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    McLuckie Engineering offers a wide range of design, build and installation services for fume and dust extractors all of which have been created to cover an equally wide range of industries ranging from pharmaceutical, automotive and food and drink to education, engineering and chemical to name but a few.

    Our aim is to help customers remove all of the undesirable contaminants in their specific working environment.

    COSHH LEV Testing Scotland
    Where COSHH LEV testing is concerned McLuckie Engineering offers a full inspection service to determine whether your fume and dust extraction system is working as it should be. This will include a thorough examination of its working components.

    Any parts that need repairing or replacing will be addressed in accordance to the relevant government guidelines.

    Cutting Edge Fabrication
    We will tailor a well-designed dust and fume extraction system to meet your individual needs protecting the atmosphere from the harmful effects of your particular application.

    Your system can be fabricated from a range of materials including different grades of stainless steel, galvanised steel, mild steel, aluminium and high performance plastic. All of our systems can be painted or powder coated and finished off by polishing.

    Bespoke Dust and Fume Extraction Solutions
    We have a deep understanding of the industry and can offer you the full service from consultancy, design and manufacture through to the installation and commissioning of your new dust and fume extraction system.

    Where consultancy is concerned the McLuckie Engineering fume control engineers have a vast experience in design and will advise on all aspects of air movement and extraction to suit your workplace needs.

    Our services include the following:

    Fume Extraction
    Dust Extraction
    Ventilation Service
    Ductwork & Ducting
    Steel Fabrication
    Filter Installation
    Sheet Metal Work
    LEV Testing

    Superior Quality
    McLuckie Engineering has been providing customers with superior quality fume and dust extraction solutions for over 55 years and over this time have built an enviable reputation as well as many long term relationships with customers operating in wide range of industrial and commercial sectors.

    Top Grade Products:

    Modular Filtration Systems
    Cartridge Filters
    Fan Sets
    Rotary Valves
    Cyclo Filters
    Mechanical Shaker Filters

    If you would like to find out more about McLuckie Engineering, our services and products please visit our website or get in touch.

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