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    'Gondola mover: moving supermarket shelving & store display units'

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    IMGR UK (FOURMI Skates)

    Moving Supermarket Shelving & Store Display Units

    IMGR offers one of the most innovative moving system solutions in the form of the patented FOURMI gondola.

    The FOURMI gondola moving system from IMGR has been designed and manufactured to provide the best possible manoeuvrability for the transportation of retail shelving, refrigeration cabinets, retail displays and checkout counters etc.

    Over three years of research went into this highly efficient moving concept in which time studying and testing took place to seek out not only the most effective and easiest way to transport products but a system that could be used by everyone, every day.

    The FOURMI system offers a wide range of benefits:

    ´┐Ż- Time Saving
    ´┐Ż- Cost Effectiveness
    ´┐Ż- Increase In-Store Promotions
    ´┐Ż- Easily Change Your Floor Layout
    ´┐Ż- Ease For Store Refurbishment
    ´┐Ż- Easily Clean Your Entire Store
    ´┐Ż- Merchandise From Your Stockroom
    ´┐Ż- Effort Saving
    ´┐Ż- Easy Maintenance

    Along with its wide range of accessories this product is now at its peak of perfection making it a world leader in every sense of the word.

    IMGR offers a fast, efficient and friendly service for customers. Our after sales and customer support service is second to none so why not find out more about the FOURMI gondola moving system by visiting our website.


    The FOURMI gondola moving system has been specifically designed to move gondola display products but has also been engineered to be universal with other store fittings such as:

    ´┐Ż- Modular display units
    ´┐Ż- Shelving
    ´┐Ż- Racking systems such as fruit and veg
    ´┐Ż- Refrigeration u nits, freezers, chillers etc
    .- Promotional fixtures
    ´┐Ż- Checkout counters

    The FOURMI gondola skate is a revolution for store layout management because you can move displays and fixtures easily into position within minutes.

    It has never been easier to move gondola shelving safely into your desired position, you simply have to make sure you have the right amount of FOURMI gondola skates for the job.

    This system has been specifically engineered to save time and money in the workplace.

    ´┐Ż- One case of 12 FOURMI will move 5 bays of gondola double sided shelving
    ´┐Ż- Two cases of 12 FOURMI will move 11 bays of double sided gondola shelving
    ´┐Ż- Three cases of 12 FOURMI will move 17 bays of double sided gondola shelving

    The whole system is easy to use however when visiting our website you'll find a complete list of operating instructions with clear photographs to follow.


    IMGR offers a complete range of FOURMI gondola accessories which can also be adapted to use on most retail fixtures including:

    ´┐Ż- Lifting Bars
    ´┐Ż- Holding Bars
    ´┐Ż- FOURMI case
    ´┐Ż- Edge Adaptor
    ´┐Ż- FOURMI Handler

    The FOURMI gondola moving system from IMGR is now the world´┐Żs number one for moving loaded shelving.

    FOURMI is available worldwide so if you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

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