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Unit 7 Jupiter Business Park, Airfield Industrial Estate
Hixon Staffordshire
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    Brucom Distribution Ltd

    With over 5,000 different product lines available and a comprehensive range of highly efficient product development and manufacturing services Brucom is now the go to company for over two hundred regular customers, so if you've been looking for a supplier that offers a fast and reliable service for all of your wire harness and cable assembly products look no more.

    Brucom Wiring Harness is based in Hixon, Stafford in a commercial facility of over 24,000 square foot which houses state of the art manufacturing, tool making and inspection equipment.

    This combined with 2,500 square foot Military speciality facility based in Stoke-on-Trent and a team of 100 dedicated staff we are able to offer customers a comprehensive range of products all of which are made to the highest standards possible.

    ● Wiring Harness
    ● Cable Assembly
    ● Box Build
    ● Battery Cable
    ● Power Distribution Unit
    ● Overmoulding
    ● 3D printing
    ● PCB Design & Manufacture
    ● Pneumatic Control Box
    ● Cable Printing
    ● Label Printing
    ● Vacuum Forming and Plastics Manufacture

    Overmoulded Connectors
    When it comes to overmolding Brucom excels in all directions, we have 8 high volume production machines and more planned to come on line in 2022, Brucom has the production capacity to carry out in excess of 75,000 overmoulded connectors per week.

    Superseal Overmolded Plugs
    Following our success of the Tyco Superseal range of overmoulded cable assemblies, we now offer 4 new product ranges including Y-pieces, T-pieces, junctions and manifolds.

    Mizu Overmoulded Plugs
    Where Mizu Overmolded plugs are concerned Brucom has invested heavily in the very latest overmoulding technology making for the all-round supply service for the Overmolded Mizu P25 range of waterproof micro plugs.

    Military Overmoulded Plugs
    Brucom regularly works alongside the military sector designing and manufacturing heavy duty power leads, extendable cords and conduit systems specifically created for military vehicle applications.

    Overmolded Wiring Looms
    We offer the complete design and build service for overmoulded wiring looms. Our in house overmolding machines and tooling facilities make for a highly efficient production service to meet our customers specific needs and what's more within weeks of initial enquiry.

    Overmoulded Connector Design & Manufacturer
    Brucom's in house capabilities include design, prototype, manufacture and the testing and commissioning of a vast range of electronic and electromechanical sub-assemblies so we are the one stop shop for all of your overmolded electrical products.

    Automotive Wiring Harnesses

    Employing best practise methodology we are able to ensure all of your automotive wiring harness products are manufactured fit for form and function. Each automotive wiring harness product undergoes strict testing procedures and adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

    To date we supply wiring harnesses and cable assemblies to the automotive industry, power generation, military, emergency services and safety industry sectors to name but a few.

    Cable Assembly Design
    Brucom supplies a wide variety of cable assemblies, from small ribbon cables through to heavy duty high voltage power cables and everything in between. Specialising in high performance automotive wiring systems Brucom manufacturers in excess of 75,000 vehicle kits for the commercial vehicle market each year. From OEM vehicle manufacturers to the body build industry , Brucom is equipped to manufacture complex assemblies for any market sector and has invested heavily in high performance assembly machinery.

    Box Build Assembly and Manufacture
    We have had many years of experience in box builds and control boxes so you can rest assured your product needs are in safe hands when you deal with Brucom Wiring Harness. With the state of the art 12 head pick and place machines we are able to manufacture a wide variety of large volume PCB assemblies all of which undergo rigorous testing through our Automatic Optical Inspection machines.

    3D Printing Factory
    Brucom is always looking to develop itís manufacturing capabilities and is proud to add 20 new commercial grade large format 3D printers - RAISE3D PRO machines to itís portfolio of manufacturing capabilities. Whether itís for design and development of new products, high volume production of non manufactured connector systems, brackets, or pretty much any other mechanical part Brucom can now help. Manufacturing 3500 obsolete or hard to find connectors per week and designing and manufacturing bespoke conduit fittings Brucom is pushing the boundaries of manufacturing.

    This is only a tiny sample of the vast range of product development, electronic engineering and manufacturing services Brucom is able to provide.

    To find out more about Brucom or to see how we could help you with your electrical and mechanical wire and cable needs please visit our website or get in touch.

