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  • Acoustic Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition Systems
  • All systems come with fire certification and warranty
  • Design, supply and installation
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    Jumbo Stud Partitions Ltd

    What makes Jumbo Stud Partitions the best?
    For a starter not only have we provided our systems to a vast range of satisfied customers over the years, but mainly because there are three outstanding reasons why our partitions are the best!

    Installations in important venues Include:

     • The London 2012 Olympic Games
     • The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow
     • The 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan

    Not just that but today architects, specifiers and building consultants from a wide range of industrial sectors use our systems for their projects so you know you’re in safe hands when you use Jumbo Stud Partitions.

    Acoustic Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition Systems
    Where acoustic fire rated stud partitions are concerned the we provide a complete design, supply and installation service.

    JPS Systems Include:

     • JPS30FS
     • JP60FS
     • JPS120FS

    Partnering architects over many years JPS have been lucky enough to help and ultimately install acoustic fire rated partition systems for clients over a broad spectrum of sectors giving them peace of mind with all of their installations projects.

    The JPS30FS acoustic fire rated partition system has 30 minutes fire rating which is backed by Warrington Fire Certification and offers a sound deadening Rating = from 43dB.

    As with all products supplied by Jumbo Stud Partitions they are always manufactured with the environment in mind and made from recycled materials. They also require no expensive construction foundation work so planning permission may not always be needed.

    All stud partition systems are available to suit every clients environment and budget, so from the floor upwards of up to 22 metres in height we can deliver.

    The JPS60FS and JPS120FS Jumbo partition walls have all the same features as the JPS30FS however they offer longer fire protection.

    The JPS60FS has a 60 minute fire rating and the JPS120FS has a 120 minute fire rating backed by Warrington Fire Certificate.

    Additional Benefits Include:

     • Speedy Installation
     • No Height Limit
     • Finish Options
     • U-Values= from 0.4W/m2k
     • Cost Efficient Alternative to Block Walling
     • No Plywood Backing
     • Moisture Resilience
     • Wind Load Factor From 1.4
     • Security Options Available

    For further information about Jumbo Stud Partitions please head over to our website or get in touch.

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    1. 1 Hour Fire Jumbo Stud Partition
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    6. 14M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    7. 15M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    8. 16M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    9. 17M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    10. 18M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    11. 19M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    12. 2 Hour Fire Jumbo Stud Partition
    13. 20M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    14. 3 Hour Fire Jumbo Stud Partition
    15. 3M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    16. 4M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    17. 5M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
    18. 6M Fire Rated Jumbo Stud Partition
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