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    Stauff Anglia Ltd

    With over 25 years of experience in the supply of pipeline products to a wide range of industries Stauff Anglia is able to offer advice and support to customers whatever the product, so whether you're looking for low pressure industrial pipework and hoses or information on how to protect your high pressure hoses or other equipment from damage, Stauff Anglia are only a phone call away.

    We not only offer a `one stop shop` for all your needs but will give you our personal and undivided attention no matter how small or large your order is, and with a reputation for being able to source those hard to find items where else would you go.

    Stauff Pipe Clamps
    If you need help finding the correct Stauff Clamps for your particular application our website should have the answer but we will also be more than happy to discuss anything on the phone whether it�s about metal saddle clamps, `U` Bolts or any other style of clamp.

    Compression Couplings
    Stauff Anglia can offer advice on all compression coupling products no matter what the system. All compression couplings from Stauff Anglia are available in both carbon and stainless steel and provide a high degree of integrity in terms of assembly and leak free operation.

    Superlok Connectors
    Stainless steel connectors are widely used for medium to high pressure systems and instrumentation and with the super smooth bore they are ideal for applications in pharmaceutical, hygiene, chemical and offshore industries.

    Stauff Test Points & Accessories
    With an established reputation for test couplings and accessories Stauff offers a vast range of screw in test couplings for tube fittings based on the international standards and therefore comply with applications worldwide.

    Filtration Technology
    We offer a full range of filtration products and services designed to provide the highest level of contamination control that todays sophisticated systems demand.

    Hydraulic Accessories
    At Stauff our hydraulic accessory program has been specifically designed to provide an ever growing range of sophisticated components for today�s industrial needs such as designing power packs, building tanks, reservoirs & hydraulic applications.

    Hydraulic Adaptors
    Hydraulic adaptors come in a vast array of unit styles, thread styles and thread sizes so Stauff will always offer advice on the best product for your particular application whatever it is.

    Steel and Stainless Steel Tubes
    Stauff are able to supply one of them most comprehensive ranges of tube and pipe for all common specifications including carbon steel tube metric OD, carbon steel pipe NB, Carbon steel tube imperial OD, black and galvanized, stainless steel and polished stainless steel.

    Hose Couplings
    There has never been a better choice of hose coupling products available on the market which means some decisions have to be made. Stauff will always assist you in finding the right product for your requirements so why not take a look at our online shop for more information.

    SAE and Gear Pump Flanges
    SAE flanges are used as a reliable alternative to regular tube and pipe connectors with the biggest advantage being their resistance to higher pressure and continuous high pressure levels.

    Stauff SAE flanges are available either as individual components or as a complete set with seals and bolts.

    This is just a small sample of the wide range of products and services available from Stauff so to find out more why not visit our online one stop shop.

    At Stauff we�ve got a lot to shout about:

    ��� � Specialist Product Experience
    ��� � Strong Technical Support Capability
    ��� � Wider Product Range
    ��� � Excellent Customer Care

    So please do not hesitate to give us a call because at Stauff the most important thing is being able here to help our customers.

