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AdaptTech Manufacturing Solutions Ltd

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  • UK & Ireland Distributor for the mk Technology Group
  • Formerly mk Profile Systems Ltd
  • Range includes Full mk Aluminium Profile System
  • UK Supplier
    Bespoke Design
    Family Run Business

    AdaptTech Manufacturing Solutions Ltd

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    Mechanical Modules and Components for Factory Automation

    AdaptTech supply the complete mk Technology Group product range for the whole of the UK and Ireland.

    We have been operating in the UK since 2000 (formerly as mk Profile Systems Ltd) and still continue to experience significant growth. We are a family run business that prides itself on excellent customer service.

    We can provide the mk aluminium profiles and accessories in kit format, or as an assembled item. We can also assist with your design and selecting the most appropriate products from our range to create the best solution for your requirements. Similarly, the full range of mk conveyors and transfer systems can also be purchased via AdaptTech for any UK and Irish customers. Again, we can help with the design and realising the most appropriate solution to your conveying needs. All of the mk products are modular and can easily be adjusted, enhanced and integrated with one another.

    Profile Technology

    Profile Technology from AdaptTech offers over 250 profile cross sections manufactured from high quality alloys which are stability orientated connection technology, along with a line of associated parts and accessories. These components are the basis to the start of your project whether it's a simple frame to a bearing assembly.

    The main advantage of using AdaptTech Profile Technology is the solid connection technology and extensive line accessories.

    The 1mm radius edges allow for seamless interconnection between parts. These profile systems are also reusable thanks to the screw connections.

    The high quality anodized surface finish also means there is no reworking required.

    Conveyor Technology

    AdaptTech also offers a range of 16 belt conveyors and 24 conveyor systems in total for almost every transport and implementation situation. Simply tell us what your conveyor requirements are and we will design and manufacture a suitable system to meet your specific needs.

    Some of most popular conveyor systems are:

    - Belt Conveyors
    - Modular Belt Conveyors
    - Incline Belt Conveyors
    - Chain Conveyors
    - Timing Belt Conveyors
    - Roller Conveyors

    Advantages of AdaptTech Conveyor Systems include the choice of a large range of standardised modularly structured conveyor systems which can be manufactured to individual needs.

    Also all the systems are suitable for the transporting of a wide range of products.

    AdaptTech offer fast delivery times along with fast spare parts service.

    Linear Motion

    AdaptTech Linear Motions products include stands for slide guides, track roller guides and recirculating ball bearing guides all of which have been designed and produced to offer reliability and precision operation.

    Advantages of the Linear Motion System include optimal functionality through selection of slide rails, track roller guides and recirculating ball bearing guides.

    They offer high reliability through the clamp profiles for the guide rods to ensure maximum parallelity for precise running.

    AdaptTech linear guides can also be directly mounted on an existing profile construction resulting in material and space savings.

    Factory Equipment

    AdaptTech offers an economical and comprehensive range of product line modules, components and single parts for individual situations including Guarding, Workstations and GTP (Guardrails, Tread, Platform)

    The main advantage of the Factory Equipment means it is easy to set up due to its modular design properties.

    IT is also attractive by design and offers good functionality and ergonomics. With a range of complimentary dimensionally accurate guardrails, treads and platforms the AdaptTech Factory Equipment System offers a safe working environment for any situation.

    Transfer Systems

    AdaptTech Profile Systems also offers a range of Transfer Systems for the transporting and conveyancing of your products.

    With the appropriate control technology these transfer systems can be utilised to interlink the above four systems, namely the profile technology, conveyor technology, linear motion and factory equipment.

    If you would like to find out more about the products and services AdaptTech
    Profile Systems have to offer please get in touch or alternatively go to our website.

