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  • High performance industrial fume cupboards
  • Fume hoods manufactured and designed in the UK
  • Building fume cupboards that meet your needs
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    Integrated Laboratory Services Ltd

    Integrated Laboratory Services have been established for over 23 years gaining a wealth of experience, knowledge and innovation.

    We specialise in the design and manufacture of LEV products, Fume Hoods and Fume Cupboards. Not only do we supply these products but we also offer an installation service for a diverse range of industry sectors like Research Laboratories, Universities and Secondary Schools.

    Bespoke Industrial Fume Cupboards
    All of our industrial fume cupboard are bespoke manufactured to BS EN 14175 in our modern spacious UK factory.

    Choosing the correct fume cupboard can often be a difficult task, feel free to contact one of our experts who will help advise you on suitable fume cupboards for your specific requirements and also provide guidance on the extraction systems required, there is no obligation to buy so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Fume Cupboard Variations:
    We provide a wide range of fume cupboards manufactured to BS EN 14175 and Building Bulletin 88 ( Rev G9 ):

    - Bespoke Industrial Fume Cupboards
    - Double Fronted Fume Cupboards
    - Walk-In Fume Cupboards
    - Educational Ducted and Mobile
    - Educational Fume Cupboards
    - Custom Builds

    Fume Hood Manufacturers
    Our fume hoods run safely, efficiently and with minimum noise levels. To achieve this Integrated Laboratory Services design, install and commission all our extract and ductwork systems to meet BS EN 14175 and HVAC DW154 requirements.

    Fume hoods that are designed to serve educational fume cupboards will meet standards set out in BS EN 14175 or Building Bulletin 88.

    Extraction systems can be manufactured to serve existing or new:

    - Fume Hoods
    - Fume Cupboards
    - Flexible Extract Arms
    - ICP Machines and AA Hoods
    - Retrofit VAV Controls & Dampers to Existing Systems
    - Pathology and Down Draft Benches

    Inspections and Servicing
    Every 12 - 14 months you should get your new or existing Fume Cupboards, LEV Equipment and Extract Systems thoroughly inspected to comply with current COSHH regulations.

    Regular servicing and inspection of equipment ensures:

    - More productivity
    - Less chance of breakdown
    - Operator safety
    - Optimized performance
    - Safe working and peace of mind for end users
    - Good housekeeping

    Servicing schedules can be tailored to suit your specific needs, please contact our office for further details.