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Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd

  • Agents and suppliers of Air Flow Sensors & Transmitters
  • Industrial monitoring of RH, Dewpoint, Air Flow
  • Infrared refrigerant gas sensors
  • ISO9002 certification for over 10 years


The Old Barn
Churchlands Industrial Estate, Ufton Road, Harbury
Leamington Spa
CV33 9GX

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Suppliers of Relative Humidity Sensors, Air Flow Sensors & Transmitters

Omni Sensors and Transmitters is an ISO9000 certified company that supplies top quality sensor and transmitter products to a wide range of industrial sectors across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

As agents and distributors for some of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensor and transmitter technology we are able to offer our customers quality products that have been manufactured to the highest of quality systems to comply with European Standards.

Humidity and Temperature Measurement and Monitoring

HVAC Humidity

EE150 Compact Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HVAC
Specifically designed for use in the HVAC and building technology sector providing impressive performance to price ratio.

EE210 Humidity Temperature Transmitter
This product offers high accuracy for demanding climate control applications, while the EE210 outdoor is optimised for outdoor and meteorlological use, providing precise measurement of relative humidity and temperature.

To view our HVAC Humidity products Click Here

Humidity Intrinsically Safe

EE300EX Humidity and Temperature Intrinsically Safe
The EE300EX humidity and temperature intrinsically safe transmitter allows safe use in hazardous areas, meeting ATEX requirements. More information on all products in this range may be found on our website.

Humidity Probes and Modules

EE060 EE061 Miniature Humidity Temperature Probes
This series of miniature humidity temperature probes offer excellent price to performance ratio well suited for OEM applications.

EE071 Digital Humidity and Temperature Probe
With MODBUS output, and coated sensor for added protection against pollutants.

Temperature Sensors and Transmitters

EE461 Cable Temperature Sensor
Ideal for temperature measurement in heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as in process control.

EE451 Wall Mounted Temperature Sensor Inside or Out
For temperature measurement in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, enabling weather dependant temperature regulation.

Co2 Transmitters

CO2 Transmitters are an essential part of modern ventilation systems installed in office environments, and public buildings ( including schools). They enable adequate ventilation , to the right place, reducing waste in energy.

EE850 Duct Mounted CO2 transmitter
Designed for use in building management applications and can be optionally fitted with passive temperate sensor output.

EE820 CO2 Transmitter for demanding applications
Suitable for greenhouses, hatcheries and incubators, trains and trams.

For more on our Co2 Transmitters Click Here

Infrared Gas Sensors

Omni Sensors and Transmitters offer an impressive range of Infrared Sensors including the new range from Smartgas. They merge the advantages of a modular IR gas sensor with a tough housing to create a complete system for the user. Many applications exist in food storage, refrigeration, power generation, biogas, etc.

To view our Infrared Gas Sensors Click Here

Semiconductor and Electrochemical Gas Sensors

Semiconductor gas sensors are an economical solution to detecting levels of gas leakage, and are suitable for refrigeration gas, toxic, combustible, or air pollutants. Long life electrochemical Oxygen sensors are available including;

SK25F Oxygen Sensor
This galvanic type oxygen cell has a 3 year expected life span. It has virtually no influence from CO2, CO, HsS, NOx and H2. With this product no external power supply and no warm up period is required.

Find out more about Semiconductor Gas Sensors Click Here

Air Flow and Air Velocity Transmitters

EE776 Insertion Mass Flow Meter
This instrument is just one of the wide range of Air Flow products available, and is based on thermal mass flow measurement; well suited for measuring the flow of compressed air and gases in pipes from DN50 to DN300.

EE660 Air Velocity Transmitter for Laminar Flow
This transmitter has been designed for the precise measurement of minimal air velocities and provides the ideal solution for laminar flow monitoring and clean room applications.

Looking for Air Velocity Transmitters? Then Click Here

Differential Pressure Transmitters & Air Flow Measurement

Thanks to our partnership with Halstrup-Walcher we are now able to offer a range of  Differential Pressure and Absolute Pressure Transmittters, Mobile Pressure Calibration devices, and Volume Flow Transmitters. The range offers ± measurement ranges, multi lingual menus, easy installation, extremely high accuracy and is suitable for use in clean rooms, ventilation systems, industrial process systems and anywhere where atmosphere changes in pressure and air flow are important.

