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Southwood House, Long Mill Lane
Dunks Green
TN11 9SD

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Electro-Mechanical Electronic Components & Plastic PCB Hardware

Since 1974 MECI Ltd has been supplying customers with quality electro-mechanical components, PCB switches and interconnect solutions.

MECI offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of electronic and electro-mechanical products to a wide industrial sectors, from MEC Multimec switches, Unimec switches, keystone battery holders, transistor insulating kits and crimp terminals through to transistor insulation, panel mounted indicators, connectors, solder tags, solder lugs and more.

Over the years we have gained a wealth of experience which places us in good stead when offering advice to our customers. Our expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive supply service that consistently achieves for our customers.

Our success lies in our unique approach to our customers because we offer them that personal touch making sure we meet all of their electro-mechanical component needs.

Products and Services

Keystone Battery Holders

Our Keystone battery holders are available in a wide range of mounting formats and materials including surface mount, through the hole and off board, covering applications including laptops, emergency power systems, telecoms, video power backups, computer memory, power transfer and backup systems to name but a few.

All Keystone battery holders have been designed with leading edge technology in mind in order to accept all leading manufacturers’ batteries.

...• A,AA, AAA, ½ AA, C, D Battery holders
...• Coin Cell Holders – CR1212, CR1612, CR2012
...• CR2032, CR2320, CR2430, CR3032
...• Lithium Cells 18350, 18650, 26650

This is only a small sample of the range of Keystone Battery Holders available so to find out more please visit our website.

For more on battery holders Click Here

PCB Switches - Multimec - Unimec - Tactile

It is the aim of MECI Ltd to provide customers with one of the most comprehensive supply services for PCB switches.

MEC Multimec

...• Multimec Switches Single Pole 3F Series Multimec
...• Multimec Switches single Pole 5 Series Multimec
...• MEC Switch Caps and Accessories
...• MEC Illuminated Switch Caps
...• Multimec Switches Panel Sealed and Under Foil

Tactile Switches

We supply a range of 6mm & 12mm square through the hole Tactile Switches in a wide range of height options up to 17mm from PCB.

MECI also supply space saving rectangular Tactile Switches, Ultra-Miniature 4.5mm square switches and right angled tactile Switches with coloured caps for through the hole panel applications.

For more on switches Click Here

Transistor Insulation

MECI offers a range of Transistor Insulating products made from glass-filled nylon 66 and high spec PPS materials for aerospace and military applications including:

...• Transistor Insulating Top Hat & Shoulder Washers
...• Transistor Insulating Washers in aluminium oxide, mica, Laird Tech silicone rubber
...• Transistor Mounting Pads (Transipads) & plastic PCB hardware

For more on transistor insulating Click Here

Panel Mounted Indicators - Neon, LED

We are able to supply a range of European made Neon Indicators for panel mounting applications in sizes ranging from 6mm -13mm. We also offer a range of options for self-locking lenses or threaded types that require a panel nut.

All neon indicators are available in various voltages from 6/12/24v up to 110/250/400v.
The bodies on all of our panel mounted indicators are manufactured from resilient Polycarbonate with termination styles are either 6.35mm faston tags or wire leads.

Some of our best selling Neon Indicators:

...• 6mm Neon Indicators for panel mounting with Wires Snap-In
...• 9mm Neon Indicators for panel mounting with Faston Tags or Wires Snap-In
...• 10mm Neon Indicators for panel mounting with Faston Tags or Wires Fixing Nut or Snap-In
...• 12mm Neon Indicators for panel mounting with Faston Tags or Wires Snap-In
...• 13mm Neon Indicators for Panel mounting with Faston Tags or Wires Snap-In

For more on panel mounted indicators Click Here


MECI offer a wide range of connectors and terminals able to cover virtually all types of applications.

This range includes products from leading manufacturers such as Ross Courtney, Utilux, Assman, Tajimi and more so why not head over to our online shop for more details.

For more on connectors Click Here

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  • 6mm Panel Mounted Neon Indicators
  • 9mm Panel Mounted Neon Indicators
  • 10mm Panel Mounted Neon Indicators
  • 12mm Panel Mounted Neon Indicators
  • 13mm Panel Mounted Neon Indicators
  • Keystone Battery Holders, Battery Contacts & Clips
  • MEC Multimec Single Pole PCB Switch
  • Transistor Insulating Top-Hat & Shoulder Washers
  • Tajimi TMW Push-Pull & Waterproof Connectors
  • LED Indicators for Panel Mount
  • Keystone Coin Cell Holders & Coin Cell Clips
  • Collett & Ross Courtney Solder Tags & Terminals
  • Pre-packed Transistor Insulating Kits
  • Transistor Mounting Pads & Transipads
  • Warth / Laird Silicone Rubber Transistor Insulator
  • MEC Unimec Double Pole Mom / Alt Switches
  • Assmann Transition Connectors
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Elbag DIN Rail Mounting Interface Modules
  • Aluminium Oxide Transistor Insulators AL²O³
  • Assmann Dual & Single In Line Sockets

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News & PR

Larger Size LD Series Panel Mounting LED Indicators from MECI

From the same European source as their established ranges of Neon and LED Indicators, MECI now offers an expanded range of panel mounting LED Indicators.

i-Clamp IDC Wire Connectors

Newly introduced by Keystone Electronics at the recent Electronica show in Munich and offered here by MECI is the One Way Series i-Clamp for splicing several wires together.

Surface Mount Threaded Standoffs from Keystone Electronics

Newly offered by MECI are the latest solutions from Keystone Electronics offering Steel Threaded Standoffs in Surface Mount (SMT) format for automated installation.

High Stability Quick-Fit PCB Screw Terminals

An expanded range of PC mounting Screw Terminals is now available from MECI Ltd.

Universal SMT Female Receptacles

Newly offered by MECI are these SMT Female Tab Terminals from Keystone Electronics. They offer cost-effective design options for SMT applications on PCB's.

Steel Threaded Standoffs in Surface Mount (SMT) format

Newly offered by MECI are the latest solutions from Keystone Electronics offering Steel Threaded Standoffs in Surface Mount (SMT) format for automated installation.

Colour Coded Auto Blade Fuse Holders

Identification of automotive blade fuses on a PCB is now simplified with MECI now offering Keystone Electronics’ coloured insulator bodies...


With the closure in May 2016 of former Assmann distributor CSL (Connect Source Ltd)...


Just added to Keystone’s diverse selection of snap-on battery contacts for battery cases...

MECI offers new Waterproof Modular RJ45 Connectors from Keystone Electronics

These new RJ45 Jacks and Sockets from Keystone Electronics are rated IP68 for water, dust and harsh environments.

Key Contacts

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Martin Jones
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Sarah Halstead

Tel: 01732 810370
Email: sales

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