Levelstate Systems Ltd

Levelstate Systems Ltd

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    Levelstate Systems Ltd

    Direct Water Level Gauges

    Levelstate Systems is a UK based manufacturing company that specialises in the development and production of boiler drum level monitoring and measuring equipment.

    We have been providing OEM's, EPC contractors and end users with level indication solutions for over twenty years including the following:

    - Electronic Drum Level Indicator
    - Electronic Level Switch
    - Direct Water Level Gauge
    - Replacement Probes and Gauge Glass Spares

    We provide this service to a range of industrial sectors some of which include manufacturing, power and petrochemical.

    To further complement this electronic supply service we also manufacture and supply high quality bi-colour level gauges.

    Our Mission
    At Levelstate Systems it is our aim to provide the best level indicating and switching products to industries around the globe.

    - Quality Products
    - Competitive Prices
    - Full Support Availability
    - Product Development

    Electronic Drum Level Indicator (EDLI)
    The Electronic drum level indicator (EDLI) from Levelstate Systems is an advanced, reliable and maintenance free piece of quality equipment. The system itself includes multiple probes which are fitted to the water column and connected to an electronic unit.

    Levelstate Systems offers the EDLI in a range of configurations designed to cover an even wider range of industrial applications and sectors.

    Electronic Level Switch (ELS)
    The Levelstate (ELS) 300+/NANO provides a highly cost effective and reliable means of sensing both water and steam levels in high temperature and pressure environments.

    Available pressure parts up to 207 bar at 370C are standard. You can also choose between 4 and 8 channels in Type 300+.

    Direct Water Level Gauge (DWLG)
    For direct water level readings the Levelstate Colour Port Type Direct Water Level Gauge is well suited for both water and steam applications. Further benefits include minimal running costs due to its maintenance free and reliable running.

    The DWLG is also available in a variety of pressure ratings and when used in conjunction with the high intensity illuminating device it becomes one of the most user friendly and reliable systems on the market.

    Levelstate Systems will continue to provide clients everywhere with cost effective level indicator solutions without compromise on quality and performance. To find out more please visit the Levelstate Systems website.