G H Stott Metallurgical Consultant

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  • Expert Metallurgical Analysis
  • An Experienced Metallurgical Engineer
  • Metallurgical Examinations & Failure Analysis
  • Expert Metallurgical Analysis
  • An Experienced Metallurgical Engineer
  • Metallurgical Examinations & Failure Analysis
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G H Stott Metallurgical Consultant

GH Stott Metallurgical Consultant offers a completely independent metallurgical service to clients who require the following:

Metallurgical Analysis

    Metallurgical Examinations & Failure Analysis
    Fracture Analysis
    Microstructural Analysis
    Heat Treatment Advice
    Technical Photography
    Hardness Testing
    Diesel & Petrol Engine Failure Analysis

For over twenty years GH Stott has been providing his services to a wide range of industrial sectors.
Metallurgical Examinations & Failure Analysis

Whatever industry you represent if you need to determine whether your chosen metal or other material is right for your application GH Stott can carry out detailed investigations helping to solve your production problems.

After studying the microstructure, mechanical properties and chemical composition I will issue you with a fully detailed report which will be clear and concise along with any recommendations on solving the issue.

Fracture Analysis

This process is extremely important because it provides information on the service conditions that a component has undergone allowing us to understand why the failure started in the exact fractures start position.

Whatever your fracture issues GH Stott Metallurgical Consultant will help solve your problem.

Microstructural Analysis

A microstructural examination will help to understand the nature, shape, size, and the matrix microstructure of the metal along with proportions of secondary microconstituents.

The whole purpose of this examination is to determine whether or not the condition of the material is right for a particular application. If this is a service you require and you`re located in the Manchester or Sheffield area please do not hesitate to get in touch with GH Stott.

Heat Treatment Consultancy

There are many reasons why heat treatment sometimes fails. Common causes are use of wrong materials, poor component design, corners too sharp and dirty and defective material.

GH Stott can help you identify the real reasons your materials did not respond correctly to heat treatment.
I can assist in all of the above matters so why not visit my website to find out more.

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