. PCB Mounting Switchmode Power Supplies
    83. PCB Mounting Transformers
    84. Pcb Pillars
    85. PCB Population
    86. PCB Potting
    87. PCB Printed Circuit Board
    88. PCB Production
    89. PCB Prototypes
    90. PCB Prototyping
    91. PCB Recycling
    92. PCB Redesign
    93. PCB Repair
    94. PCB Repairs
    95. PCB Software
    96. PCB Soldering
    97. Pcb Spacers
    98. PCB Standoff
    99. Pcb Standoffs
    100. PCB Supplier
    101. PCB Suppliers
    102. PCB Supply
    103. PCB Surface Mount Assemblies
    104. PCB Surface Mounted
    105. PCB Switch
    106. PCB Switches
    107. PCB Terminals
    108. PCB Testing
    109. PCB Tracking
    110. PCB Transformers
    111. PCB UK
    112. Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly
    113. Prototype PCB Assembly
    114. SMD Assembly Services
    115. SMT And Through Hole PCB Assembly
    116. SMT Assembly Service
    117. Sub Contract Panel Building
    118. Sub Contract PCB Assembly
    119. Surface Mount
    120. Surface Mount Assemblies
    121. Surface Mount Assembly
    122. Surface Mount Assembly Equipment
    123. Surface Mount Buzzers
    124. Surface Mount Coin Cell Holder
    125. Surface Mount Coin Cell Holders
    126. Surface Mount Coincell Holder
    127. Surface Mount Coincell Holders
    128. Surface Mount Components
    129. Surface Mount Electronic Assembly
    130. Surface Mount Electronics
    131. Surface Mount Georgian Bars
    132. Surface Mount Indicator
    133. Surface Mount Inductors
    134. Surface Mount PCB Manufacturing
    135. Surface Mount PCB Prototyping
    136. Surface Mount Reed Switches
    137. Surface Mount Stencils
    138. Surface Mount Tape Splicing
    139. Surface Mount Technology
    140. Surface Mount Technology Printers
    141. Surface Mount Technology Printing Machines
    142. Surface Mount Transducer
    143. Surface Mounted (SM) Miniature Push Button Switches
    144. Surface Mounted Fasteners
    145. Surface Mounted Fixings
    146. Surface Mounted Letterboxes
    147. Surface Mounted Louvre
    148. Surface Mounted Louvres

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