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The Plastic Strapping Company Ltd

  • Bespoke, mobile, low cost, maintenance free
  • Pallet strapping machines
  • Reduce the time and effort by 50%
  • Unique range of mobile work stations
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Welcome to The Plastic Strapping Company

Pallet Strapping Machines

The Plastic Strapping Company is know worldwide for the manufacture of a unique range of bespoke, mobile, low cost, maintenance free pallet strapping machines that are in widespread use in all industrial sectors, such as Corrugated and Board, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Horticulture, Timber and Building Products, Distribution, Munitions, Automotive etc.. Known as Strap-Pokas, these strapping machines simultaneously apply up to four plastic straps around any unitized load, and can in fact apply a mixture of both vertical and horizontal straps at the same time.

With just one push a pallet strapping machine can place two straps around a pallet in just 6 seconds effectively reducing the time and effort to strap a pallet by 50%.... it’s that easy!
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To view our range of Used Strapping Machines Click Here.

Strapping Hand Tools

The Plastic Strapping Company also manufacture strapping hand tools ranging from simple sealers and tensioners, to robust and reliable one piece combination tools that use serrated safety seals for use with polypropylene and polyester strapping, which incidentally we can print with your Company Logo, telephone number etc.

Strapping materials are a core part of our business and these include conventional extruded polypropylenes and polyesters, woven and corded polyester, antistatic polyester, and steel straps, so whatever the strapping application it is likely we can provide the answers.

To see what Strapping Tools we can provide Click Here.

Mobile Work Stations

Another innovative product unique to this Company recognizes that there is a real need to reduce the risk of an operator dropping the more sophisticated battery powered strapping tools, causing damage and subsequent repair costs, by eliminating the need for the operator to hold the tool.

The unique range of mobile work stations support the tool at a convenient height against the side of a pallet for vertical and horizontal strapping providing a virtual ‘Hands Free’ operation, and eliminating a prime cause of expensive repair costs.

For more information on our Work Stations Click Here.

In Line Strapping Machines

The Plastic Strapping Company also market a full range of top quality conventional automatic and automated in line strapping machines. Manufactured in Germany these machines are first choice for most 24 x 7 operations, who appreciate that although they cost marginally more than machines manufactured elsewhere, the after sales cost when calculated in terms of lifetime cost i.e. maintenance and production downtime is far less and quickly supersedes the initial purchase cost premium.

Equipment must be effective and affordable, and in this instance it recognized that although automatic and automated strapping machines have been available for a long time, the cost is such that 95% of industry that currently straps pallets manually will never buy one, but still have an urgent need to make affordable and effective improvements to their pallet strapping operations. PSCL pallet strapping machine are unique insofar as they can be designed and manufactured to meet a much wider range of strapping applications than conventional strapping machines, and at a fraction of the cost, such that ‘payback’ is seldom longer than 2-3 months.

To view our In Line Strapping Machines Click Here.

Our History

The Company was established in 1979, specialising only in strapping systems and has employees with many years experience who are encouraged to give unbiased advice regarding the suitability of any brand of strapping equipment for a particular application.

Although trading relationships with the major producers of strapping equipment do exist there are no formal agreements, and it places great emphasis on giving advice that best serves customer interests. In a similar vein, the range of pallet strapping machines manufactured demonstrates the ability to recognize end user needs.

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