    Opening Hours

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    Products and Services

    1. 150 LB Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
    2. ABS Flanges
    3. Agricultural Filters
    4. Agricultural Hydraulics
    5. Air Filters
    6. Air Hose
    7. Angle Flanges
    8. Armoured Hose
    9. ASA Stainless Steel Flanges
    10. ASA Steel Flanges
    11. Auto Rewind Hose Reels
    12. Ball Valves
    13. Bespoke Flanges
    14. Bolted Flanges
    15. Bonded Seals
    16. Brass Ball Valves
    17. Brass Fittings
    18. Brass Flanges
    19. Brass Pipe Fittings
    20. Brass Valves
    21. British Standard Flanges
    22. British Standard Hose Clips
    23. BS10 Galvanised Steel Flanges
    24. BS10 Stainless Steel Flanges
    25. BS10 Steel Flanges
    26. BS4504 Bi-Metal Flanges
    27. BS4504 Galvanised Steel Flanges
    28. BS4504 Stainless Steel Flanges
    29. BS4504 Steel Flanges
    30. Cable Clamps
    31. Cable Clips
    32. Carbon Steel Ball Valves
    33. Carbon Steel Flanges
    34. Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings
    35. Carbon Steel Tube
    36. Cast Iron Flanged Wheels
    37. Cast Nylon Double Flanged Wheels
    38. Cast Nylon Flanged Wheels
    39. Check Valves
    40. Chrome Molybdenum Flanges
    41. Clamp
    42. Clamp Accessories
    43. Clamps
    44. Clips
    45. Clips And Clamps
    46. Compact Flanges
    47. Compression Fittings
    48. Copper Nickel Pipe Fittings
    49. Corrosion Resistant Flanged Hexagon Setscrews
    50. Corrosion Resistant Flanged Weld Nuts
    51. Coupling
    52. Couplings
    53. DIN 2353 Tube Fittings
    54. DIN3015
    55. DoubLE Flange Butterfly Valve
    56. Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
    57. Double Flanged Butterfly Valves
    58. Double Flanged Connectors
    59. Double Studded Flange Converters
    60. Double Wire Hose Clips
    61. Drilled Flanges
    62. Enclosure Flange Kits
    63. Fixed Flanged Fittings
    64. Flange Adaptors
    65. Flange Bolting Washers
    66. Flange Fasteners
    67. Flange Gaskets
    68. Flange Louvre
    69. Flange Manufacturer
    70. Flange Nut
    71. Flange Plugs
    72. Flange To Bellows
    73. Flange Tools
    74. Flanged Fittings
    75. Flanged Hexagon Bolts
    76. Flanged Louvre
    77. Flanged Louvres
    78. Flanged Pinch Valves
    79. Flanged Rivets
    80. Flanged Valve
    81. Flanged Wheels
    82. Flangeless Plugs
    83. Flangers
    84. Flanges
    85. Flexible Hose
    86. Flexible Hose Assemblies
    87. Flush Diaphragm Flange
    88. Forged Pipe Fittings
    89. Forged Steel Flanges
    90. Fuel Filters
    91. Galvanised Tube
    92. Gaskets Flange
    93. Heavy Duty Clamps
    94. Heavy Duty Hose Clamps
    95. Heavy Duty Hose Clips
    96. Hem Flange Sealing
    97. Hex Flange Nuts
    98. Hexagon Flange Bolt
    99. Hexagon Flange Nut
    100. Hexagon Flange Nuts
    101. Hexagon Flange Screw
    102. High Pressure Filters
    103. High Pressure Flanges
    104. High Pressure Hose
    105. High Pressure Hose Couplings
    106. High Pressure Hydraulic Ball Valves
    107. High Pressure Hydraulic Equipment
    108. High Pressure Hydraulic Valves
    109. High Pressure Pipe Fittings
    110. High Pressure Water Jetting
    111. High Temperature Clamps
    112. High Torque Hose Clamps
    113. Horizontal SS Flanged Pumps
    114. Hose Assemblies
    115. Hose Clamps
    116. Hose Clips
    117. Hose Clips And Clamps
    118. Hose Couplings
    119. Hose Fittings
    120. HV Flanges
    121. Hydraulic Accessories
    122. Hydraulic Accumulators
    123. Hydraulic Adaptors
    124. Hydraulic Ball Valves
    125. Hydraulic Clamps
    126. Hydraulic Components
    127. Hydraulic Components And Fittings
    128. Hydraulic Couplings
    129. Hydraulic Elements
    130. Hydraulic Engineers
    131. Hydraulic Equipment
    132. Hydraulic Filter Elements
    133. Hydraulic Filters
    134. Hydraulic Fittings
    135. Hydraulic Flanges
    136. Hydraulic Flow Meters
    137. Hydraulic Gauges
    138. Hydraulic High Pressure Hoses
    139. Hydraulic Hose
    140. Hydraulic Hose Couplings
    141. Hydraulic Hose Fittings
    142. Hydraulic Hose Protection
    143. Hydraulic Hose Reels
    144. Hydraulic Hoses
    145. Hydraulic Hoses And Pumps
