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    Thermaco Limited

    For over 40 years Thermaco has been supplying Thermal Management Devices and Gas & Electro-Mechanical Components such as Sunon Cooling Fans, LED Cooling Modules, Fortimo Cooling Modules, AC/DC Axial Fans, EC Fans and Blowers, Rocker and Push-Button Switches to a diverse range of UK OEM's and CEM's.

    We have recently added large axial fans and blowers to our ever increasing product range, these have helped increase our activities within industrial markets like load banks, commercial air conditioning, heat pumps and space heating.

    Our customer base includes manufacturers of various forms of LED Lighting, Domestic Appliances, Commercial Catering, Food Display & Vending Equipment, Medical & Scientific Instrumentation, CCTV & Security Systems, IT & Video Communication Devices, Leisure Products, Industrial and Transportation Equipment.

    All have benefited from our application and product knowledge, and dedication to customer service. The suppliers, that we represent, are well known for their product quality, innovation and reliable manufacturing lead times.

    Whether you are looking at a new product development or simply to replace an existing component, our aim is to offer you a high level of technical and commercial support from concept to mass production.

    Gas Components

    Gas Controls | Gas Fittings | Gas Ignition
    Being the UK distributor for some of the top European Gas Heating and Cooking Component Manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of components including:

    Thermo Electric Safety Control, Gas Taps, Timers, Hot Gas Blowers, Solenoids, Electronic Ignition, pre-formed pipework and more...

    Thermal Management

    Fans & Blowers | Thermal Modules | Passive Cooling Devices
    We represent one of the worlds most innovative and leading Cooling fan manufacturers (Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry)

    Our Thermal Management range of components includes; Sunon LED & Computer Cooling Modules, Sub-miniature Fans & Blowers, High Airflow & Low Noise DC Axial Fans, ED Backward Curved Blowers, Fan Accessories and more...

    We provide a range of EC Axial Fans that deliver high efficiency throughout the entire speed range. The EC Axial fans are highly energy efficient and low in noise.

    Power Management

    Power Components | Electrical Controls
    If you are looking for Power Management Products, Thermaco can offer you the Complete Solution.

    Products include; Switched Mode Power Supplies, Mains Power Adaptors, Power Cord Sets, IEC Connectors, Panel Switches & Signal Lamps, Pressure Switches and more...

    Electrical Products
    We offer a wide selection of components from a number of European and Far Eastern Manufacturers:

    Our products, for Electric Cooking & Heating, including: Tangential Fans, Stitched Wire Heating Elements, Thermostats, Oven Fans, Appliance Terminal Blocks and more...

    Mechanical Components

    Anti-Vibration Solutions
    When it comes to anti-vibration solutions we have chosen to supply Soleco's range of products due to the flexibility of their deign and manufacturing processes. Soleco anti-vibration products can be customized to suit any needs and are made for a wide range of sectors including; renewable energy, nuclear, railway, marine, construction industrial, healthcare and food.

    Peltier Devices

    Standard Module
    The standard thermoelectric/peltier module can meet the requirements of large cooling and higher current. This module is often applied to biomedical, scientific and experimental instruments.

    Miniature Model
    The miniature model is suitable for various heating and cooling applications where only a small amount of limited area of heat or cooling are involved. Often used in infrared systems, electronic equipment, laser diode cooling and electro-optics.

    Multistage Module
    The multistage module can achieve significantly higher temperature than the single stage module. Suitable for applications like CCD arrays and IR-detectors.

    High Performance Modules
    Our high performance modules bring extra dissipation capacity, longer working time and higher cooling efficiency.

    Center Hole and Annual Modules
    The center hole allows the transmission of wires, probes and light through the TEM. Used in industrial equipment, optical and laboratory electronics.

    Power Generator Modules
    These modules use the theory of Seebeck Effect to generate power from temperature difference. Suitable for detector instruments.

