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  • High Performance Alloys: Beryllium, Copper, Tin
  • Aerospace, Automotive, Plastics, Electronics
  • Alloys Resist Galling, Corrosion & Wear
  • High Performance Alloys: Beryllium, Copper, Tin
  • Aerospace, Automotive, Plastics, Electronics
  • Alloys Resist Galling, Corrosion & Wear
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  • SPE Offshore Europe 2019

    SPE Offshore Europe 2019

    Materion engineers specialty alloys for challenging environments of offshore oil and gas application

    From: 03 September 2019 01:00 am
    To: 06 September 2019 18:00 pm

Materion Brush Limited

We provide high performance alloys, enabling advanced technologies


Materion Brush Limited provides high quality and reliable materials that enable the optimization of current technologies and fuel new breakthroughs. We strive to enhance applications that function in the most challenging environments and produce unparalleled results through our engineered materials.

The high performance materials we produce, meet a variety of specifications, ranging from high performance beryllium to non-beryllium alloys and copper alloys. Our materials handle extreme application parameters, from high temperatures to high formability. Materion has over 80 years of experience manufacturing alloys. You can rely on us to produce a consistent and high-quality material to overcome your design challenges and add value to your finished solution.

......... .Markets Served

Our engineered materials are critical for technically demanding applications around the world. Materion designs and manufactures superior advanced alloys and materials for a wide range of industries including:

...• Automotive
...• Aerospace
...• Oil and Gas

• Telecommunications
• Construction/Mining
• Consumer Electronics

• Defence
• Energy
Plastics and Mould Making

......... .High Performance Alloys

Materion offers a comprehensive range of alloys from beryllium to copper alloys to non-beryllium alloys, our materials far exceed the capabilities of traditional alloys.

Materion performance alloys manufactures copper beryllium in several forms, including rod, bar, wire, tube, plate, strip, forgings, and extrusions in several distinct compositions.

Some of the most popular alloys fall into these two categories:

...• High strength alloys (Alloys 25, M25, 190, 290, and 165)
...• High conductivity alloys (Alloys 3, 10, 10x, 310, 174, Brush 60)
...• Free machining leaded nickel copper (Brush 1915 and Brush 1916)
...• Highly formable copper nickel tin (BrushForm 158 and BrushForm 96)

......... .Guide to High Performance Alloys

The guide includes important details about the properties of our standard alloys, engineering and application data as well as processing and fabrication recommendations. To learn more about our alloys, download our comprehensive, 84-page Guide to High Performance Alloys.

......... .ToughMet® Alloys: Anti-Galling and Anti-Wear

This high-strength, copper-nickel-tin alloy is durable and stable, suitable for a vast range of high performance applications. ToughMet excels in high temperature and high pressure situations; it is non-magnetic, making it ideal for oil and gas equipment. It also eliminates galling, while still having high static and fatigue strength, making it a great alloy for heavy equipment and automotive components. Materion partners with Bowman International Ltd who manufactures BowMet thin-walled wrapped bearings made from ToughMet, offering a bearing that will outperform steel or bronze and representing what we feel to be the biggest advance in plain bearings in over 70 years.

......... .MoldMAX® Alloys: Injection and Blow Moulding

MoldMAX alloys are available in a variety of types to meet the high production demands of the plastic processing industry. They provide a unique combination of strength, thermal conductivity and good polishability for the plastic molding process, as well as shorter cycle time and improved part quality. MoldMAX improves parting line maintenance in the blow molding process and comes in several variations to match your injection molding needs.

......... .PerforMet™ Alloy for Automotive Powertrain Parts

PerforMet alloy is a high conductivity alloy that at the high temperatures in engines maintains high strength, while resisting wear and corrosion. It can be formed into piston rings that can lower engine temperatures, which can allow for engine redesigns and ultimately, better performance and gas efficiency. PerforMet alloy is highly machinable and the mechanical properties make it ideal for valve guide and valve seats.

......... .Spring & Connector Alloys

Materion offers a range of electronic spring and connector alloys engineered to enable and enhance new technologies from consumer electronics to heavy industrial applications. These electronic spring and connector alloys are resistant to wear and impact, this is critical where high forces and deflection exist. Materion connector alloy provide reliable current and power transmission to critical systems such as those found in aeroplanes, automobiles, military, space, and medical equipment.

......... .SupremEX® Metal Matrix Composite

The SupremEX family of metal matrix composites (MMCs) offers a balanced combination of properties. SupremEX MMCs are stronger, stiffer and lighter, than traditional alloys, making them ideal for demanding applications that include aerospace components, commercial and performance automotive pistons, satellite structures, and optical systems.

SupremEX products are a superior substitute when replacing aluminum, titanium, steel, other structural alloys and composites. All SupremEX MMCs are beryllium free, a good choice for applications where non-beryllium materials are desired. We offer several grades with different metal to reinforcement ratios and different physical and mechanical properties that can match your application’s needs.

......... .AlBeMet® Metal Matrix Composite

AlBeMet® is an aluminum-beryllium composite that combines the toughness, ductility and machinability of aluminum with all the unique properties of beryllium. When compared with aluminium, it offers a much lower coefficient of thermal expansion, while having a higher thermal conductivity.

......... .Beryllium Metal Products

Beryllium metals are lighter and stronger than aluminium, and as a metal that is low density, heat resistance, has high stiffness, and reflectivity it can be utilized in a range of critical applications. When used in alloys it actually hardens and strengthens the other materials. Materion have been a world leader in the development of beryllium-based metals for over 80 years and still today remain at the very forefront in the supply of high quality beryllium products to industry.

Materion offers many types of beryllium metal products that are developed and incorporated into the latest technological systems. These applications include military aircraft, telescopes, all-weather combat systems, nuclear test reactors, satellites and space structures.

......... .Advanced Ceramics

Materion is a global leader in Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramics enabling our customers to achieve superior levels of product strength, reliability, miniaturization, weight savings and thermal management. These BeO (Beryllia) ceramics offer the second highest thermal conductivity of any material, reaching 325 W/m•K, only surpassed by diamonds.

Materion also offers alumina industrial ceramics to achieve thermal management for semiconductor, laser, and other ceramic components.

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Our News & PR

Events & Shows

  • SPE Offshore Europe 2019

    SPE Offshore Europe 2019

    Materion engineers specialty alloys for challenging environments of offshore oil and gas application

    From: 03 September 2019 01:00 am
    To: 06 September 2019 18:00 pm