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  • Product design consultancy in the UK
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Working across a broad range of industries
  • Product design consultancy in the UK
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Working across a broad range of industries
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Nebulem Product Design

Nebulem is a Somerset and Birmingham based product design consultancy serving Bristol, the West Midlands and further. We work in collaboration with a vast array of clients across many industries developing successful products that become part of everyday life. From market leading brands to thriving start-ups and pioneering specialists, we develop good ideas into functional, reliable and great products.

Product Design Consultancy
Designing a new product can be a long and daunting journey, but thatís where our team at Nebulem come in, we guide our clients through the entire project process from inception of an idea to the delivery of a market ready, physical product.

The beauty of being product design specialists is that our work across a wide range of industries allows us to apply innovative experiences and ideas from different sectors to produce an end result that is better than our clients could of imagined.

Product Development
Successful products reflect a companies brand, they transcend design and demonstrate the companies core values and ideas. Our highly creative and experienced team will help your business to grow, giving your product the edge over your competitors.

Nebulem strive to remove any jargon from product design making it as stress-free and painless as possible. We can either work independently or with your own design and marketing teams, the choice is yours.

Product Prototype Company
Our prototypes are the first time you will be able to hold a full size, high quality representation of your product, this is an exciting stage all about product representation.

Concept Generation
We take your design brief, apply our creativity, skill and expertise to generate an innovative solution with a wow factor for the end user.

Visual Renders
Nebulem create a realistic visual presentation bringing your ideas to life to help you decide which concept is right for you. Our visual renders will also illustrate where improvements can be made.

Electronic Housing Design
If your product contains electronics it is vital you work with a team that understand your needs. Our collaborative approach working with first class electronics partners ensures your electronic product will be robust, intuitive and meet all industry standards.

Design for Manufacture
Any design we produce is optimised with manufacture in mind. Manufacturability of the design is checked using tolerance analysis before it goes into production.

Design for Assembly
When designing a new product post manufacturing processes like assembly must be considered from the start. We assess components throughout the design process and where possible assign them multiple roles within assembly.

2D to 3D Conversion
3D modelling has several benefits for product design but not everybody has access to 3D software. We have the software, expertise and skills to convert 2D CAD to paper sketches into highly detailed 3D CAD format, ready for production.

Reverse Engineering
If you have an existing component or product that you need to reproduce for manufacturing purposes then our reverse engineering service is what you need. When there is no drawing to work from, a crucial part is obsolete, or the original drawing is just outdated or experience and skill can reverse engineer any product for you.

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