Dewpoint Transmitters

The very high accuracy of the dewpoint transmitters for measuring low dewpoints is facilitated by an auto-calibration process. The monolithic design dewpoint sensor guarantees instruments with maximum measurement accuracy and long-term stability. For instance;

EE355 OEM Dew Point Transmitter down to -60 degrees C Td
This compact dewpoint transmitter measures down to -60 C and is ideal for applications in compressed air systems, plastic dryers and industrial drying processes.

Moisture in Oil Transmitters

The Oilport 30 Handheld Moisture in Oil meter, EE364 Compact Moisture in Oil Transmitter and the EE381 Compact Moisture in Oil Transmitter from Omni are just some of the products available that have been specifically designed for the measurement of water content in oil.

We have a wide range of standard products to suit many applications and are happy to recommend the best product or combination of products to suit your specific requirements. Where standard products are not suitable, we can work with you to design and supply customised sensor and transmitter solutions so please give us a call.

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Approvals & Certificates

ISO 9001 Quality management systems

News & PR

We have a new Distributorship with HALSTRUP-WALCHE

Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd have a new Distributorship with a company called HALSTRUP-WALCHER.

Omni launches new Range of Differential Pressure Transmitters

Halstrup Walcher appoint Omni Sensors as UK and Ireland Distributor for their range of High precision differential pressure transmitters, and handheld/portable pressure calibrators.

New Air Velocity Probe from E+E Elektronik

EE671 is a compact air velocity probe for HVAC applications. The built-in flow sensing element VTQ combines the advantages of state-of-the-art E+E thin-film manufacturing and of the newest transfer molding technology.

Expansion of UK Sales Team

Omni Sensors and Transmitters will increase the strength of it's UK Sales Team, in response to the continuing expansion of our major supplier, E+E Elektronik of Austria.

New Carbon Monoxide Sensors from Figaro.

Designed for use in domestic alarms, Figaro Carbon Monoxide Sensors meet all required standards.

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CO2 Transmitters

Wall Mount CO2 Sensors for HVAC. 0 to 2000/5000 PPM. 0 to 100% RH. 0 to 50 Deg C. Analogue or switching output.

Product Details
Model Number EE80

CO2 Transmitter

Duct mount CO2 Transmitter; 0 to 2000/5000/10000 PPM. Analogue or switching outputs. Temp -20 to +60 Deg C

Product Details
Model Number EE85

Dewpoint Transmitter

Industrial Dewpoint Transmitter; Dewpoint -60 to +60 deg C. Accuracy +/- 2 Deg C Up to 20 Bar. IP65.

Product Details
Model Number EE35

Compact Dewpoint Transmitter

Dewpoint Transmitter -60 to +60 Td Up to 20 Bar IP65 Working Temperature -70 to +70 Deg C.

Product Details
Model Number EE375

Air Velocity Transmitter

Air Velocity Transmitter for Industrial Applications; 0 to 40 m/sec. Up to 10 Bar. -40 to +120 Deg C. Accuracy +/- 1%

Product Details
Model Number EE75

Air Velocity Sensor

Air Velocity Transmitter for HVAC applications; Ranges 0 to 1 m/second, to 0 to 20 m/second. Temperature 0 to 60 Deg C. Humidity up to 95%RH. Analogue Outputs.

Product Details
Model Number EE575

CO2 Probe for OEM's

CO2 Probe Module for OEM's; Digital E2 Output 0 to 2000/5000/10000 PPM. IP65. Average current consumption 3.7mA

Product Details
Model Number EE871

Multifunctional Handheld Instrument

Multifunctional Instrument; Probes for 22 physical quantities. Up to 3 Measureands Displayed. Integrated Air Pressure Sensor. Direct Graphical Displays.

Product Details
Model Number Omniport30

Condensation Monitor

Condensation Monitor to prevent formation of condensation on chilled ceilings. Pipe mounting. Can also be used as dewpoint warning.

Product Details
Model Number EE46

Moisture in Oil Handheld

Moisture in Oil Handheld; 0 to 100% aW, relative saturation of water in oil. Short Probe for samples. 20 Bar Probe available. Ball valve assembly.

