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Messagemaker Displays Ltd

Unit 43 Ormside Way, Holmethorpe Industrial Estate
Redhill Surrey

  • Speciality in LED Traffic Solutions
  • Certified to ISO9001
  • Decades of High Quality Work and Service
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    Messagemaker Displays Ltd

    Leading UK Supplier of Standard and Bespoke LED Display Products

    As one of the UKs leading suppliers of LED Displays Messagemaker Displays offers one of the most comprehensive range of LED signs so whatever your application, budget or other we will deliver.

    At Messagemaker Displays all we ever do is LED Displays which means we have a vast knowledge and understanding of all things LED. This unique position allows us to address your individual needs however large or small.

    Mainly focusing on LED traffic applications Messagemaker Displays is a sister company to Stocksigns Ltd whose main area covers the health and safety sector so together we are able to supply an unlimited range of possibilities and solutions.

    From large full colour LED screens, lane control signs and vehicle activated LED signs through to LED car park signs and mobile traffic signs we offer an unsurpassed range of both standard and bespoke LED display products.

    � Full Colour
    � Text and Numeric
    � Vehicle Activated
    � Bespoke
    � Mobile Traffic Signs

    Highway Agency
    To meet all Highway Agency technical requirements Messagemaker Displays offers a range of heavy duty, weatherproof and tamper resistant LED signs and displays.

    Motorway Tower Units
    One recent development and addition to our existing range of motorway signage is the Smart VMS Tower Unit which provides the ideal solution for displaying massages where space is at a premium.

    Variable Message Signs (VMS) can be found in operation throughout the country on our highways network. They mainly benefit from their ability to be operated at the touch of a button. They also come with full GPS Tracking as standard and 4G modem.

    Mini-Units, Vehicle Mounted Units, Lane Control Units and more may be found by heading over to the Messagemaker Displays website.

    Car Parks
    Where small and close distance traffic management is required Messagemaker Displays offers a range of LED Mini-Units, Vehicle Activated Speed Signs and Mobile Variable Message Signs.

    Bespoke/Designer Signs
    We offer the complete bespoke sign service to ensure you get the right LED product to suit your needs. By working alongside you we will develop a solution to address your individual LED Display needs and should you require additional support we are always here on hand to offer advice.

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    18. Giant LED Display
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    20. Hazard Signs
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