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    Label Planet Ltd

    Label Planet specialises in blank A4 sheets of labels for laser printers and inkjet printers. We offer high quality products, competitive prices, and fast delivery. Our website features all inclusive prices (VAT + UK Delivery), information about all of our label types and uses, advice and tips on printing, free template downloads, and easy to navigate search categories. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, materials, adhesives, and colours.

    Our Main Products include:

    Address Labels
    We stock five standard sizes of address labels, which are suitable for producing address, shipping, and mailing labels for all shapes and types of postal items. All five sizes are available in a range of materials to create quality address labels to suit our customers' needs. Order in packs of 25 sheets (same day despatch from stock) or boxes of 500 sheets.

    Coloured Labels
    Label Planet has three ranges of coloured labels available; six pastel colours, five fluorescent colours, as well as metallic gold and silver. These labels are supplied in either stocked packs of 25 sheets (available for same day despatch) or boxes of 100 or 500 sheets depending on the size and colour required. The pastel colours can be printed with laser and inkjet printers, while the fluorescent and metallic labels are compatible with laser printers only.

    Clear Labels
    Label Planet has four ranges of transparent labels; GCP is a gloss clear material for inkjet printers, MTP is a matt clear material for laser printers, GTP is a gloss clear material for laser printers, and GTR is the gloss clear material for laser printers with a removable adhesive. Clear labels add a professional and decorative touch, particularly when used on decorative or transparent surfaces, such as patterned packaging or wine bottles. All of our transparent labels are available in packs of 25 sheets (stocked sizes only) or boxes of 500 sheets.

    Ink Jet Labels
    Buy quality blank self-adhesive A4 sheets of labels designed for use with inkjet printers. Inkjet printers can produce excellent, high resolution images and all of our inkjet labels are designed to give quality print results with inkjet printers. Buy inkjet labels from our address labels, paper labels, premium quality paper labels, gloss paper labels, coloured labels, gloss transparent polyester labels, and polyethylene labels ranges - all compatible with inkjet printers.

    Freezer Labels
    We supply paper labels with a special adhesive designed to withstand deep freeze conditions. Suitable for use with laser printers, these labels can be applied onto items that are already frozen or will be frozen later, and have a storage range of +60 to -40 degrees. These labels were designed for both laboratory and food applications, and meet the German BgVV standard for indirect and short term contact with dry and moist food. We have five standard sizes that are stocked in packs of 25 sheets with a full range of sizes available to order in boxes of 500 sheets.

    Gloss Labels
    Label Planet has six ranges of gloss labels. We have two ranges of gloss paper labels (one for laser printers and one for inkjet printers), which provide a high quality, decorative finish that is ideal for promotional and branded items. These labels are also 'splashproof' and can be wiped clean if required. We also have gloss polyester labels; GCP is a transparent label suited for inkjet printers, GTP is suitable for laser printers, GTR is a removable transparent label for laser printers, and GWP is a gloss white polyester suitable for laser printers. All six ranges are supplied in packs of 25 sheets (stocked sizes only) or boxes of 500 sheets.

    Round and Oval Labels
    Label Planet has 16 sizes of round labels (ranging from 13mm diameter to 144mm diameter) and 8 sizes of oval labels. These labels are supplied in either packs of 25 sheets (from stock) or boxes of 500 sheets. These shapes are a great alternative to standard rectangular labels and are very popular product labels, particularly for products that are supplied in bottles or jars. We have round and oval labels available in all of the materials, adhesives, and colour ranges that we supply, including coloured labels, metallic labels, gloss labels, transparent labels, and waterproof labels. We also have a special guide to printing Round and Oval labels, and templates which are available to download from our website.

    Premium Paper Labels
    As an alternative to our standard paper labels, we offer a premium quality paper range of labels. These labels are made from a special coated paper designed to give a high resolution print finish. Premium paper labels are popular for promotional items and branded product labels. Premium paper labels are available in 14 stocked sizes, which can be despatched same day, with the full range of sizes available to order online in boxes of 500 sheets.

    Rectangular Round Cornered Labels
    We have selected 21 of the most popular sizes of rectangular labels and made them all available in matt white paper for same day despatch of orders for 25, 50, and 100 sheets. All of these sizes are compatible with standard templates that are included in commonly used computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, and can be printed using laser and inkjet printers.

    Rectangular Square Cornered Labels
    There are 30 sizes in this range of rectangular labels, which are made without gaps and have square cut rather than rounded corners. There are some useful shapes and sizes in this range which do not have rounded cornered equivalents. These labels are available in packs of 25 sheets (stocked sizes) or boxes of 500 sheets.

    Waterproof Labels
    We have a range of waterproof labels for use in outdoor applications or in situations where the label is likely to come into contact with liquids. Common uses include labels for food and drink packaging, cleaning products, cosmetic products, garden centres, and outdoor equipment. We have two gloss paper ranges that are 'splashproof', meaning they can be wiped clean if they get a little bit wet or dirty but are not 100% waterproof. We also have a range of polyester/polyethylene labels, which are fully waterproof. All of these labels are available in packs of 25 sheets (stocked sizes only) or boxes of 500 sheets. These labels are designed for use with laser printers, which produce a waterproof print.

    All of the labels we supply have been tested on all of the main makes of laser printers and inkjet printers. Whilst we cannot test with every possible model of printer we are extremely confident that the laser labels and inkjet labels we supply are desktop compatible, and we offer a full refund guarantee for returned products. Templates and printing advice are available on our website.

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