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  • An extensive range of computer keyboards & Mice
  • Office keyboards through to touchpad and trackballs
  • Leading keyboard manufacturer in the UK
  • An extensive range of computer keyboards & Mice
  • Office keyboards through to touchpad and trackballs
  • Leading keyboard manufacturer in the UK
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With over 34 years’ experience in the manufacture of PC input devices such as keyboards and mice, Accuratus is able to offer one of the largest ranges of computer peripherals to customers in the UK and Europe.

As a leading keyboard manufacturer, we design and manufacture on behalf of many leading brand names and can custom keyboards, keypads and mice to meet specific requirements. So if you would like to find out more about this service or if you need assistance in bringing your product to the market please contact one of our team.

Medical Keyboard Manufacturer
The Accuratus range of medical grade keyboards have our NANOARMOUR-2 dual layer antibacterial protection impregnated in the silicone and coated on the surface to aid in deactivating germs and build up of virus's.

They have been specifically designed for use in environments which have to meet the high hygienic requirements such as laboratories, hospitals, doctors surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, vets and pharmaceutical industries.

NANOARMOUR contains silver nano particles which have antibacterial activity and is proven to help fight against E-coli, Staphylococcus aurous and many more by deactivating the functions shown.

    • Combine with respiratory enzyme to cause suffocation to the bacteria
    • Bind with the protease enzyme of the bacteria and cause indigestion
    • Bind with the bacteria's DNA and inhibit cell replication

All medical keyboards manufactured by Accuratus contain Anti-bacterial NANOARMOUR and incorporate USB connections, fully sealed with washable design, multimedia and internet keys making them well suited for the clinical and medical environments.

EPOS Keyboard Manufacturer
The range of EPOS keyboards from Accuratus cover a broad spectrum of models including compact and mini designs with optional embedded trackball, touchpads and programmable keyboards, slimline keyboards, keyboards with square modern keys, mini scissor key keyboards in silver cases and many more.

Programmable Keyboards
Accuratus offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of programmable keyboards. We manufacture many types of programmable keyboards from small keypads to the larger full scale keyboards and within this range we also manufacture keyboards with embedded MSR and Smartcard readers for access control and card reading.

These programmable products also provider great time saving properties for video and audio editing, stock control and report generation applications.

Education Keyboards
Accuratus offers a complete range of educational keyboards. From primary through to senior levels all of our educational keyboards have been created to meet the learning needs of both children and adults alike.

We also offer a full selection of high visibility font keyboards, oversized key keyboards and splash proof keyboards so if you would like to find out more about these products please contact our team.

We offer a vast range of computer mice which have all been designed and produced to cover most applications including:

• Full Size
• Mid Size
• Trackball
• Ergonomic/RSI
• Wireless RF
• Vision Impairment
• Early Learning
• Sealed Antibacterial for the Medical and Clinical

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