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    Covers For Tubs

    Covers for Tubs

    Suppliers of Replacement Hot Tub Covers and Accessories

    Covers For Hot Tubs is a leading supplier of a wide range of Hot Tub Covers for Hot Tubs and Spas.

    We believe our company to be unique in more ways than one because we do not require our customers to supply measurements for a huge range of manufacturers and their models. We just simply require the make, year and model of your existing hot tub and just by using the easy to order drop down menu on our website you will be guided to a �get hot tub cover with no measurements� option.

    On the other hand if you do not know the make and model of your hot tub we also provide a �get hot tub with your measurements� option... it couldn�t be easier. This process offers you a unique option and just be answering a few simple questions displays a suitable specification best for your hot tub or spa.

    As a replacement hot tub cover suppliers we are able to provide a wide range of products including Floating Covers, Output Covers, Cover Lifters along with products for Swim Spas and Larger Spas including Hot Tub Accessories.

    Floating Covers

    It doesn�t really matter how good your hot tub hard cover is because they are all extremely limited. This is due to heat loss by radiation which is very important. The water inside you hot tub is kept at high temperatures and will produce steam and evaporate, which you are paying for. To add insult to injury the evaporated steam condenses on the underside of your cover and then drips back into the water, which you then `pay to reheat`. This is a continual process when the cover is on which is almost all of the time.

    Our remarkable range of products has produced some incredible test results to prove they are the perfect partner for your hard cover. They reduce water consumption, chemical usage, and can lower energy use by up to 50%. Please see our website for a complete list of floating cover products.

    Cover Lifters

    We provide a complete range of popular cover lifter products for a wide range of hot tubs and spas. They all offer ease of use and affordability. Our range includes cover lifters designed for any type of installation, side storage covers, cover lifters with windlock systems, square cover lifters, round cover lifters, hexagonal cover lifters and oblong cover lifters for up to eight feet.

    Outer Covers

    Covers For Tubs also supply an impressive range of hot tub spa outer covers. The benefits of these covers are many including protection against bird mess and sap, protection against UV, suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor situations, provide protection for your hard vinyl cover in hot climates and lengthens the life of your lid or cover.

    Hot Tub Cover Design

    There are three prime purposes to take into consideration when designing a spa cover; being to insulate the most vulnerable source of heat loss and heat rising, to stop leaves and other debris from entering the water and to act as a deterrent from small children and animals endangering themselves when entering the water.

    Additionally spas covers are not designed to be stood upon, climbed over, used as assault courses, used for changing outdoor bulbs or sun loungers or bed on the lawn etc.

    To help prolong the life of your spa cover it�s always best to fit a cover lifter and make sure you lift it off completely when adding chemicals. Use a good cleaner such as 303 cleaner and protector to protect against the harmful UV rays. Give it a regular hose down once a month and always secure the locks when the cover is in place.

    Swim Spas and Larger Spas

    Covers For tubs also manufacture a number of covers for Swim spas, Exercise pools, Oversized pools and free form shaped spas. The majority of swim spas are normally between 400 and 460 cm in length, with widths of up to 240cm. Cover handling devices should always be fitted where possible to minimise damage to covers and make the job of removing covers much easier.

    More information on all of these products along with detailed diagrams to help in the ordering process are shown on our website. Our website also contains some of the more frequently asked questions and contact details.

    Additionally we have spa lighting & music products, aromatherapy, water testing and so much more. Please do visit our website, we feel sure that you won�t be disappointed and trust that we can be of service to you.

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