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    LMNts Marketing Limited

    Serious about growing your business?
    If you've been looking for a digital marketing agency to help you increase your revenue by at least 200% then LMNts Marketing can help.

    We will take the pain out of your marketing campaign by using the most effective lead generation technology while at the same time create a higher return on your investment.

    At LMNts Marketing we call this bespoke high converting sales funnels, a system many businesses fail to recognise!

    Without a well planned marketing funnel its pointless trying to improve your conversions and measure your results effectively so you need to automate your digital marketing strategy.

    Sales Funnel & Lead Generation
    If you’re not happy with the way your existing business is going or you want to boost your sales and revenue LMNts Marketing are specialists in turning clients websites around to make them work more productively.

    Content Marketing
    If within your existing business you're looking to save time or create a consistent brand to build your reputation our content marketing team can help.

    Areas we concentrate on include infographics, presentations, press releases and social media posts and we only ever work with the best copywriters.

    Social Media Marketing
    Where social media marketing is concerned we will manage all of your social media posts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create bespoke ad campaigns.

    Bespoke SEO Services
    Our search engine optimisation service will help you to spend more time doing the things you should be doing like running your business. After a complete audit of your existing SEO set up we will tell you which areas you should be focusing on whether it’s on site or off site.

    For New Businesses
    For new business start-ups our web developers and designers will build an effective new business sales funnel from scratch.

    For new businesses we can help you in areas including:

      • Website Design
      • Full Funnel Map
      • Keyword Search
      • Autoresponder Setup and Integration
      • Link Building
      • 3 x Blog Posts
      • Social Media Account Set up
      • Complete Marketing Strategy

    Whatever the size of either your existing business or new business, LMNts Marketing will create your own new and unique digital marketing funnel which will last for years to come so why not get in touch to find out more.

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    Pro-Forma 15 days
    Key Personnel
    Alun Owen
    Alun Owen Sales & Account Director

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    Laura Farkas
    Laura Farkas CMO

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