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    Medi Aid (UK) Limited

    Since 1993 Medi Aid has been providing fully certified, first class First Aid training to companies and individuals. Our training is available to much of the South East including London, Sussex, Surrey and Essex.

    First aid is not only an essential life skill but also a legal requirement for businesses. You will understand the importance of a qualified first aider if you have ever been in an emergency first aid situation.

    Our courses are run regularly and are available in-house at your own location or at one of our many training venues across the South East and London.

    First Aid at Work

    Our first aid at work course has been designed for large to medium sized employers and high risk environments. Depending on the candidate's workplace each course is specifically designed to enable a first aider to carry out appropriate first aid, should any emergency situation arise in their workplace.

    By course completion candidates will be able to manage a casualty who is suffering from serious illness or has been injured at work until a more qualified medial professional arrives. They will also be able to maintain and keep simple records of treatment, accident reporting and have knowledge of the legal requirements of first aid.

    Emergency First Aid at Work

    This course is designed for low risk workplace environments and enables an emergency first aider to carry out the appropriate aid in an emergency. This course is delivered over one day, meets HSE requirements and the issued certificate will be valid for 3 years.

    First Aid at Work Requalification

    First aid at work certification is valid for three years, after the three years a requalification course must be taken. Our requalification course will not only renew your candidates certificate but also update their first aid skills and knowledge to current standards.

    This refresher course will run for 2 days, you must hold a valid first aid at work certificate that has been issued under the Health & Safety Regulations 1981.

    Paediatric First Aid Courses

    The PFA (Paediatric First Aid) course meets the requirements of Ofsted and is designed for people responsible of looking after children and babies. By course completion you will have all the skills and knowledge to manage injured or ill children and babies.

    Blended First Aid

    Blended first aid is a new edition to Medi Aid, it consists of part online (pre-learning) and a practical based session in a classroom. Before attending the pre-set practical and assessment the eLearning element must be completed.

    Our blended statutory first aid courses are available for First Aid at Work, Emergence First Aid at work and our Ofsted Paediatric Course, all of which meet the requirements for HSE.

    eLearning Courses

    eLearning has become a big part of what we do, our range of online self-directed eLearning courses are suitable for all workplaces and include;

    - Fire Safety Awareness
    - Health & Safety
    - Fire Warden/Marshall Courses for Early Years & Care Settings
    - Mental First Aid
    - Food Hygiene
    - Hospitality

    You can start a free trial today by visiting our E-learning Portal.

    First Aid Training in London and the South East of England

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