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METCASE Enclosures

  • 19 inch rack mount enclosures
  • Consistently high standard of quality and finish
  • Part of the OKW Enclosures group of companies
  • Extensive range of aluminium instrument enclosures
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Tuesday : 8:30 - 5:30

METCASE Enclosures is a division of OKW Enclosures Ltd

METCASE are manufacturers of a wide range of aluminium instrument enclosures and 19” rack mount enclosures for use on OEM electronic equipment.


Standard Enclosures

Our range of standard aluminium enclosures offer modern ergonomic design and are suitable for use for desktop, wall mount or portable applications, all of which are manufactured to consistently high standards both in quality and finish.

They all offer robust and versatile use for professional housing solutions for OEM electronics equipment.

Aluminium Enclosures

We design and manufacture an extensive range of highly versatile modern aluminium enclosures suitable for an equally wide range of applications.

Rack Mount Enclosures

METCASE provide a comprehensive range of rack mount enclosures all conforming to DIN 41494 and IEC 291-1 standards.

Instrument Cases

Our 10.5” and 19” width rack mount cases are of a lightweight yet robust construction and conform to DIN41494 and IEC 297-1.

Desktop Enclosures

This range includes modern desktop enclosures for today’s electronics equipment and are available as traditional front panel enclosures or as sloping front for desktop mounted terminals.

Instrument Enclosures

METCASE provides an extensive range of instrument enclosures for desktop, wall mount or portable and 19” rack mounted electronics equipment.

Customised Enclosures

At METCASE you can take advantage of our extensive customising service to include modifications for PCBs, displays, connectors and associated electronics equipment.

Enclosure Accessories

We can supply you with all of your enclosure accessory requirements including bail arms, swivel handles, front panels and much more.

So if you would like further information about METCASE or need help finding the correct enclosure product please contact one of our sales engineers for expert advice.

Wall Mount Enclosures

METCASE offer a range of wall mounted enclosures for indoor applications such as security equipment, building access systems, timers, machine controllers, monitoring systems and detectors.

Portable Enclosures

These include a modern range of portable instrument enclosures with tilt and swivel carry handles for easy transportation in the field and canting on the desk.

  • TECHNOMET Instrument Cases
  • UNIMET-PLUS Instrument Cases
  • UNIMET Instrument Cases
  • UNICASE Instrument Cases
  • UNIDESK Sloping Front Enclosures
  • DATAMET Wall Mount Enclosures
  • INSTRUMET 19" Cases 3U
  • COMBIMET 19" Rack Cases 1U-6U
  • UNIMET 19" Rack Cases 2U, 3U
  • METTEC 19" Rack Cases - 1U, 2U, 3U
  • VERSAMET 19" Rack Cases 1U
  • Enclosures Accessories

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Approvals & Certificates

ISO 9001 Quality management systems

News & PR

New Sloping Front Instrument Enclosures From METCASE

METCASE has launched a new sloping front version of its advanced TECHNOMET desktop instrument enclosures.

METCASE Launches New 19” Rack Enclosures

METCASE has created a new 19” mini-rack version of its advanced TECHNOMET table-top instrument enclosures.

New 24” Extra-Deep 19” Rack Cases From METCASE

METCASE has launched a new extra-deep 24” version of its bestselling COMBIMET 19” enclosures which are perfect for server rack type applications.

Bestselling 19” Rack Mount Cases Now In 5U As Standard

METCASE’s COMBIMET 19” rack mount enclosures are available in all sizes from 1U to 6U — now including 5U as standard. Previously 5U was available only as a custom size.

METCASE engineered TECHNOMET to fine tolerances to replicate the high quality ae

METCASE’s advanced new TECHNOMET instrument enclosures can now be ordered with handles for portable electronics applications.

TECHNOFEET – New universal feet kits for enclosures

Stylish and modern round feet with or without tilt legs

METCASE extends its custom front panels service

High quality made to order front panels at competitive prices

Custom supersize Combimet 19" enclosures

Extra large enclosures made to customer requirements

Wall mount kit for METCASE UNIDESK enclosures

Enclosures for desktop and wall/machine mounted electronics

TECHNOMET Advanced Instrument Enclosures

Our latest and most advanced range of instrument enclosures