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    Pact Engineering Ltd

    Pact offers a wide range of modern Sub-contract engineering services

    Pact Engineering offers its customers a one stop shop for all of their sub-contract precision engineering needs.

    All machining and manufacturing services provided by Pact Engineering are carried out by a highly skilled workforce using state of the art machinery and equipment manufacturing complex, challenging and difficult to make products with very close tolerances.

    We are also able to provide our customers with a full turnkey manufacturing service whereby we can produce one off specialist parts to exacting and precise standards.

    Our main strength lies in our strong commitment to quality providing the most rigid quality control procedures to meet our customer's precision exacting engineering requirements.


    With a large CNC machining facility including CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Wire Erosion and CNC Grinding Pact Engineering provides customers with a strong dependable machining service designed to meet the ever changing world of industry today.

    CNC Turning

    The turning department at Pact Engineering houses 5 Takisawa CNC machines. Three of these have the added advantage of live tooling.

    Additionally we have a MILLS twin spindle live tooling lathe along with a large capacity Colchester CNC lathe. All of the above machines are programmable offline using Feature Cam Design Software.

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    CNC Milling

    Pact Engineering's milling facility includes 6 CNC YCM vertical machining centres with a range of machining capacity´┐Żs all of which are fitted with measuring probes to measure workpieces under program control.

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    Wire Erosion

    Our wire erosion department also gives us the reassurance that we can provide customers with a high standard E.D.M. service for their precision engineered products first time every time.

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    CNC Grinding - Universal Grinding

    Originally starting out as a Grinding only company, Pact Engineering now boasts over thirty years of experience in precision grinding and today offers one of the most comprehensive CNC Grinding and Universal Grinding services including Jig Grinding, Internal and External Grinding, CNC Studer Grinding, CNC Internal and External Grinding, Surface Grinding and Manual Universal Grinding.

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    With a program of continual investment and an ongoing commitment to quality Pact Engineering now runs a superb temperature controlled inspection facility using a wide range of inspection and metrology instruments all of which are regularly calibrated to ISO International Standards.

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    Manual Milling

    Currently we run 2 XYZ fixed turret machines along with a DPM 5000 milling machine which were introduced to give us flexibility and reduce the workload from the CNC milling department in order to provide the quality expected by our customers.

    Our Sectors

    Pact Engineering offers an extensive range of high precision engineering services to an ever increasing range of industries.

    - Aerospace
    - Motorsport
    - Marine
    - Injection Mould
    - Gas & Oil
    - Food Handling
    - Classic Cars
    - Formula 1

    If you would like further information about the complete range of high quality services we provide please visit the Pact Engineering website.

    Key Personnel
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    Steven Banfield Director
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    Products and Services

    1. 3 Axis CNC Mill
    2. 3 Axis CNC Milling Machines
    3. 5 Axis CNC Milling
    4. 6 Axis CNC Mill
    5. Aluminium CNC Milling
    6. Aluminium CNC Turning
    7. Aluminium Components CNC Turning
    8. Brass CNC Milling
    9. Brass CNC Turning
    10. CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Manufacturers
    11. CNC Grinder
    12. CNC Grinders
    13. CNC Grinding
    14. CNC Grinding Machine Manufacturers
    15. CNC Grinding Machines
    16. CNC Grinding Services
    17. CNC Mild Steel
    18. CNC Mill
    19. CNC Mill And Lathe
    20. CNC Mill Lathe
    21. CNC Mill Machine
    22. CNC Mill Machines
    23. CNC Mill Service
    24. CNC Mill Turn
    25. CNC Mill Turning
    26. CNC Milled
    27. CNC Milled Components
    28. CNC Milling
    29. CNC Milling Alloy
    30. CNC Milling Aluminium
    31. CNC Milling Brass
    32. CNC Milling Centre
    33. CNC Milling Company
    34. CNC Milling Copper
    35. CNC Milling Delrin
    36. CNC Milling Engineering Services
    37. CNC Milling Machine
    38. CNC Milling Machine Center
    39. CNC Milling Machine Companies
    40. CNC Milling Machines
    41. CNC Milling Machining
    42. CNC Milling Mild Steel
    43. CNC Milling Norfolk
    44. CNC Milling Nylon
    45. CNC Milling Plastic
    46. CNC Milling Precision Machining
    47. CNC Milling Services
    48. CNC Milling Stainless Steel
    49. CNC Milling Steel
    50. CNC Mills
    51. CNC Mills And Lathes
    52. CNC Turned
    53. CNC Turned Components
    54. CNC Turned Parts
    55. CNC Turned Parts For Sale
    56. CNC Turners
    57. CNC Turning
    58. CNC Turning Alloy
    59. CNC Turning Aluminium
    60. CNC Turning Aluminium Components
    61. CNC Turning And Milling
    62. CNC Turning And Milling Machine
    63. CNC Turning Brass
    64. CNC Turning Centre
    65. CNC Turning Copper
    66. CNC Turning Delrin
    67. CNC Turning Lathe
    68. CNC Turning Lathe Machine
    69. CNC Turning Machine
    70. CNC Turning Machine Parts
    71. CNC Turning Machines
    72. CNC Turning Mild Steel
    73. CNC Turning Milling Center
    74. CNC Turning Non Ferrous Metal
    75. CNC Turning Nylon
    76. CNC Turning Parts
    77. CNC Turning Plastic
    78. CNC Turning Precision Machining
    79. CNC Turning Process
    80. CNC Turning Services
    81. CNC Turning Stainless Steel
    82. CNC Turning Stainless Steel Components
    83. CNC Turning Steel
    84. CNC Turning Steel Components
    85. CNC Turning Suffolk
    86. CNC Wire And Spark Erosion
    87. CNC Wire Erosion
    88. Custom CNC Milling
    89. Cylindrical Grinder
    90. Cylindrical Grinders
    91. Cylindrical Grinding
    92. Cylindrical Grinding Machines
    93. Desktop CNC Mill
    94. EDM Wire Erosion
    95. Lathe CNC Turning Services
    96. Non Ferrous Metal CNC Milling
    97. Non Ferrous Metal CNC Turning
    98. PEEK CNC Milling
    99. PEEK CNC Turning
    100. Plastic CNC Turning
    101. Plastic Fabrication CNC Milling
    102. Plastic Fabrication CNC Turning
    103. Polyetheretherketone CNC Milling
    104. Polyetheretherketone CNC Turning
    105. Precision CNC Milling
    106. Precision CNC Turning
    107. Sliding Head CNC Turning
    108. Small CNC Milling Machine
    109. Small CNC Milling Machines
    110. Small CNC Mills
    111. Stainless Steel CNC Milling
    112. Stainless Steel CNC Turning
    113. Stainless Steel Components CNC Turning
    114. Steel CNC Milling
    115. Steel CNC Turning
    116. Steel Components CNC Turning
    117. Sub Contract CNC Milling
    118. Sub Contract CNC Turning
    119. Subcontracting Precision Engineering
    120. Swiss CNC Turning
    121. Turned Parts - Cnc Turned Parts
    122. Vertical CNC Milling Machine
    123. Wire Erode
    124. Wire Eroders
    125. Wire Eroding
    126. Wire Erosion
    127. Wire Erosion Edm
    128. Wire Erosion Machines


    UKAS Certificate 0110 ISO 9001 Quality management systems