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Thermaco Limited

  • Suppliers of LED & Fortimo Cooling Modules
  • A wide range of fans including AC/DC, EC, Sunon & more
  • Complete solutions for Fans & Blowers
  • Custom made Rocker & Push-Button Switches
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Welcome to Thermaco Ltd

For over 30 years Thermaco has been supplying Thermal Management Devices and Gas & Electro-Mechanical Components such as Sunon Cooling Fans, LED Cooling Modules, Fortimo Cooling Modules, AC/DC Axial Fans, EC Fans and Blowers, Rocker and Push-Button Switches to a diverse range of UK OEMs and CEMs. Our customer base includes manufacturers of various forms of LED Lighting, Domestic Appliances, Commercial Catering, Food Display & Vending Equipment, Medical & Scientific Instrumentation, CCTV & Security Systems, IT & Video Communication Devices, Leisure Products, Industrial and Transportation Equipment.

All have benefited from our application and product knowledge, and dedication to customer service. The suppliers, that we represent, are well known for their product quality, innovation and reliable manufacturing lead times.

Whether you are looking at a new product development or simply to replace an existing component, our aim is to offer you a high level of technical and commercial support from concept to mass production.

Products & Services

Gas Components - Links Below
Gas Controls | Gas Fittings | Gas Ignition

Being the UK distributor for some of the top European Gas Heating and Cooking Component Manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of components including:

Thermo Electric Safety Control, Gas Taps, Timers, Hot Gas Blowers, Solenoids, Electronic Ignition, pre-formed pipework and more...

Air Movement Thermocouple Timers Electro-Mechanical Piezo Ignition
Thermal Management - Links Below
Fans & Blowers | Thermal Modules | Passive Cooling Devices

We represent one of the worlds most innovative and leading Cooling fan manufacturers (Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry)

Our Thermal Management range of components includes; Sunon LED & Computer Cooling Modules, Sub-miniature Fans & Blowers, High Airflow & Low Noise DC Axial Fans, ED Backward Curved Blowers, Fan Accessories and more...

We provide a range of EC Axial Fans that deliver high efficiency throughout the entire speed range. The EC Axial fans are highly energy efficient and low in noise.

AC Axial Fan - 176x176x89mm AC Axial Fans - 120x120x38mm AC Axial Fans - 172dia x 51mm AC Blower - 120x120x31mm
Power Management - Links Below
Power Components | Electrical Controls

If you are looking for Power Management Products, Thermaco can offer you the Complete Solution.

Products include; Switched Mode Power Supplies, Mains Power Adaptors, Power Cord Sets, IEC Connectors, Panel Switches & Signal Lamps, Pressure Switches and more...

Power Cords Terminal Blocks Appliance Terminal Blocks Lighting Components
Electrical Products

We offer a wide selection of components from a number of European and Far Eastern Manufacturers:

Our products, for Electric Cooking & Heating, including: Tangential Fans, Stitched Wire Heating Elements, Thermostats, Oven Fans, Appliance Terminal Blocks and more...

Stitched Wire Heater Oven Fans Plastic Control Knobs Timers Electro-Mechanical


... - Anstoss
... - Bestfun
... - Brisk
... - Cosma
... - EDEP
... - Electro Terminal
... - Everel

- Faucigny Coupatan
- GP Tech
- Hidria
- Hugro
- Langdi
- Lefoo
- Mingfa Tech

- MP Gas Controls
- Sedes
- Shunhe
- Sunon
- Trial
- Ying Jiao
- Yunhuan

Company Videos

SUNON Cooling Solution for Refrigerator Application

TUM Flow2 One Single Room AHR-Air exchange & Heat Recovery

TUM Hidden LED Lighting Ventilation Fan

Hidria EC Axial Fans

Visit our Website to find out more

Related Products and Services
  • EC Backward Curved Blower - 220mm x 112mm
  • EC Backward Curved Blower - 318mm x 160mm
  • EC Backward Curved Blower - 280mm x 165mm
  • E Series - DC Axial Fans
  • M Series - DC 'MagLev' Axial Fans
  • GB & PMB Series - DC Blowers
  • EC Axial Fans
  • LED Passive Cooling Modules
  • LED Active Cooling Modules
  • Bespoke Thermal Modules
  • Heatsinks
  • Oven Fans
  • LM310-001A99DN
  • SM203-13002
  • LA006-007A83DY
  • Gas Taps & Valves
  • Thermo Electric Safety Control (TESC)
  • Thermo Electric Safety Control

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Approvals & Certificates

ISO 9001 Quality management systems

Key Contacts

Suky Sahota

Suky Sahota
Internal Sales Coordinator (North/South East)

Tel: 01684 581849
Email: suky.sahota

Chris Read

Chris Read
National Sales Manager

Tel: 07850 773279

Alan Walker

Alan Walker
Purchasing & Logistics

Tel: 01684 581844
Email: alan.walker

Neil Young

Neil Young
Area Sales Manager (North/South West)

Tel: 07748 327783
Email: neil.young

Grahame Bentley

Grahame Bentley
Product Manager (Gas)

Tel: 01684 566163

David Coote

David Coote
Area Sales Manager (North/South East)

Tel: 07770 960063
Email: david.coote

James Styles

James Styles
Internal Sales Coordinator (North/South West)

Tel: 01684 581846
Email: james.styles

Heather Bucktin

Heather Bucktin
Financial Controller

Tel: 01684 581848
Email: heather.bucktin

Stuart Read

Stuart Read
Product Manager (Thermal & Power)

Tel: 01684 566163

Chris Newman

Chris Newman
Assistant Product Manager

Tel: 01684 581841
Email: chris.newman

Colin Lucas

Colin Lucas
Office Manager

Tel: 01684 581840
Email: colin.lucas

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Payment Terms
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  • 30 days

Opening Hours

Monday -   08:30 to 17:00
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