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    Products and Services

    1. Acrylic Vacuum Forming
    2. Advanced PCB Design
    3. Aerospace Approved Cable Assembly
    4. Aerospace Cable Assembly
    5. Aerospace Industry Vacuum Forming
    6. Air Conditioning UL Approved Wiring Harness Manufacturer
    7. Altium PCB Design
    8. As9100 Cable Assembly
    9. Audio Cable Assembly
    10. Audio Visual UL Approved Wiring Harness Manufacturer
    11. Automotive Cable Assembly
    12. Automotive Industry UL Approved Wiring Harness Manufacturer
    13. Automotive UL Approved Wiring Harness Manufacturer
    14. Battery Cable
    15. Battery Cables
    16. Bespoke Cable Assembly
    17. Bespoke Cable Assembly Manufacturer
    18. Box Build
    19. Box Build Assembly
    20. Box Building Services
    21. Box-Build
    22. Cable Assemblies
    23. Cable Assemblies - Overmoulded
    24. Cable Assembly
    25. Cable Assembly Design
    26. Cable Assembly Experts
    27. Cable Assembly Manufacture
    28. Cable Assembly Manufacturer
    29. Cable Assembly Manufacturers
    30. Cable Assembly Service
    31. Cable Assembly Service - Bespoke
    32. Cable Assembly Services
    33. Cable Assembly Sub-Contractor
    34. Cable Printing
    35. Catering Equipment UL Approved Wiring Harness Manufacturer
    36. Contract Cable Assembly
    37. Control Panels
    38. Controlled Impedance PCB Design
    39. Controlled Impedance PCB Manufacture
    40. Custom Cable Assembly
    41. Data Cable Assembly
    42. DDR2 PCB Design
    43. Defence Approved Cable Assembly
    44. Electronic Cable Assembly
    45. Electronic Wiring Harness
    46. Electronics Box Build
    47. Electronics Box Build Services
    48. Energy Cable Assembly
    49. HIFI Cable Assembly
    50. IMS PCB Manufacture
    51. Instrumentation Cable Assembly
    52. ISO 9001 Cable Assembly
    53. Label Printing
    54. Medical Cable Assembly
    55. Medical Industry Vacuum Forming
    56. Medical Vacuum Forming
    57. Military Cable Assembly
    58. Military Overmoulded Plugs
    59. Multicore Cable Assembly
    60. Multilayer PCB Design
    61. Overmould Connector Design
    62. Overmoulded Cable Assemblies
    63. Overmoulded Cables
    64. Overmoulded Connector Manufacturer
    65. Overmoulded Connectors
    66. Overmoulded Plugs
    67. Overmoulded Wiring Looms
    68. Overmoulding
    69. Oversize PCB Manufacture
    70. Pads PCB Design
    71. PCB Design
    72. PCB Design & Assembly
    73. PCB Design Consultants
    74. PCB Design Microcontrollers
    75. PCB Design Service
    76. PCB Design Services
    77. PCB Design Software
    78. PCB Designer
    79. PCB Designers
    80. PCB Designs
    81. PCB Manufacture
    82. PCB Manufacture Solutions
    83. PCB Manufacturer
    84. PCB Manufacturers
    85. PCB Manufacturing
    86. Plastic Over - Moulding
    87. Plastic Overmoulding
    88. Plastic Vacuum Forming
    89. Plastic Vacuum Forming Trays
    90. Plastics Vacuum Forming
    91. Pneumatic Control Box
    92. Power Distribution Systems
    93. Power Distribution Unit
    94. Power Distribution Unit PDU
    95. Power Distribution Units
    96. Printed Circuit Board PCB Design
    97. Printed Circuit Board PCB Manufacturer
    98. Prototype Vacuum Forming
    99. Rail Cable Assembly
    100. Resin Mould Vacuum Forming
    101. Security Cable Assembly
    102. Single Sided PCB Design
    103. Surface Mount PCB Manufacturing
    104. Transportation Cable Assembly
    105. Vacuum Forming
    106. Vacuum Forming Machines
    107. Vacuum Forming Packaging
    108. Vacuum Forming Plastic
    109. Vacuum Forming Plastic Products
    110. Vacuum Forming Production Tooling
    111. Vacuum Forming Service
    112. Vacuum Forming Services
    113. Vacuum Forming Tooling
    114. Vacuum Forming Tools
    115. Vacuum Forming UK
    116. Vacuum Forming Vacuum Forming
    117. Vacuum Formings
    118. Wiring Harness
    119. Wiring Harness Assemblies
    120. Wiring Harness Assembly
    121. Wiring Harness Manufacturing
    122. Wiring Harnesses
    123. Wiring Harnesses Looms
    124. Wiring Looms
    125. Wiring Looms And Harnesses

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