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    Microlin Cooper Ltd

    Microlin Cooper Ltd are a family led PPE manufacturer who for the past 30 years have been offering bespoke PPE to customers. Our motto 'committed to excellence' refers not only to the products we provide but the service as well.

    Based in the UK & EU we are a PPE manufacturer on a global scale, our strong relationships worldwide allow us to fully understand the world of health and safety on a global level.

    Since 1992 we have been experts in the field of respiratory and hand protection, our products are manufactured to safeguard employees in a wide range of industries.

    PPE Branding

    Have you ever considered branding your personal protective equipment?
    Microlin Cooper don't just supply PPE, this is where we differ from your usual PPE manufacturer. We can customise your PPE to include the company logo along with the name and anything else you require. Our tailor-made safety gear means the wearer is getting the maximum benefits from their workwear.


    Microlin Cooper are the top manufacturer of RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment), our range has been carefully designed to offer maximum protection with high levels of comfort. Our FFP3 'Air' range of masks do not require multiple levels of melt blown to achieve the required performance standard, this means the user will find it much easier to breathe.

    Air 300 is probably our most popular RPE, it performs exceptionally well on Face Fit Testing, offers the highest level of protection (FFP3) and has an extra large exhalation valve.

    Other face masks include:

    - Air 3000 carbon
    - Air 3000 Small
    - Air Sigma
    - KL-P3D
    - Lyncmed Type IIR surgical mask
    - Ultra 200
    - Ultra 200V
    - Ultra 300V

    Hand Protection

    We offer a wide variety of gloves each differentiated by their coatings and materials.

    Disposable and Chemical Gloves:
    Available in PVC, nitrile or Butyl coated the offer protection from a range of chemicals. These gloves have been designed for industries like; medical, pharmaceutical, food and automotive.

    General Use Gloves:
    General use gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications like; general handing, warehouse tasks and construction work. They offer comfort, protection and low level protection from cuts.

    Thermal Gloves:
    Our range of thermal gloves offer protection in temperatures -25 to -150 degrees Celsius, they are excellent for cold or dark environments like freezers, warehouses and building yards.

    Waterproof Gloves:
    For water based tasks look no further than our range of waterproof gloves. Our gloves are guaranteed to keep you completely dry whilst offering benefits such as thermal, cut resistance and oil proof.

    Cut Resistant Gloves:
    According to the new EN388 standards our cut resistant gloves range from levels 1-5 of A-F. Microlin's range has been developed through listening to our customers to offer cut resistance along with excellent dexterity.

    Cut Resistant Sleeves:
    We offer a great range of cut resistant sleeves to go alongside our cut resistant gloves, offering protection for the wrists and arms from punctures, cuts and abrasion.

    Puncture Resistant & Arc Flash Gloves:
    This range offers the highest level of protection due to the strong Dyneema fibres. Particularly popular in gardening as they protect the wearer from sharp objects like barbed wire, we also offer a specialist glove for chainsaw use.

    Hand & Respiratory Protection Catalogue

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