    Cable Glands

    We offer a wide range of Hugro Cable Glands. Hugro's top quality products have made them one of the industries leading suppliers and allowed them to as a one-stop shop with products to cover every requirement.

    We stock a wide range of cable glands:

    - Hygienic Design Cable Glands
    - Metallic Cable Glands
    - Synthetic Material Cable Glands
    - EMC Protection Cable Glands
    - EX Protection Cable Glands

    Safety Cut-outs

    Our TSC series thermostats are snap action, hermetically sealed, miniature, bimetal thermal protectors that work under resistive load. When subjected to certain temperature a bimetal disc snaps instantly to cause a quick switching action completing or interrupting a circuit.

    The are used in a wide range of leisure and commercial appliances like microwave ovens, tumble dryers, toasters, cookers and other industrial applications.


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    SUNON Cooling Solution for Refrigerator Application

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    Key Personnel
    Alan Walker
    Alan Walker Purchasing, Logistics & Quality Manager
    Helen Ruth
    Helen Ruth Internal Sales Co-ordinator
    Grahame Bentley
    Grahame Bentley Sales & Product Manager (Gas Products)
    David Coote
    David Coote Area Sales Manager (North/South East)
    James Styles
    James Styles Sales & Product Manager (Gas Products)
    Heather Bucktin
    Heather Bucktin Financial Controller General Manager
    Stuart Read
    Stuart Read Sales & Product Manager (Power & Thermal Products)
    Chris Newman
    Chris Newman Sales & Product Manager (Power & Thermal Products)
    Daniel Wainwright
    Daniel Wainwright Internal Sales Co-ordinator
    Sundrella Kirby
    Sundrella Kirby Internal Sales Co-ordinator
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    Products and Services

