Norse Precision Castings Ltd

276/280 Ampthill Road
MK42 9QJ

  • Casting since 1977
  • We specialise in complex shapes
  • UK supplier of aluminium & polyurethane castings
  • Casting since 1977
  • We specialise in complex shapes
  • UK supplier of aluminium & polyurethane castings
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Norse Precision Castings Ltd

Nose Precision Castings Ltd have been casting since 1977 and have established themselves as a principle UK supplier of rigid polyurethane mouldings and aluminium sand castings, with a reputation for quality.

Aluminium Casting
Complex shapes are our speciality at Norse, and we believe pattern making is the key to high quality sand castings.

Our production techniques enable a typical wall thickness of 3mm on sand cast aluminium with tolerances of ±0.4mm. However with good machinability Norse are able to achieve even closer tolerances where required. We are able to react economically and quickly to clients designs due to the speed and relatively low cost of pattern manufacture.

When it comes to the melting process Norse have the availability of both gas and electric furnaces to allow the selection of the most cost effective and efficient method required for each individual project.

Norse Precision Aluminium Casting Benefits:

    - Cost effective and fast manufacturing of complex patterns and shapes.
    - Excellent surface finishes
    - Tolerances of ±0.4mm
    - 3mm wall thickness
    - High efficiency and output from our well-equipped factory
    - Competitive pricing

Polyurethane Casting
Rigid polyurethane offer design benefits well beyond other plastics due to it being cured at room temperature by catalytic action.

Rigid Polyurethane is light and well equipped to compete with metals on the strength/weight ratio. Curing takes place within the hour when the polyol resin is mixed with an isocyanate hardener.

Our techniques allow for tolerances as low as ±0.3mm with wall thickness from 1mm to 30mm. For recognised areas of stress, strengthening ribs can be easily added, this gives the designer the luxury of only using materials where needed.

Polyurethane Casting Benefits:

    - Perfect for moulding into slots and shallow recesses
    - Can be moulded cold
    - Accurate moulds
    - 1mm to 30mm wall thickness

Paint and Powder Finishes
Norse Precision also have 25 years’ experience and the in-house capability for the application of powder coat and wet paint finishes to plastic mouldings and aluminium castings.

Our range of coatings form part of our one-stop-shop casting, machining and painting service, they are available on a sub contract basis producing very high quality, corrosion resistant and durable finishes.

Opening Hours

Monday -   09:00 to 17:00
Tuesday -   09:00 to 17:00
Wednesday -   09:00 to 17:00
Thursday -   09:00 to 17:00
Friday -   09:00 to 13:30
Saturday -   Closed
Sunday -   Closed

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