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  • Batch production
  • Manufacturing of products and components
  • Low quantity protoyping service
  • Batch production
  • Manufacturing of products and components
  • Low quantity protoyping service
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Incremental Engineering Ltd

Quality Industrial 3D Printing Service for SME's

For SMEs everywhere Incremental Engineering offers a highly efficient industrial 3D printing service to customers requiring high quality end use components.

Utilising Hewlett-Packard multi jet fusion technology, parts can be produced through either additive manufacturing, hybrid manufacturing or a combination of both processes.

Additive Manufacturing
Hybrid Manufacturing
Design and Make

Additive Manufacturing
Incremental Engineering has over 25 years of experience in machine and instrumentation design and manufacture. This means we are ideally placed for adopting additive manufacturing technology.

At Incremental Engineering we like to work hand in hand with our customers, from the initial design stage through to production. If along the way we see any potential improvements for example savings on material costs we will advise at no extra charge.

Hybrid Manufacturing
Over the many years spent in the precision engineering industry Incremental Engineering has built a number of long term relationships with highly experienced traditional machine shop establishments.

This allows us to offer a comprehensive hybrid manufacturing service to SME`s that require close tolerance composite components made in both PA12 and metal materials.

By utilising a number of highly efficient finishing techniques Incremental Engineering is able to supply all finished parts in a pleasing grey tactile state. This is achieved by using our bead blasting process which allows for your produced parts to be either used directly as supplied or go on for further finishing treatments to be applied.
However if you would like Incremental Engineering to finish your products completely we are able to offer a range of cost effective services to include:

Black Dye Process
Wet Spray Painting
Powder Coating

Design and Development
Incremental Engineering offers a cost effective in house 3D modelling and design service. We also use a number or highly knowledgeable contract project developers who are always ready to assist on some of the larger projects we regularly undertake.

We cater for all component design and manufacturing needs so whether you have a 2D drawings or just a sketch we can deliver and what's more at a competitive price.

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Jerry Sutton

Jerry Sutton
Managing Director

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