Product Details
Model Number Omniport20

Humidity Temperature Transmitter ATEX

ATEX Humidity/Temperature Sensor; Hazardous zones "0" to "20". Stainless steel housing. Moisture in Oil, Dewpoint, Wet Bulb etc., Analogue scaleable outputs.

Product Details
Model Number EE300EX

Humidity Transmitter ( Interchangeable Probes )

Humidity Transmitter With Interchangeable Probes; Calibration Data Stored in The Probes; Analogue Current/Voltage Outputs.

Product Details
Model Number EE220

Wall mount Humidity Transmitter

HVAC Humidity Transmitter; Wall Mount; Analogue Outputs Voltage or Current. +/- 2% RH

Product Details
Model Number EE10

Humidity and Temperature Probe Modbus Output

Modbus Humidity and Temperature Probe; Input 4V DC to 18VDC 0 to 100% RH -40 to +80 Deg C

Product Details
Model Number EE071

Humidity Calibration Chamber

Humidity Calibration Chamber; Dual Pressure Device Operates at 10 Bar, 90 to 230 VAC. 10 to 95%RH. Accuracy 0.25%RH to 0.75%RH. Stabilisation 3 minutes per calibration point.

Product Details
Model Number Humor20

Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor

Figaro Long Life Oxygen Sensor; 5 Year expected Life. Virtually no influence from CO, CO2, H2S,NOX. 0 to 100% O2.

Product Details
Model Number KE25

Figaro Oxygen Sensor

Galvanic Oxygen Sensor; No position dependency. 0 to 30% Oxygen. Virtually no influence form CO, CO2, H2S, NOX. Excellent Linearity.

Product Details
Model Number SK25

Semiconductor Gas Sensor Modules

Gas Sensor Modules for; Hydrogen, Methane, LPG, Carbon Dioxide. Temperature Compensated

Product Details
Model Number FCM6812

Infra Red Gas Sensors

Smartgas Infra Red Diffusion Gas Sensors; Modbus or Analogue Outputs. Refrigerant Gas, Bio Gas, Insulation Gas, Fruit Storage, Insecticides.

Product Details
Model Number SmartGas Basic

Humidity Temperature ( continuous high RH )

Humidity Transmitter; Resistant to aggressive environments. Continuous High RH. -40 to +180 Deg C.

Product Details
Model Number EE33

Humidity Temperature ( High End Climate Control )

Humidity and Temperature Transmitters for demanding climate control applications. Analogue Outputs. Wall or Duct Mounting. Backfilled probe.

Product Details
Model Number EE240

Duct Mount Humidity Transmitter

Duct Mount Humidity for HVAC; 0 to 10 VDC 4 to 20mA -15 to +60 Deg C. Epoxy Backfilled Probe.

Product Details
Model Number EE160

High Precision RH & T Probe

High Precision Humidity and Temperature Probe; Power supply 4.5V to 24V DC. 0 to 100% RH. Accuracy +/- 2% RH

Product Details
Model Number EE08

In Line Mass Flow Meter

In Line Mass Flow meter DN15 to DN50; Up to 16 Bar Compressed Air or other non-corrosive gases. 0.5 to 200 Nm/s High Accuracy

Product Details
Model Number EE771

Figaro Oxygen Sensor.

Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor Very Long Life. 10 Year Expected Life. 0 to 100% Oxygen. Virtually no influence from CO, CO2, H2S, NOX.

Product Details
Model Number KE50

Figaro Semiconductor Gas Sensors

Semiconductor Gas Sensors for; Alcohol and Solvents, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Halocarbons, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methane, LPG, General Air Contaminants.

Product Details
Model Number TGS Series

Infrared Gas Sensors Flow Through

SmartGas Infrared Gas Sensors for flow through applications. Emmission, Insulation, Refrigerant, Biogas, etc. Modbus or Analogue Outputs.

Product Details
Model Number SmartGas Flow

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential pressure transmitter with very small dimensions Ideal for control cabinet installation Optional analogue temperature input and internal stat. pressure sensor.

Product Details
Model Number P34 Din Rail Mounting

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Compact differential pressure transmitter for basic applications Also available with two-wire technology (optional) With optional display and either with one fixed range or tog- gling between four.

Product Details
Model Number PS27 for HVAC