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    Products and Services

    1. 25Mm Profile
    2. 40Mm Profile
    3. 50Mm Profile
    4. 60Mm Profile
    5. Aluminium Extruded Profiles
    6. Aluminium Extrusion Profiles
    7. Aluminium Frame
    8. Aluminium Profile
    9. Aluminium Profile Cutting
    10. Aluminium Profile Cutting Services
    11. Aluminium Profile Manufacturers
    12. Aluminium Profile Products
    13. Aluminium Profile Suppliers
    14. Aluminium Profile System
    15. Aluminium Profile Systems
    16. Aluminium Profiles Manufacturer
    17. Aluminium Profiles Supplier
    18. Aluminum Frame Machine Guards
    19. Application Profiles
    20. Assembly Platforms
    21. Automated Material Handling Systems
    22. Belt Conveyor
    23. Belt Conveyor Manufacturers
    24. Belt Conveyor Systems
    25. Belt Conveyors
    26. Benches & Workstation
    27. Bespoke Machine Guards
    28. Chain Conveyor
    29. Chain Conveyor Systems
    30. Chain Conveyors
    31. Conveyor Machine Guards
    32. Conveyor System
    33. Conveyor Systems
    34. Conveyor Technology
    35. Conveyor Transfer Systems
    36. Conveyors
    37. Curved Belt Conveyors
    38. Custom Aluminium Profiles
    39. Custom Made Machine Guards
    40. Decline Belt Conveyors
    41. Drag Chain Conveyor
    42. Drilling Machine Guards
    43. Edge Protection Guardrails
    44. Ergonomic Assembly Workstations
    45. Ergonomic Work Stations
    46. Extruded Aluminium Profile
    47. Extruded Aluminium Profiles
    48. Extruded Angle Aluminium Profile
    49. Extrusion Profile Design
    50. Factory Automation
    51. Factory Automation Systems
    52. Factory Equipment
    53. Flat Belt Conveyors
    54. Flat Top Chain Conveyors
    55. Flexible Modular Transfer Systems
    56. Fluid Transfer Systems
    57. Gravity Roller Conveyors
    58. GRP Machine Guards
    59. Guard Rail Systems
    60. Guard Rails
    61. Guarding
    62. Guardrail Sections
    63. Guardrail Systems
    64. Guardrails
    65. Handling Systems Component
    66. Incline Belt Conveyors
    67. Industrial Belt Conveyors
    68. Industrial Guard Rails
    69. Industrial Machine Guards
    70. INOX Conveyor
    71. Linear Motion
    72. Linear Motion Bearings
    73. Linear Motion Products
    74. Linear Motion Sensors
    75. Linear Motion Slides
    76. Linear Motion Systems
    77. Machine Guard
    78. Machine Guard Covers
    79. Machine Guarding
    80. Machine Guarding Sensors
    81. Machine Guards
    82. Machine Guards/Guarding
    83. Maintenance Platforms
    84. Material Handling Systems
    85. Materials Handling Systems
    86. Mechanical Component Manufacturer
    87. Mechanical Component Repairs
    88. Mechanical Components
    89. Mechanical Handling Systems
    90. Mechanical Module
    91. Mechanical Modules
    92. Mesh Machine Guards
    93. Milling Machine Guards
    94. Modular Belt Conveyors
    95. Modular Machine Guards
    96. Modular Transfer Systems
    97. Pallet Roller Conveyors
    98. Pick And Place Handling Systems
    99. Plastic Chain Conveyors
    100. Plastic Machine Guards
    101. Polycarbonate Machine Guards
    102. Powder Handling Systems
    103. Power Roller Conveyors
    104. Powered Roller Conveyors
    105. Profile Clamps
    106. Profile Connecting Plates
    107. Profile Corner Connections
    108. Profile Cutting
    109. Profile Cutting Service
    110. Profile Extrusion
    111. Profile Extrusion Lines
    112. Profile Tubes
    113. Pu Belt Conveyors
    114. Pultruded Profile
    115. Pultruded Profiles
    116. Recirculating Ball Gearing Guides
    117. Robotic Handling Systems
    118. Roller Conveyer
    119. Roller Conveyers
    120. Roller Conveyor Manufacturers
    121. Roller Conveyor Systems
    122. Roller Conveyors
    123. Safety Machine Guards
    124. Slide Guides
    125. Stair Tread
    126. Stair Treads
    127. Telescopic Linear Motion Bearings
    128. Tension Connections
    129. Timing Belts
    130. Tool Handling Systems
    131. Track Roller Guides
    132. Transfer Systems
    133. Troughed Belt Conveyors
    134. Truss Joints
    135. Vertical Belt Conveyors
    136. Wire Machine Guards
    137. Workshop Machine Guards
    138. Workstation
    139. Workstations

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