    146. Hydraulic Installation
    147. Hydraulic Oil Filters
    148. Hydraulic Pipe Fittings
    149. Hydraulic Pipeline Equipment
    150. Hydraulic Test Equipment
    151. Hydraulic Tube
    152. Hydraulic Tube Clamps
    153. Hydraulic Tube Couplings
    154. Hydraulic Tube Fittings
    155. Hygienic Clamps
    156. Imperial Compression Fittings
    157. Industrial Hose Reels
    158. Industrial Hoses
    159. Internally Flanged Tanks
    160. Jet Wash Hose Reels
    161. Large Hexagon Flange Locknuts
    162. Liquid Filters
    163. Low Pressure Hoses And Assemblies
    164. Machined Flanges
    165. Malleable Iron Tube Fittings
    166. Manual Hose Reels
    167. Manual Rewind Hose Reels
    168. Metal Flange Adaptors
    169. Metallic Hose
    170. Metric Hex Flange Nuts
    171. Nickel Alloy Flanges
    172. Nickel Alloy Flanges And Fittings
    173. Non-Return Valves
    174. Nyloc Flange Nut
    175. Oil Filters
    176. Paint Hose
    177. Pipe Clamps
    178. Pipe Clips
    179. Pipe Flanges
    180. Plastic Clamps
    181. Plastic Flanges Protectors
    182. Plastic Hose
    183. Plastic Hose Clips
    184. Plastic Pipe Clamps
    185. Press-Fit Flanges
    186. Pressure Filters
    187. Pressure Vessel Body Flanges
    188. Pressure Wash Hose Reels
    189. PTFE Hose
    190. PTFE Hose Assemblies
    191. Puddle Flanges
    192. PVC Coated Tube
    193. PVC Flanges
    194. PVC Hose
    195. Quick Release Hose Couplings
    196. Regular Hexagon Flange Locknuts
    197. Reinforced Hoses
    198. Rolled Flanges
    199. Rolled Steel Flanges
    200. Rubber Hose Assemblies
    201. Rubber Hoses
    202. Saddle Clamps
    203. SAE Flanges
    204. Self Cleaning Filters
    205. Self-Wind Hose Reels
    206. Serrated Flanged Hexagon Nuts
    207. Silicone Flange Caps
    208. Silicone Rubber Hoses
    209. Socket Button Flange Head
    210. Socket Flanged Button Screws
    211. Solenoid Gas Valve Flanged
    212. Solid Steel Double Flanged Wheels
    213. Solid Steel Flanged Wheels
    214. Spring Return Hose Reels
    215. Spring Rewind Hose Reels
    216. Stainless Fittings
    217. Stainless Steel Ball Valves
    218. Stainless Steel Blind Flanges
    219. Stainless Steel Clamps
    220. Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
    221. Stainless Steel Connectors
    222. Stainless Steel Couplings
    223. Stainless Steel Fittings
    224. Stainless Steel Flanged Hexagon Setscrews
    225. Stainless Steel Flanged Weld Nuts
    226. Stainless Steel Flanges
    227. Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses
    228. Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
    229. Stainless Steel Hose Clips
    230. Stainless Steel Hose Couplings
    231. Stainless Steel Hose Fittings
    232. Stainless Steel Hose Reels
    233. Stainless Steel Hydraulic Hose Fittings
    234. Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tube
    235. Stainless Steel Hygienic Clamps
    236. Stainless Steel O-Clips
    237. Stainless Steel Pipe Clamps And Brackets
    238. Stainless Steel Pipe Clips
    239. Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
    240. Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples
    241. Stainless Steel Pipe Tube Fittings
    242. Stainless Steel Pipes
    243. Stainless Steel Screwed Flanges
    244. Stainless Steel Seamless Tube And Pipe
    245. Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings
    246. Stainless Steel Tube
    247. Stainless Steel Tube Fittings
    248. Stainless Steel Tubes
    249. Stainless Steel Tubes And Fittings
    250. Stainless Steel Tubing
    251. Stainless Steel Valves
    252. Stauff Pipe Clamps
    253. Steel Ball Valves
    254. Steel Hose Clips
    255. Steel Pipe Fittings
    256. Steel Tube
    257. Swaging Machines
    258. Thermowells Flanges
    259. Titanium Flanges
    260. Titanium Tapered Flange
    261. Tri-Clover Flange Seals
    262. Tube And Pipe Components
    263. Tube Bending
    264. Tube Couplings
    265. Tube Fittings
    266. Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings
    267. Two Way Ball Valves
    268. UHV Flanges
    269. Vacuum Flanges
    270. Valve
    271. Valves
    272. Wind Turbine Flanges
    273. Zinc Coated Steel Tube

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