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    Founded in 1945 Huba Control AG develop, manufacture and market components designed exclusively for the measurement of pressure and flow from its global headquarters in W�renlos near Zurich.

    Huba's pressure measurement technology include pressure switches, sensors and pressure transmitters and with our clear focus on pressure measurement technology Huba is able to develop innovative products, covering an extensive range of applications for the optimisation of machine, system and plant processes.

    Our in house design and manufacturing facilities have developed an innovative range of products across a broad spectrum of applications which incorporate our own unique range of pressure measuring cells, diaphragms and special ceramic cantilever beams making Huba Control a leading manufacturer of pressure transmitters, switches and sensors for measuring single pressure from -1 to 1,000 bar, differential pressure up to 25 bar and vortex liquid flow sensors from 0.5 l/min to 240 l/min.

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    Relative and Absolute Pressure Transmitters

    Incorporating both the thick film and ceramic cell technology developed by Huba Control for over 20 years, with pressure ranges of -1�9 bar to 0�1,000 bar with various outputs including 0...10VDC, 4�20mA and ratiometric.
    Suitable for media at -40� +125˚C and available with a variety of standard pressure and electrical connectors.

    WRAS Approved Pressure Transmitters and Electronic Pressure Switches
    Based on thick film technology developed by Huba Control the Type 520, Type 522 and Type 540 transmitters together with the Type 521 electronic switch are available with WRAS approval with pressure ranges -1...9 bar / 0...2.5 - 60 bar up to 99˚ C.

    Pressure Level Transmitters
    Huba Control�s range of pressure level transmitters now includes sensors that fit inside ��, 1� & 1 �� diameter pipes with standard pressure ranges of 0...0.1 - 16 bar and are available with analogue signals of 0...10V, 4...20mA and 10%...90% ratiometric outputs with optional temperature measurement as well as a digital output with temperature.

    WRAS Approved Liquid Flow Sensors
    Available with voltage, current and frequency output, the full range of flow sensors are all based on Karman�s vortex trail principle and are available in standard DN6, DN8, DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25 & DN32 sizes with a selection of pipe and electrical connections. Available with and without temperature measurement.

    Pressure Transmitters with Shipbuilding Approval
    The Type 522 & Type 527 pressure transmitters are available in standard pressure ranges up to 600 bar with tolerable overloads of up to 5 x full scale and rupture pressure of up to 10 x full scale. The rugged construction of these compact transmitters makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Air and Neutral Gas Relative and Differential Pressure Transmitters
    Incorporating Huba's unique diaphragm and ceramic cantilever beam technology providing excellent long-term stability for very fine measurement in the Pascal range. The Type 699 has selectable outputs and pressure ranges and is available with voltage or current output that make it ideal for monitoring low air flow in air conditioning systems and for fine pressure measurement in laboratory, environmental and clean room applications.

    Liquid and Neutral Gas Relative and Differential Pressure Transmitters
    With its proven unique ceramic technology featuring adjusted and amplified output signal the Type 692 provides a cost-effective solution across a wide variety of wet or dry process applications such as filter monitoring, pump staging, tank level indication and compressor control.

    Mechanical Pressure Switches
    Huba�s relative and differential pressure switches for both air and liquid are used across a range of applications including monitoring industrial air-cooling circuits, gas fired heating systems and flow monitoring in sanitary pipework. The Type 604 relative and differential switch has a pressure range of 20�300 Pa up to 1,000�5,000 Pa with a repeatability from �2.5 Pa.

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