    1. 12V DC Cooling Fans
    2. 230V AC Cooling Fans
    3. 24V DC Cooling Fans
    4. 48V DC Cooling Fans
    5. 5V DC Cooling Fans
    6. AC Backward Curved Blowers
    7. AC Blowers
    8. AC Cooling Fans
    9. AC Crossflow Fans
    10. AC Fans
    11. AC Fans & Blowers
    12. AC Forward Curved Blowers
    13. AC Tangential Fans
    14. AC/DC Axial Fans
    15. Air Blowers
    16. Air Conditioning
    17. Airflow Fans
    18. Airforce Ventilation
    19. Anstoss
    20. Appliance Terminal Blocks
    21. Axial Fans
    22. Axial Fans And Blowers
    23. Axial Fans And Impellors
    24. Backward Curved Fans
    25. Blower Fans
    26. Blowers
    27. Box Fans
    28. Brushless DC Blowers
    29. Brushless DC Fans
    30. Brushless DC Fans & Blowers
    31. Cased Fans
    32. Catering Equipment Fans
    33. Centirifugal Fan
    34. Centrif Fans
    35. Centrifugal Backward Inclined Blowers
    36. Centrifugal Blowers
    37. Centrifugal Fan
    38. Centrifugal Fans
    39. Centrifugal Fans And Blowers
    40. Centrifugal Forward Curved Blowers
    41. Centrifugal Radial Bladed Blowers
    42. Centrifugal Single Inlet Blowers
    43. Commercial Air Conditioning
    44. Commercial Fans
    45. Commercial Ventilation
    46. Computer Cooling Modules
    47. Contra Rotating Fans
    48. Cooker Fan Motors
    49. Cooling Fans
    50. Crossflow Fans
    51. Customised Fans
    52. DC Backward Curved Blowers
    53. DC Blowers
    54. DC Cooling Fans
    55. DC Crossflow Fans
    56. DC Fans
    57. DC Forward Curved Blowers
    58. DC Tangential Fans
    59. Desk Top Power Supplies
    60. Double Inlet Fan
    61. Double Inlet Fans
    62. EC Axial Fans
    63. EC Backward Curved Blowers
    64. EC Blowers
    65. EC Fan And Blowers
    66. EC Fans
    67. EC Fans & Bowers
    68. Ecowatt Fans
    69. Electric Heating Elements
    70. Electric Switches
    71. Electric Thermostats
    72. Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioning
    73. Electrical Products
    74. Electrical Switches
    75. Electrodes
    76. Electronic Ignition
    77. Electronic Ignitors
    78. Enclosed Power Supplies
    79. Exhaust Blowers
    80. Exhaust Fans
    81. Exhausting Blowers
    82. Exhausting Fans
    83. Exhausting Fans And Blowers
    84. Extraction Fans
    85. Extractor Fan
    86. Fan
    87. Fan Accessories
    88. Fan Filter Units
    89. Fan Finger Guards
    90. Fan Guards
    91. Fans
    92. Fans & Filters
    93. Fans And Blowers
    94. Fans And Blowers Exhausting
    95. Fans And Blowers Impellers
    96. Fans And Blowers To Specification
    97. Fans And Filters
    98. Fans To Specification
    99. Filter Fans
    100. Forced Draught Fans
    101. Fortimo Cooling Modules
    102. Forward Curved Blowers
    103. Fume Extracting Fans
    104. Gas Booster Fans And Blowers
    105. Gas Fans
    106. Gas Fittings
    107. Gas Ignition
    108. Gas Pipes
    109. Gas Solenoids
    110. Gas Taps
    111. Gas Valves
    112. Grilles
    113. Heatsinks
    114. Heavy Duty Fans
    115. High Pressure Fans
    116. High Temperature Fans
    117. Hot Gas Blowers
    118. HT Leads
    119. IEC Connectors
    120. Impellers Fans And Blowers
    121. Industrial Fans
    122. Industrial High Pressure Blowers
    123. Inline Fans
    124. Installation Power Supplies
    125. IP21 Fans
    126. IP55 Fans
    127. IP68 Switches
    128. LED Cooling
    129. LED Cooling Modules
    130. LED Lighting Cooling Modules
    131. Low Energy Fans
    132. Low Pressure Blowers
    133. Mains Power Adaptors
    134. Manual Thermostats
    135. Medical Power Cords
    136. Medical Power Supplies
    137. Miniture Brushless Cooling Fans
    138. MP Controls
    139. Non-Contact Voltage Testers
    140. OEM Fans
    141. Open Frame Power Supplies
    142. Oven Fan Motors
    143. Oven Fans
    144. Oven Range Fan Motors
    145. Plastic Fans
    146. Plug-In Power Supplies
    147. Power Adaptors
    148. Power Chords
    149. Power Cords
    150. Power Cordsets
    151. Power Supplies
    152. Pressure Switches
    153. Pressure Transducers
    154. Push Button Switches
    155. Push-Button Switches
    156. Quiet Fans
    157. Radial Fans
    158. Refrigeration Fans
    159. Rocker And Push-Button Switches
    160. Rocker Switches
    161. Roof Mounted Fans
    162. Rotary Switches
    163. Run-Back Timers
    164. Scroll Fans
    165. Signal Lamps
    166. Silent Fans
    167. Single Inlet Fans
    168. Slimline Fans
    169. Smoke Extract Fans
    170. Solenoids
    171. Special Purpose Fans And Blowers
    172. Standard Fans
    173. Sunon Cooling Fans
    174. Switched Mode Power Supplies
    175. Switches
    176. Tangential Fans
    177. Terminal Blocks
    178. Thermal Cut-Outs
    179. Thermal Interface Material
    180. Thermal Management
    181. Thermal Safety Cut-Outs
    182. Thermal Switches
    183. Thermo Electric Safety Control
    184. Thermocouples
    185. Thermostats
    186. Timers
    187. Ventilating Fans And Blowers
    188. Ventilation Fans
    189. Wall Fans
    190. Waterproof Fans
    191. Waterproof Switches


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